Indians Release Jose Lopez

The Indians have released infielder Jose Lopez, according to the team. Lopez was designated for assignment last Tuesday.

Lopez appeared in 66 games for the Indians this year, playing third base and seeing some time at first and second. The 28-year-old posted a .249/.272/.366 batting line in 224 plate appearances. Lopez signed a minor league deal with the Indians last December.

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5 Comments on "Indians Release Jose Lopez"

3 years 18 days ago

Jose Lopez is only 28? I thought he was closer to 38. For some reason it feels like he’s been playing forever…

3 years 18 days ago

Might have been a different guy with same name.

3 years 18 days ago

Probably the same guy. He broke in with Seattle 8 years ago and was an All Star back in 2006. That guy sure did stop being a productive hitter though.

3 years 17 days ago

Lopez has no plate discipline and I’m surprised they ever signed him in the first place. The Indians brass (almost to a man) always preach plate discipline and having good at bats and looking for BB (because they can’t hit I suppose) and Lopez lacked all of those things. Summer in Cleveland… time to watch the salary dumps and the young “prospects” being called up from the minors. Some things never change!

3 years 17 days ago

I think this was a bad move because Jack Hanahan was likely done with Cleveland after this year. And they could’ve started Jose Lopez at third. Now a team I think will be interested in Lopez will be the Braves so they can use him as a backup for the rest of the year. Then when Chipper retires have him start at third for atleast a year or two and keep Martin Prado in left field and have a solid outfield. If I were Cleveland I would’ve kept him. And let go Hanahan.