Rangers Have Interest in Bartolo Colon

The Rangers have interest in starting pitcher Bartolo Colon, Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes. Colon would provide the Rangers with a backup plan in case Matt Harrison isn't ready to come back from injuries that limited him to two big-league starts in 2013. If Harrison is healthy, Colon would likely bump Alexi Ogando to the bullpen.

Colon will be 41 shortly after the start of the 2014 season, so he could very well be available to the Rangers on a one-year basis. Wilson notes that a one-year deal would be attractive for the Rangers, who might have Luke Jackson or other prospects knocking on the door by 2015. Colon posted a 2.65 ERA with 5.5 K/9 and 1.4 BB/9 in 190 1/3 innings with the Athletics last season.

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  1. Marinersforever71 2 years ago

    Bartolo Colon & A-Gon can hit the South Beach diet together if the Dodgers can sign him as David Price is not going to be in Los Angeles but up north to team up w/ Cano, King Felix Hernandez, and the Mariners.

  2. Marinersforever71 2 years ago

    Bartolo can go for a walk everyday w/ Adrian Gonzalez at Venice Beach should he sign to be wearing the Dodgers uniforms. Kershaw or Billingsley, Greinke, Ryu, Beckett or Haren, and Colon would make sense for the starting rotation. Beckett or Kershaw should be traded w/ Kemp to the Texas Rangers for some players they may offer to be sent to Los Angeles.

  3. Dustin Bicknell 2 years ago

    Gotta get rid of them boomsticks somehow!!!!

  4. Dustin Bicknell 2 years ago

    I disagree with you on pudge, but trading for brown and signing colon is a viable option, i wonder if the phillies would take Feliz straight up for Brown

  5. Dustin Bicknell 2 years ago

    The Rangers are getting 80 millon off there new tv deal it can be done if the fans show up

  6. Dustin Bicknell 2 years ago

    Are you kidding everytime the Rangers have tried to use Ogando has a starter he has gotten hurt halfway through the season. Ogando should be a closer or a setup man in my opinion

    • Dark Reins 2 years ago

      One of the two injuries was to his groin while legging out an infield single.

  7. Dustin Bicknell 2 years ago

    Nolan Ryan pitched till he was 46 so YEA it can be done

    • oz10 2 years ago

      But they weren’t testing back then…………….

  8. Dustin Bicknell 2 years ago

    Where in the hell could you add smaller pieces to this starting lineup…….the outfield……and those aren’t usually smaller pieces

    • Dustin Bicknell 2 years ago

      And for those of you that are all like you can add smaller pieces to the outfield look at how the Yankees have done by doing that the past couple of years……look what there doing this year

      • oz10 2 years ago

        I think at this point Nellie would be considered a smaller piece as the commitment is much shorter. Michael Morse, Corey Hart would be another 2. Smaller piece is starting to get translated to less than $100 mil and less than 5 years.

  9. gary2505Texas 2 years ago

    I see alot of making fun of Bartolo – overweight, old, etc Fact is he had a better record than any of the Rangers starters last year! By far except for Yu (who was close on era). Bartolo’s 2.65 won 18 lost 6 and .7 HR/9. He walks less than 1 batter per start! He has started no fewer than 24 games the last 3 years. He would be a great addition to the staff for those reasons and he could mentor the young guys. He could pay DIVIDENDS!!!

  10. outlawsundown 2 years ago

    Honestly I’d rather see Ogando in the bullpen he just doesn’t seem to stay healthy has a starter.

  11. outlawsundown 2 years ago

    If he actually gets posted I’m assuming they’d bid the 20 million and see what happens. If they got him then they could look at trading a pitcher and maybe find an extra bat that way.

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