NL East Notes: Wright, Phillies, Fernandez, Gonzalez

The Phillies, winners of six in a row, are just four games out of the Wild Card race and back at the .500 mark with a 71-71 record. While a sixth consecutive division title remains out of reach, the Phillies have a remote chance at returning to the postseason. Here are the latest notes from the NL East…

  • Despite baseball's investigation into accusations that agents Seth and Sam Levinson helped procure performance-enhancing drugs for players, David Wright doesn't plan on changing agents, according to the New York Daily News.  "I have known these guys since I was 18," Wright said. "The only thing I have to go off of is the way they have represented me the last 12 years (and) the integrity that I have seen firsthand that they have for the game."  The Mets hold a $16MM club option on Wright's deal for 2013 but the club is expected to pursue a contract extension in the near future.
  • Third base is a long-term need for the Phillies and, as Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer notes, there's also uncertainty at the position in the short-term. Kevin Frandsen has a stress fracture in his left fibula, Placido Polanco is out for the season, Michael Martinez doesn't add much offense and Chase Utley has limited experience at third.
  • The Marlins and Phillies are now heading in different directions, David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News. While Miami's early-season struggles continued, the Phillies are now "playing clean games" in the view of manager Charlie Manuel.
  • Top Marlins pitching prospect Jose Fernandez has a chance to join Miami's rotation in 2013, Joe Capozzi Palm Beach Post writes. Fernandez, a first round pick in 2011, figures to start next year in Double-A, according to Capozzi.
  • The deal that sent Gio Gonzalez to Washington for Tommy Milone and Derek Norris has proven to be a win-win trade for the Nationals and Athletics, Matthew Leach of writes. Gonzalez is a Cy Young candidate with the Nationals and Milone and Norris are contributing to the success of the A's.

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  1. $30197787 3 years ago

    It’s great to see our Phils playing like the team I know and love! We are in need next year of a 3rd baseman & CF’er. Would love to see Vic back where he belongs! Go Phils – you are on a roll!

    • Terry 3 years ago

      Victorino back in Philly is the last thing I want to see. I loved him years past, but he was an enigma this entire season. Look how much better they’ve been without him.

      • Beyond_Max_Power 3 years ago

        Very appreciative of Vic, but he needs to stay in the past. Only way I bring him back is a one year deal and below what he is asking. Just don’t see that happening. CF will be a problem to fill though, so I won’t rule out his return. Bourn will be too expensive for what he offers. Hamilton is interesting because I don’t see teams giving him a monster deal.

        3rd is a joke. I don’t know how they can fill this, but I imagine a platoon will be coming. Just glad Poly is finally going away.

        • You Know Who 3 years ago

          Bj Upton is our guy. Not as expensive as Bourne isn’t old like Vic and has some pop to go along with speed. Third is going to be ugly.

        • Joo 3 years ago

          I think we still need to give Polancido his props. Not that we need to try to bring him back, per se….but he was a pretty valuable piece along the way.

  2. Victorino was part of the reason this team was struggling….he hasn’t done anything for the dodgers. Why would we want another 30+ yr old that swings at everything ….bring on Michael bourn.

    • $30197787 3 years ago

      Bourn will want way too much money. vic isn’t the reason for team slipping. Injuries and no bull pen IMO is why we were slipping. while he isn’t setting the dodgers on fire, he is one of the few getting on base.

  3. phillies1102 3 years ago

    I think Brookover is extremely exaggerating the Phillies’ short term desperation at 3B. I know that next year, we will need a reliable option, but as of now, I think we have it “handled”. Michael Martinez has been relatively hot in his last 6 games, batting over .333, Frandsen will be out for maybe a few more days until he and his .341 AVG is back. And Pete Orr is also hitting around .300. Although none of those guys have anything close to power, they still provide solid average and defense, so I think we’ll be ok

    • Beyond_Max_Power 3 years ago

      Frandsen has been a nice surprise. Martinez is just terrible at the plate, and Pete Orr is Pete Orr. Frandsen will be here for sure, just don’t want to rely on him too much. Tough position to fill without a trade of God knows what.

    • Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

      I might call for Ruben’s head if out best option at third base going into the spring is Kevin Fransden. Not to take anything away from what he’s done but I like him as a Wilson Valdez type who can play all over the infield.

      I’d imagine they’ll trade for somebody if Utley doesn’t shift over.

      • phillies1102 3 years ago

        Did anyone read what i said??? I said short term. I know that we need a new player to help at 3B in the spring, but as of right now, with those players all scorching hot (in comparison to where they should be) I think we’ll be ok.

        Instead of trying to trade high priced prospects or sign mediocre talent, its really a shame that Darin Ruf can’t play 3rd. He would fill in so nicely, and even if his glove is choppy, we would have an intimidating player at 3B since Scotty Rolen. Oh well

        • Guest 3 years ago

          I know what you said but banking on a career minor leaguer like frandsen is asking for trouble. (see John Mayberry Jr first half).

        • formerdraftpick 3 years ago

          There are a few free agent stop gap options for the Phillies, but I don’t think they would serve much better at this point either. Cantu, Helms, Lopez, Bill Hall.

  4. Metsfan27 3 years ago

    Wrong link for Jose Fernandez

  5. Ted 3 years ago

    Well, the Phillies are just 3.0 games out now…

  6. Gator4444 3 years ago

    Chris Young, Chris Johnson & Willie Bloomquist for Jimmy Rollins.

  7. MB923 3 years ago

    Who wants to hear a pretty sad (or funny, depending on how you look at it) stat

    Wins at Citi Field since the All Star Break

    Washington Nationals – 6
    Atlanta Braves – 5
    Colorado Rockies – 4
    New York Mets – 4

  8. James 3 years ago

    Anyone wanna take a gues at what type of prospects the Mets can get back for Wight?

    • Slopeboy 3 years ago

      With the season Wright is having he is showing what he truly is. After suffering the last few years trying to be the leader of the Mets and carrying the team all by himself, he’s played to his abilities instead. It appears that he was resolved to the fact that the Mets weren’t going to very good this year and decided to play within his limits. His play on the field is more relaxed and he’s stopped swinging at pitches a half foot off the plate, trying to create something out of nothing, resulting in an outstanding year.

      That being said, he is not a superstar, nor any one that you would attempt to build a future team around. Wright is a final piece of a puzzle for a team that needs a solid 3B that does everything right and carries a moderately priced contract.
      Were the Mets to trade him, they could expect a solid number 2 or 3 SP+ a good prospect or 3 solid miL’ers with serious upside.

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