Goold On Cardinals: Taveras, Martinez, Mozeliak

In a chat yesterday, Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch covered a series of topics with his readers, many of which implicated the hot stove. Here are a few highlights:

  • Top prospect Oscar Taveras will have a shot at winning a roster spot in the spring, Goold writes. He may start out coming off of the bench, as Matt Adams did last year, though service time considerations will certainly weigh in the equation. Meanwhile, Carlos Martinez could still begin the year as a starter in Triple-A or as a key part of the big club's bullpen. To hold him in the minors as starting depth, however, the Cards would need to feel confident in another relief option, Goold explains. If injuries do not intervene, big springs from Taveras and Martinez could force other roster moves to clear way.
  • When it comes time to make those decisions, Cards' GM John Mozeliak will surely utilize the club's value-based approach to comparing players and making personnel decisions. As Goold explains, the team puts a premium not only on years of control, but also the availability of options that allow the club to maintain that control even if a player struggles (or is supplanted) at the big league level. The organization has also ensured depth by holding onto higher-level minor leaguers that appear blocked, rather than flipping them for younger, more speculative talent.
  • Mozeliak could always be wooed by an organization like the Rockies, says Goold, but all indications are that he remains committed to St. Louis. Mozeliak has interest in the game's broader business aspects, and could continue to expand his role in that respect with the Cardinals. If Mozeliak were to climb in the organization and move out of a baseball operations role, he has indicated that he would like to have a succession plan in place. Goold notes that several internal candidates to fill his shoes would be assistant GM Michael Girsch, director of player personnel Matt Slater, and director of amateur scouting Dan Kantrovitz.
  • Putting aside the Cards, Goold opines that the Nationals are the N.L. club that has made the most improvement over the off-season to date. He views Doug Fister as a "big addition" for D.C. 
  • The Cardinals figure to join other MLB clubs in expanding the use of defensive shifts next season, Goold advises.

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  1. onemanrevival 1 year ago

    Fister is a big addition. He gives the team their number two starter behind Strasburg. If the defense plays behind them and the offense stops sputtering, this team will win a lot of games.

    • vtadave 1 year ago

      Guessing Zimmermann will be the #2 starter, but yeah this really solidifies the rotation and gives the Nats one of baseball’s top rotations.

      • burnboll 1 year ago

        I think Fister will be slotted in as 3 or even 4.

      • onemanrevival 1 year ago

        Knew I was forgetting someone, but that Fister move makes the top three pretty tough. A lot of teams aren’t that deep, especially in the NL East.

    • Teufelshunde4 1 year ago

      Watch and see many of the pundits pick Braves over Nats in 2014. Nats will be a World Series contender IMO.

      • bhambravesfan 1 year ago

        From the perspective of a Braves fan who never misses a game, if I had to put money on it the Nats would be my pick. Last year I could give 20 reasons why the Braves were better, but you can’t deny that rotation is nasty.

        • Teufelshunde4 1 year ago

          IMO the Nats read their press clippings and coasted from Opening Day.. The Braves to their credit came out fighting hard and got hot.. Nats could never fully recover and couple injuries onto that…. Its easy to forget how young this Nats team is..

  2. Jay212033 1 year ago

    Who hangs up first? Jason Heyward and Craig Kimbrel to the Cardinals for Oscar Tavares and Carlos Martinez

    • mk 1 year ago

      Cardinals. They don’t really need the late inning help and I would say there’s more hope in Oscar than Jason

      • Jay212033 1 year ago

        Hope? I’m not following Heyward put up a 3.4 WAR even after missing time for a broken jaw and emergency appendectomy. 2012 he put up a 6.4 so I don’t follow.

      • jaybuck 1 year ago

        Agree. Heyward has never really put all his talent together. He has had one above average year. Not worth the potential of Taveras.

    • bhambravesfan 1 year ago

      As a Braves fan I wouldn’t be against it, however if I was Frank Wren I would ask for Rosenthal and Tavares. CL and RF for more proven CL and RF

      • bhambravesfan 1 year ago

        I don’t think Tavares is necisarily going to be better than Heyward, but it depends on if the Cards want to spend. If they feel that their chances are better with more proven talent, it might be possible. Good thought though

      • Ji Qi 1 year ago

        if I were Mozeliak, I would ask Simmons and Mike Minor for Joe Kelly and Jaime Garcia

      • jaybuck 1 year ago

        Ahaha. Rosenthal and Taveras for these 2? I wouldn’t trade one of these guys for both of them and Simmons.

        • Ferrariman 1 year ago

          well thats equally as crazy if you wouldn’t.

          • jaybuck 1 year ago

            You must not see the Cards roster. They don’t need any of these guys. Rosenthal is a comparable closer to Kimbrel but makes less money, Taveras is a comparable OF to Heyward who again makes less money, and Simmons hasn’t proved he can hit. I was obviously joking with the previous comment, but why should the Cards trade any of these guys for guys who put them in the same place?

          • Ferrariman 1 year ago

            I’d take Simmons for Taveras straight up, honestly. He had a 7.6WAR last season and plays SS. Believe me, i do know the cards roster but if presented with a ludicrous deal like that, rosenthal for 3 allstars, who wouldnt..

          • jaybuck 1 year ago

            Again I was being funny 3 for 1. However, if you trade Taveras for Simmons without him being proven at the dish, then Taveras becomes what everybody thinks he will that is what gets a GM fired.

          • Ferrariman 1 year ago

            If Simmons has the same season he had last year for the next 5 years, the Cardinals get a steal. He was nearly an 8win Shortstop, even with the below average offense.

          • jaybuck 1 year ago

            Yeah if. As he was figured out this past year his hitting was progressively worse.

          • Jay212033 1 year ago

            You’re acting like Simmons was worthless at the plate he hit 17 HR and before last season pretty much hit .300 at every stop. He doesn’t K much at all but he doesn’t BBC much either but it was his 1st full season give him time. I can tell you this I bet Tavares won’t be a 7+WAR player in his 1st full season.

          • jaybuck 1 year ago

            I never said he was “worthless”. I said he doesn’t hit well enough to trade Taveras for him.

    • GoCards11 1 year ago

      No way Cards make that deal. 1. Taveras and Martinez are much cheaper and have several more years of control. 2. OT has the potential to be a better hitter than Heyward is right now. 3.Cmart could very well be a SP which IMO gives him more value than Kimbrel.

      • jaybuck 1 year ago

        Martinez has more value than Kimbrel right now.

    • jaybuck 1 year ago

      Cardinals. Heyward and Kimbrel are higher paid and maybe a bit better right now, but in a few years we won’t even remember either of these guys.

      • JCurrie39 1 year ago

        You will remember Kimbrel, he is the best closer in baseball, and will retire a legend!

        • jaybuck 1 year ago

          I know that’s a Braves homer right there.

        • john sands 1 year ago

          I think Rosenthal will do just fine as a closer. Don’t need an upgrade. I think rolling the dice on a younger Tavares will turn out just fine. Kimbrell & Heyward in a Birds uniform would look good though.

    • TheRealRyan 1 year ago

      If I was the Cards, I do that deal in a heartbeat. Heyward is a 4.5-5 WAR OF and Kimbrel is a 3-3.5 WAR pitcher. That represents the best case scenario for both Taveras and Martinez. I would rather have the already proven great 5 cost controlled years, than the unknown, questionable 12 years. Even more so now that the Cards are good and poised to compete for the world series in the next few years.

    • Jeffy25 1 year ago

      Cards get older and less years of control for costs more money.

      For basically the same players.

      And Taveras and rosenthall haven’t realized their potential yet. Kimbrel and Heyward are good/great players…but I’d rather have Taveras and Martinez right now

  3. GoCards11 1 year ago

    If you’re a Cards fan these chats are great. He does them every Monday and he usually answers about 3/4 of the questions I submit. It’s a nice little baseball distraction during the long offseason.

  4. Barry2 1 year ago

    Fister is fun to watch because he can cut the ball both ways. Tigers had no range on the infield so a little better D should help Fister even more.

  5. guest_54 1 year ago

    The Carlos Martinez link goes to the pitcher from the Marlins.

  6. burnboll 1 year ago

    The cards should bring in peter brand from the A’s.

  7. Rene2331 1 year ago

    It’ll be interesting to see what kind of numbers Taveras puts up at the ML level. His minor league numbers don’t seem too impressing.

    Can someone share the scouting report on Taveras?

    • jaybuck 1 year ago

      Above average hitter, exceptional corner OF arm, above average defense at the corner OF positions, above average speed, and can hit for power.

    • Ferrariman 1 year ago

      in 2011 he had a 1.028 OPS as a 19 year old. In 2012 he won Texas League MVP after hitting 23 HRs with a .953 OPS (.321 BA) as a 20 year old. IN his first go around at AAA, before he got hurt, he was having another .300+ avg season and was just getting his power stroke (7-15 as a starter) before his injury.

      His primary position has been CF. are we looking at the same player?

  8. bdiddy7 1 year ago

    It must be so nice being a Cards fan and hearing about this endless supply of quality young talent.

    As a Yankee fan, I am freakin’ jealous!

  9. jaybuck 1 year ago

    Can everyone stop trying to make the Cards roster better. They are pretty good as they sit right now.

  10. jaybuck 1 year ago

    I wish people would stop using
    every variation of WAR as their top argument for trying to convince
    people to consider their point. WAR is a silly stat. It doesn’t only
    factor in a certain person’s play, but also their backup. I mean Allen
    Craig spent most of the year as a 0 WAR?

    • TheRealRyan 1 year ago

      I wish people would not call something silly just because they don’t understand it.

      • jaybuck 1 year ago

        I don’t know I understand it pretty well. However, I just think it is a stat that is more than overrated. Any stat that had Craig as a below average to average player is a bit of a silly stat.

        • Jeffy25 1 year ago

          Love Craig, but all he does is hit. No defense and no base running.

  11. GoCards11 1 year ago

    I made the mistake of adding dwar and owar so I am off with my numbers and it won’t let me edit the post. I think what he is saying is that Taveras has the potential to be a better player, at least offensively, than Heyward.

  12. Jay212033 1 year ago

    Keyword POTENTIAL. There have been plenty of players with potential that don’t translate to the ML also if Heyward plays to his POTENTIAL he’d be an MVP.

  13. Jay212033 1 year ago

    I got my stats from fangraphs.

  14. burnboll 1 year ago

    I am a Cards fan but I am expecting Taveras to be as good as Heyward. Probably will be real good but Heyward is in my book one of the best players in MLB. He’s the proverbial building block that any organization would love to have.

    That’s not a rap on Taveras either.

  15. jaybuck 1 year ago

    Agree 100%

  16. jaybuck 1 year ago

    Couldn’t disagree more.

  17. burnboll 1 year ago

    Oopsy! I,forgot to write “not”.

    I don’t expect Taveras to be at the same level as Heyward.

  18. jaybuck 1 year ago

    True statement about potential. However, Heyward has never really panned into anything either with his potential. Cards should wait and see with Taveras especially for Heyward. Silly idea.

  19. Ferrariman 1 year ago

    heyward is like 23 or 24..hasn’t reached his prime yet. THat said, service time considered id rather have Taveras.

  20. TheRealRyan 1 year ago

    How can you say Heyward hasn’t played to his potential? Over the past 4 years, his fWAR is 9th amongst OFs, his wRC+ is 22nd, his baserunning is 19th and his defense is top 10, all done before his age 24 season. You are either vastly underrating just how good Heyward is or have very unrealistic expectations for young players.

  21. jaybuck 1 year ago

    I understand that, but what I am saying is that he hasn’t put two good years together yet. Should the Cards see what a younger, more cost controlled Taveras will give them before people say to trade him for a guy who hasn’t put his potential together?

  22. Jay212033 1 year ago

    You’re a Cardinals homer then cause Heyward is putting up numbers in the ML and while Tavares is an awesome prospect he had yet to do squat in the ML so before you start dubbing a prospect let him earn it first.

  23. Ferrariman 1 year ago

    read my second sentence?

  24. jaybuck 1 year ago

    You just added it so I now will. Ok it has been read and I agree.

  25. jaybuck 1 year ago

    Yeah ok fine I will take that. I see your a Braves homer as well. Tell me Heyward’s best year. Also has he proved it over a 2 year span? He hasn’t. So, stop acting like Heyward is something greater than he has showed to be so far.

  26. Ferrariman 1 year ago

    it was more like added 2 seconds after the post but ok, glad we agree :)

  27. jaybuck 1 year ago

    He was hyped as one who would be in the near future a game changing player. He is good no doubt, but to consider him game changing or at the least better than the above average OF is more than a bit far fetched.

  28. TheRealRyan 1 year ago

    How exactly is he not better than an above average OF? Over the past two seasons among OFs, he ranks as the 5th best fWAR, 17th in wRC+, 13th in baserunning and is a top 5 defensive OF. If Taveras is 75% this good, it would be a huge success for the Cards.

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