Rangers Notes: Adams, Ogando, Hamilton

Earlier today, we learned that Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton will give the club a chance to match any offer and categorized his chances of returning at 50/50.  Here's more on the Rangers as their offseason gets underway…

  • Reliever Mike Adams, who is a free agent this winter, would like to return to the Rangers, tweets Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Adams will certainly test the open market though, saying, "I'm going to take advantage of it. It's strictly business."  The right-hander earned $4.4MM in 2012 and posted a 3.27 ERA with 7.7 K/9 and BB/9 2.9.
  • Meanwhile, Adams will meet with a specialist on Thursday regarding his Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and says he expects to have surgery, tweets Anthony Andro of FOX Sports Southwest.
  • The Rangers have rotation holes to fill, but they may be able to turn to an in-house solution as Alexi Ogando says that he wants to be a starting pitcher in 2013, Wilson tweets.
  • Allowing Hamilton to walk may seem like an easy call in the wake of his late-season struggles, but it's anything but, writes Richard Justice for MLB.com.

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  1. bmcferren 3 years ago

    Rangers will trade Andrus, Cruz/Murphy, and M Perez to the Diamondbacks for Justin Upton

    They’ll sign BJ Upton to play CF

    And Hamilton will sign with Pittsburgh

    • texasmariner 3 years ago

      Seems like a lot to give up I doubt the Rangers would go for that.

      • Konrad Verloc 3 years ago

        I bet they could get Upton for Holland, Kirkman and Gentry.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      Kind of a bad scenario, and really doesn’t save money. I’m sure you could trade andrus to anybody and get back a decent young CF or RF. Then resign hamilton for 5/120.
      Upton they are putting at 13-14M a year aav, and then Justin is at $13M aav next 3 years. That already puts you at $26-27M a year and you have an outfield that is worse than Hamilton and whoever (which probably would roll in at less than 2-3M for first few seasons), and you still get to keep perez.
      I really don’t see cruz bringing all that much value to the team over the winter. I don’t think he is a bat/contract that anybody views as their first choice. More of a midseason trade when their rf/lf goes down.

      • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

        If Andrus becomes available, the Rangers could name their price. Great young talent under a very team favorable contract-young enough to sign a long term contract and STILL be young enough to sign ANOTHER long term contract. Since several teams have a severe talent void at shortstop I could see a bidding war developing-it would include rebuilding teams because of his youth.

        Seriously, who wouldn’t want a very young veteran that plays extremely well at a premium position and already has playoff and world series experience? Wouldn’t he look good in Pittsburgh?

    • Gator4444 3 years ago

      Arizona isn’t trading Upton. He’ll get his thumb healthy and have another 30HR/6WAR season. If they trade an OF it will be Young since Eaton is coming on in CF.

  2. Konrad Verloc 3 years ago

    I’m ready for them to let Hamilton, Adams, and Feldman go. I wouldn’t mind seeing them eat Young’s remaining year and let him go, too, although I know they won’t do that. I would also like to see them trade Kinsler and give 2B to Profar. They were not a good team during the 2nd half, and when Hamilton goes south the whole offense comes to a sputtering halt. Another guy I’m tired of is Holland – his nutty schtick is wearing thin and he gives up way too many homers. Wouldn’t be upset at all if they moved him while he has some value for a good LF to replace Hamilton, letting Martin and Gentry duke it out for CF in ST. They need some pitching, too – Oswalt and Dempster were both busts. They have a lot of really hard decisions to make. Wouldn’t mind them resigning Napoli as Dh/ 2nd catcher if they could find a good defensive catcher to get 350 AB behind the plate. Big changes coming, hopefully.

    • $17867741 3 years ago

      Andrus would be traded before Kinsler due to contract reasons. Andrus’ contract ends after 2014 so the longer they wait, the more Andrus’ will drop. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kinsler/Profar take 2B/SS.

      I would like to see the team trade Cruz and replace him with Moreland in RF. Olt can take 1B. As well, Leonys Martin should also be given a shot in the OF. If Olt’s bat is for real, they could consider trading away Beltre after 2013.

      • Konrad Verloc 3 years ago

        I know, I’m just sick of seeing Kinsler at the top of the order with his hugely exaggerated uppercut swing. He also got picked off first about a million times this season. But I know you’re right – and Andrus is a Boras guy which only exacerbates the problem.

        • Texasmariner 3 years ago

          Kinsler, He had a bad season. Everything will be fine when he goes back to the normal 30/30 season with his plus defense.

  3. $17867741 3 years ago

    Last year, I was really surprised to hear the team convert Feliz to a SP instead of Ogando. It made no sense to me and I’m not surprised the experiment failed.

    • It’s not really an experiment considering he came up through the minors as a starter.

      • $17867741 3 years ago

        Feliz was once a full-time starter in the minors, but was converted into a reliever in mid-2009. That allowed the Rangers to rush Feliz into the big-leagues (2010) as a closer. However, if Feliz is truly to be a starter again, he needs to build more innings; at least 1 year in the minors, and I doubt he will accept it.

  4. Dylan 3 years ago

    So, how long until the Cliff Lee rumors start up again? I’ll start it off: Lee for Beltre. I’m a monster.

    • Konrad Verloc 3 years ago

      How about Lee for Young and Holland, and they give us $10 mil. :)

      • You Know Who 3 years ago

        Ha no…. Phillies need GOOD players under the age of 30. Young is yours. Holland is all over the place. As a philly fan I have no problem trading lee or halladay to the rangers. But it’s gotta be for players to fill the numerous holes in our org, like 3rd, of and

        • You Know Who 3 years ago


        • $17867741 3 years ago

          Lee for Beltre. Both are well over 30yrs old.

          If GM JD is smart, he can probably get RAJ to pay $40m of Lee’s salary if he throws in a prospect or two.

          • dc21892 3 years ago

            That is an interesting trade scenario. It’s just too risky for the Rangers with Hamilton a free agent, along with Napoli.

          • You Know Who 3 years ago

            So resign them both. Josh shouldnt leave the only place that could keep him in check. And Napoli isn’t horrible. What if the phils add a catching prospect in Valle who was in AAA this year and the rangers include Perez and Murphy. So it lines up lee, Valle, and 30 mill for beltre, Murphy and Perez.

          • $17867741 3 years ago

            Switch Valle for Jesse Bidde
            Switch Murphy with Rougned Odor (*Odor is just 18)
            Rangers also throw in Robbie Ross.

            Phillies get: Beltre, Odor, Perez, Ross
            Rangers get: Biddle, Lee, $33.5m,

            The $33.5m is to paid in annual installments of $7m, $7m, $7m and the remaining $12.5m goes towards the buyout.

          • You Know Who 3 years ago

            Biddle is going to be hard to pry away seeing as he’s a hometown guy. Perhaps May and a low A ball prospect. To replace him. Other than that the deal looks solid.

  5. The Josh Hamilton issue will take at least until the winter meetings to resolve, although I see him likely returning back to Texas, where there is a veteran-laden clubhouse. But if Hamilton stays, does Elvis Andrus get traded for salary reasons?

  6. NYPOTENCE 3 years ago

    Rangers should at least attempt to resign Hamilton there lineup isn’t going to be as formidable without him and their offense is really their main strength.

  7. Mike Simms 3 years ago

    Let them all go, Adams, Oswalt, Napoli, Feldman and especially Hamilton…

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