NL East Links: Davis, Guillen, Utley

A few links of note out of the NL East, where the first-place Nationals' hunt for a first playoff berth was placed on hold tonight due to a rain postponement.

  • Mets manager Terry Collins said that the organization supports first baseman Ike Davis and that there are no questions about his work ethic or receptiveness to coaching, tweets Marc Carig of Newsday. Earlier today, we heard that the Mets will be open to trading Davis during the upcoming offseason, in part because they have concerns about his commitment. Davis quickly refuted that allegation.
  • Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said he expects to return as Miami's manager next season, though he understands why some are speculating about his job security, according to the Associated Press (via "At this moment everybody in the organization ought to be up in the air," Guilen said. "It's not up to me. If it's up to me, I'd love to be here." Guillen is under contract through 2015 after signing a four-year deal prior to this season.
  • Phillies second baseman Chase Utley may start a few games at third base before the season is over, according to Todd Zolecki of Though the sample would likely be too small for GM Ruben Amaro to arrive at any definitive conclusions as to whether the switch could be made long-term, it may nonetheless factor into his offseason planning, as Amaro said the market for third basemen — via trade or free agency — is "not very good."

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  1. LazerTown 3 years ago

    Makes sense on Utley. 2B have trouble staying healthy later into their careers but 3B less so. If Utley can at least handle 3B it makes tons of sense. He still is a very good hitter, and is someone you want in the lineup everyday. They should be able to get a 2B that can bat as good as polanco easily, anything to keep utley healthy.

    • Galvis will play 2nd if Utley moves to 3rd

      • Bender44 3 years ago

        Ugh….if they go that route, they better target a legit outfielder in free agency like Hamilton, Upton,, Bourn. None of which are likely to happen unless RAJ goes all Brewster’s Millions style yet again.

        So now we got to go to the Nick Swisher’s of the world. And nobody wants that.

        • Slopeboy 3 years ago


          Swisher is nowhere near my favorite OFer, but he outshines any of the the Phillies that have played in the outfield this year.

        • Dylan 3 years ago

          You don’t want a corner OF that gets on base with a .360 Clip and can hit 20-25 HRs? I’m not the biggest Swish fan in the world, but he is very underrated in my opinion. Oh, and he is a switch hitter. Swisher would be fine in my book.

          • Dylan 3 years ago

            And while it wouldn’t help them get younger, I wouldn’t mind the Phillies taking a look at both Swisher and Youkilis. Adding guys that work the count, get on base and have 20 HR power would not be a bad thing. Plus, you could get both of these guys for the same money per year as a Hamilton/Bourn pick and half the years. That is, unless someone decides Swisher is worth Werth money, which I doubt someone will.

          • Bender44 3 years ago

            1) I just flat don’t like Swisher. But thats my problem.
            2) Yes, he would be better than any Phillies outfielder. Thats not the point.
            3) I’m concerned about what he’s going want salary and year wise. What have the reports been on his contract demands?
            4) I’d like someone younger (Probably not happening)
            5) Want a little more power and or speed potential (Probably also not happening).

            I’d mean I take him and be fine with it. But there’s better options out there. Whether those options are going to be available is a question for the future.

            Its just we just got rid of Pence for salary concerns and we’re going to sign his statistical equal. Too lateral for me.

        • LazerTown 3 years ago

          Sure Galvis doesn’t have a good bat, but polanco really is not a good hitter at this point. If you can keep utley in the lineup everyday at 3rd it makes sense. Long term he probably isn’t the answer to 2nd, but neither is polanco at 3b.

  2. Bender44 3 years ago

    I honestly don’t think he has the arm to play third. I understand the
    health considerations, but you’re moving one weakness (3rd) to another
    (2nd). With the added possibility of poor defense. A few weeks ago, I
    took a look at the free agent 2nd base crop. It was not good. Unless
    they move someone in a trade, I see this lateral move at best.

  3. CitizenLoonie 3 years ago

    It seems Ozzie is imploding faster than I thought he would. Just wait Marlin fans, you’ll be on the receiving end oh his rage real soon.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      Wait? he started his rubbish before taking over the team by opening his big mouth and insulting the haitian population of Miami, that makes up roughly 20%!

      Guillen might fit in well at Chicago, but he needs a 1 way bus ticket out of Florida and to wherever bigots are welcomed and thrive.

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