East Notes: Price, O’s, Balfour, Braves, Marlins

In an article with the latest on the David Price situation, the Tampa Bay Times' Marc Topkin dismisses reports that the Rays are motivated to move the Cy Young winner by Dec. 31 to avoid having to pay $4MM in deferred money. "The payment isn't due until Oct. 1, and it is the Rays' obligation, so really a nonfactor, as including it would be the same as asking for cash in a deal and subject to MLB approval," Topkin writes. While the Mariners are often named as a likely suitor for Price, they "seem to talk more about what prospects they don't want to trade." Here's more from the AL and NL East:

  • The Orioles could fill their closer and second base vacancies from within, writes Roch Kubatko of MASNsports.com. Fans have been frustrated by the club's quiet offseason thus far, but the O's seem likely to pluck their next second baseman from what they already have, and they won't spend lavishly on another ninth-inning option if Fernando Rodney doesn't drop his price.
  • The Orioles' nullified deal with Grant Balfour could conceivably have ramifications for Baltimore, Kubatko writes.  It's possible that the reliever could decide to file a grievance with the Players' Association or that some free agents down the road may be leery of agreeing to terms with the club.
  • The Yankees could be back in on Balfour, along with the Tigers, Rockies, and Angels, writes Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Earlier this week we heard that the Rays are also in the mix.
  • The Braves won't force the issue in their search of bullpen depth, writes MLB.com's Mark Bowman.
  • The Marlins, meanwhile, are after a veteran presence to add to their pen, writes Joe Frisaro of MLB.com.

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  1. I like what the O’s have at second base. There are a lot of good options. What they need is a five hole hitter. Someone to protect Jones and Davis. Kendrys Morales would fit nicely on a one year deal.

    • Quipex 2 years ago

      I agree completely that they need a #5 hitter. The options are few and far between at this point. But my fear is that no way will they give up a #1 draft choice, especially on a one year deal.

      • I keep forgetting that Kendrys is worth a pick.

        • John Donovan 2 years ago

          He’s still worth more than the average #17 overall pick. Only 9 of 49 #17 picks of all time have outperformed his projected 8.3 WAR over the next 3 years and that is in their entire career. Sure 1 out of 49 is Roy Halladay, but 80% are cup of coffee guys at best.

          • hediouspb 2 years ago

            it’s more about the pool of money to spend not just the pick.

          • jtrevorr 2 years ago

            Your stats are flawed as they can pick a player from 17 and beyond as they get to pick before the 20th or 25th overall pick but you didnt include those picks or any other pick after 17 in you analysis.

          • John Donovan 2 years ago

            If you want me to argue that, I will be happy to include the next 10 picks after the 17th, but that will just make the odds the same or even stronger that you will pick a bust.

            For example, the 10 picks from 17-26 in the 1997 draft include 20% over the 8.3 line and 80% below including 5 that never made the bigs.

            I checked every draft from 1997-2008 and of the 120 players drafted in the 17-26 slot, only 15 topped the 8.3 WAR line for their entire career. That would be a 12.5% success rate or lower than my original argument. Only the 2002 draft, with 5 out of 10 above the mark, was over 20% and 5 different drafts had 0 players from those picks that topped 8.3 WAR.

            Could you beat the odds and get one of those 15 players? Sure but I wouldn’t bet on it. Draft picks are a much bigger gamble than everyone here seems to think.

          • jtrevorr 2 years ago

            Im not arguing your argument. I was arguing your data selection of 1 pick in the middle of the first round. If that is what the data says that is what the data says.

          • John Donovan 2 years ago

            I appreciate that. I was a bit sloppy on the details with my first response. The reason I was using pick #17 was because that is the Orioles selection next year, but you were correct that I should have broadened the data.

    • Dynasty22 2 years ago

      Morales has a QO attached to him. Doesn’t make sense to do that on a one year deal.

    • Marinersforever71 2 years ago

      Justin Smoak would be another good option as he can bat sixth or seventh spot by moving up someone to fifth in the lineup if the Mariners & O’s can pull off the trade.

  2. Blue387 2 years ago

    The Marlins should try out Heath Bell. That guy has veteran presence.

    • kdawg89 2 years ago

      Except he already signed with the Rays…that’s part of why the Rays let Rodney walk…

    • skrockij89 2 years ago

      Heath Bell did sign with them two years ago, but got traded to Arizona the next year and just this year got traded to the Rays.

      • Dynasty22 2 years ago

        That’s the joke. Bell was already with the Marlins and did awful for them.

    • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

      Did you miss the part where the Marlins signed Bell and dumped him on the Diamondbacks within a ten-month span?

  3. Running Scared 2 years ago

    Honestly… they(bloggers,writers,”insiders”) should stop including the Tigers being “in” on anybody. It seems from every indication of the last month or so that this team is “in transition” and not “in break the bank” mode. And Balfour? No chance. Now Jesse Crain? Sure.. on an incentive laden deal but.. Crazy Aussie? Nada….

    • bobbleheadguru 2 years ago

      The article referenced is six weeks old.

      That being stated, the Tigers picked huge salaries in Kinsler and Nathan and the 2014 will by $10MM higher than 2013.

      ..And they would need VMART (their de facto captain) buy in if they really wanted Balfour.

  4. mattyg7 2 years ago

    The opinions of future free agents is what worries me the most about the whole O’s-Balfour situation. We’re already viewed as cheap I’m sure, but it wouldn’t behoove us to add flaky to that.

    • Evan 2 years ago

      I feel bad for the O’s. They’ve done so well since hiring Buck Showalter and moving on with their plans, but it just reaches a certain point where you cannot grow talent at the level that others (Red Sox Yanks) buy them. Barring a Bundy or Gausman breakout, I see just another season of mediocrity, which means no playoffs in the AL East.

  5. johansantana15 2 years ago

    The Cubs will trade CJ Edwards, Jorge Soler, Dan Vogelbach, and Junior Lake to the Rays for David Price in July 2014 and sign him to 7-year, $150M extension.

    • zeles 2 years ago

      I give you credit for putting this out there but I see a fractional percentage chance of this happening.

    • tbslim 2 years ago

      I don’t even give you credit for putting this out there. 3 Class A prospects and a promising but unproven rookie? For a Cy Young winner? In July when the Rays will be in the thick of the AL East race and the Cubbies will be in 4th or 5th in NL Central? Maybe the Rays could throw in Matt Moore and Wil Myers too. You know, just to even things out.

  6. Troy 2 years ago

    That news piece for the Tigers is way old. Im sure that before they signed Nathan. Though how rad would it be to have Balfour on the team too.

  7. Jason Barber 2 years ago

    how about the braves sweep in and sign balfour as insurance in the off chance they cannot persuade Eric O’Flaherty of the irish O’Flaherty’s to come back into the fold…he would definitely fill a need for the braves and would also be added insurance in the rare case that luis vasquez cannot stand up to the pressure of pitching the 7th 8th or ninth inning in HOTLANTA

    • Matt Talbert 2 years ago

      Sign Balfour and EOF and then move a bullpen arm in a package with Graham Kubitza Cunningham and Shae Simmons for David Price 😀 C’mon Atlanta get em.

      • TheRealRyan 2 years ago

        Unless that Simmons is supposed to be Andrelton, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • basilisk4 2 years ago

      I would rather not overpay for an old, injured reliever.

  8. The Orioles should be punished for a pathetic case of buyers remorse that will probably cost Balfour millions of dollars. As for future free agents, I don’t think it will affect Duquette’s dumpster diving at all.

  9. Yankees420 2 years ago

    I feel like Cashman needs to find a way to sign Balfour. The bullpen is an area that needs to be addressed and Balfour is the only one I’d trust handing the 9th to over Robertson. If Balfour does sign elsewhere, Chris Perez is an interesting alternative. He posted an ugly ERA last season, but a 20% HR/FB ratio is going to regress to the mean, he still throws 93, and is only 28. These are the only two relievers left on the FA market that we should be pursuing, and honestly getting both isn’t a bad idea either – assuming Perez is alright with taking a set up role.

  10. Ryan 2 years ago

    Please take Papelbon off of my hands, PLEASE!!!!!!

    -Ruben “RAJ” Amaro

  11. Mil8Ball 2 years ago

    Give Rodney a 2 year deal and an option for a third year if he wears his hat on straight.

  12. Alex 2 years ago

    If angels sign balfour thats one of the.most upgraded bullpens in all of mlb

  13. Marinersforever71 2 years ago

    Seattle Mariners can move Justin Smoak to the Orioles for backup catcher Steve Clevenger, and possibly player to be named on a low tier prospect. Both teams can fill position spots w/ that trade as Clevenger can back up Zunino. Smoak will help the O’s to fill the DH spot while also giving Chris Davis a day off at times to play first base.

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