CC Sabathia Joins Roc Nation Sports

7:39pm: Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal tweets that Sabathia will now be represented by Jay-Z and agent Juan Perez after "formerly" being represented by the Legacy Agency, which indicates that Sabathia has likely cut ties with the Legacy Agency.

7:27pm: Jay-Z's agency, Roc Nation Sports, has added another high-profile client to its ranks. Yankees lefty CC Sabathia tweeted a picture of himself signing a contract with Jay-Z along with the caption: "#RocNationSports La Familia." Roc Nation also tweeted a welcome message to Sabathia.

It's been a huge year for Jay-Z's new sports agency, as he (along with CAA's Brodie Van Wagenen) negotiated a 10-year, $240MM contract between the Mariners and Robinson Cano. Roc Nation Sports has also added the likes of NBA superstar Kevin Durant, WNBA star Skylar Diggins and NFL star wide receiver Victor Cruz.

It's unclear at this time if Sabathia's agents at the Legacy Agency will remain involved in his baseball dealings. As we saw with Robinson Cano, Roc Nation partnered with CAA in negotiating that deal. Roc Nation could be signing on to handle Sabathia's marketing efforts and brand management while serving as a partner in baseball negotiations, or they could simply be taking on every aspect of his representation.

Sabathia's current deal, negotiated by the Legacy Agency, guarantees him at least $76MM through the 2016 season. He struggled through the worst season of his career in 2013, posting a 4.78 ERA with 7.5 K/9 and 2.8 BB/9 in 211 innings with the Yankees as his fastball velocity dipped to a career-low 91.1 mph.

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  1. Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

    Oh no, not again…

  2. bernbabybern 1 year ago

    Wonderful. :rolleyes:

  3. Lance Pistachio 1 year ago

    I don’t understand why people would be upset about this. Brodie Van Wagenen has been a successful agent for a long time. People judge based on the face of the agency

    • Yanks48 1 year ago

      Being a Yankee fan, half of us still hate Jay-Z for having Cano leave us. This wouldn’t be a problem if it were just any agent but since JayZ is mainly in the big apple, it just doesn’t seem well

      • LazerTown 1 year ago

        I don’t hate him. He got his client a big contract. Cano could have chosen the Yankees offer if he wanted to. Agent helps negotiate, but in the end it is up to the player.

        • Yanks48 1 year ago

          i dont hate him either but im saying thats what most yankee fans are thinking from what i know

          • Lionel Bossman Craft 1 year ago

            I wouldn’t say most fans but maybe many Yankee fans. My dislike for Jay-Z is much older then this situation with Cano.

  4. Junior7188 1 year ago

    ok now i really dislike jay z, he keeps signing yankee players, he better not take cc away from the yankees, and he better not say he a yankee fan, because he’s not.

    • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

      Why can’t he sign baseball players that aren’t on the Yankees…

      • Junior7188 1 year ago

        that’s what i would like to know…….i guess he has in for the yankees….

    • East Coast Bias 1 year ago

      How exactly can he take CC away from the Yankees? CC is under contract.

      And honestly, by the time his contract is up, it’s probably best for the Yankees to not resign him back.

      Lastly, you can be a fan of a team, and be a good sports agent. They are not mutually exclusive. Case in point: Robbie Cano.

      • BadBJay 1 year ago

        CC has an “out clause,” which allows him to trash his contract with the Yanks and go free agency, if he chooses to. No doubt if CC has a good year, they will exercise it if the Yanks don’t renegotiate.

      • BadBJay 1 year ago

        CC has a clause in his contract – he can go free agent if he wants.

        • East Coast Bias 1 year ago

          No he does not. Do some research. He is under contract until 2016, with an option for 2017.

          • BadBJay 1 year ago

            *sigh* Sources told the Daily News that the seven-year, $161 million contract
            that CC Sabathia will sign with the Yankees will contain an opt-out
            clause that will allow the lefthander to become a free agent after the
            first three years of the contract.

            Look it up.

          • hardcoreforhardcore 1 year ago

            This would be relevant information if this was December of 2008, but alas it is not. You’re either extremely hard headed or trolling; I’m guessing the latter.

          • Leonard Washington 1 year ago

            Perhaps Jay read it the same way haha.

          • Steve Adams 1 year ago

            That was in reference to Sabathia’s original deal in 2008. His opt-out already came and went, and he negotiated an extension on top of his existing deal rather than opting out. Sabathia is locked into the rest of his contract through 2016, and he has an option that could vest for the 2017 season.

          • East Coast Bias 1 year ago

            Did you happen to catch the date that article was written? I’m guessing it was in 2008/2009. In 2011, he negotiated his current contract, which does NOT have an opt out clause.

            So… yeah. About that looking it up thing…

          • Tisha Waters 1 year ago

            5 years/$122M (2012-16), plus 2017 vesting option
            signed extension with NY Yankees 10/31/11
            12-15:$23M annually, 16:$25M, 17:$25M vesting option ($5M buyout)
            2017 salary guaranteed if Sabathia 1) does not end 2016 on the disabled list with a left shoulder injury, 2) does not spend more than 45 days in 2016 on the disabled list with a left shoulder injury or 3) does not make more than six relief appearances in 2016 because of a left shoulder injury
            no-trade protection
            perks: suite on road trips

          • BadBJay 1 year ago

            yes he can go free agency after 3 years of his contract with the yanks

          • East Coast Bias 1 year ago

            That’s not an opt out. That’s the end of the contract, with an option for one extra year which guarantees on certain conditions.

            In conclusion, you are wrong. CC does NOT have an opt out clause in his current contract.

          • BadBJay 1 year ago

            go search online. 7 year contract contains opt-out clause after 3 years

          • BadBJay 1 year ago

            will allow the lefthander to become a free agent after the first 3 years of his contact.

          • East Coast Bias 1 year ago

            Dude, YOU go search online. That 7 year contract is no longer valid. The new contract is for 5 years and 122m, with an option for 2017 for 25m (5m buyout). This is not classified information.

        • Ji Qi 1 year ago

          The yanks world rather CC go to FA instead of paying the rest of his contract. However, CC can never get paid as much as his current contract from any other club! (Including the dodgers)

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      CC has several years left on his deal.

  5. TrollinPowell 1 year ago


  6. East Coast Bias 1 year ago

    Why do you guys hate Jay-Z so much? I just don’t get it…

    • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

      I don’t HATE him. I’m a fan of his music.

    • Tko11 1 year ago

      Possibly because he is full of himself. I do like some of his music though.

  7. kungfucampby 1 year ago

    The best part of that tweeted photo is the bowl full of Starbursts. Good candy dish choice!

  8. pft2 1 year ago

    CC won’t be getting anymore big contracts since I think he is in rapid decline now. I guess he needs an agent to handle endorsements, and he is a good name for Jay-Z to have on a client list.

  9. disadvantage 1 year ago

    Can Bronson Arroyo hurry up and join Roc Nation Sports? That way, he can get a baseball and music contract all in one swoop.

  10. JMonroe 1 year ago

    How many more MLB contracts is C.C. going to get?

  11. Ron Loreski 1 year ago

    Meaning if the Yankees sign Tanaka, he’ll demand more $ or he’s out.

  12. Orlando Ventura 1 year ago

    Interesting to see how low is the loyalty of some players. If you take a look a this list you will see what i am talking about.

    • Guest 1 year ago

      Really classy assumption you’re making there, champ.

  13. Jesus Ortiz 1 year ago

    Do people honestly think that an agent tells their client who to sign with?!?!?!?

  14. abbatoirnoises 1 year ago

    Kind of a weird sign for Jay Z, he’s a Yankee for several more years, at which point he won’t command a very lucrative offer. I’m guessing this had more to do with possible endorsement deals than anything.

  15. Leonard Washington 1 year ago

    FYI CC already has two sleeves full of tattoos and many more. And the sign is referred to as the “Dynasty” sign. The only thing I don’t get about this news is what the point of signing to Roc is?? He has no more huge paydays after this contract so its not as if the signing is ridiculously significant from a business perspective. I suppose its just another popular name for Hov to drop in an album or a sales pitch.

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