Dodgers Still Want To Add A Starting Pitcher

Even after signing Dan Haren earlier in the offseason and agreeing to extend Clayton Kershaw today, the Dodgers hope to add another arm to their staff, report Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (Twitter links). Masahiro Tanaka is a possibility, but would be an ownership call, while Bronson Arroyo is also on the team's "short list" of options.

Club GM Ned Colletti has said that, despite inking Haren, another starter addition remained possible. The rotation presumably will include Kershaw, Zack Greinke, and Hyun-jin Ryu in addition to Haren. For the fifth spot, absent a new signing, the club would be expected to host a Spring Training competition between veterans Josh Beckett and Chad Billingsley.

While Beckett and Billingsley remain question marks due to injury issues, the two are owed a combined $27.75MM by Los Angeles next year. Presumably, either or both could become trade candidates in the event that another starter is brought in.

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  1. Vmmercan 1 year ago

    That was fast. Commit to three long-term deals plus Ryu or hold a fifth man competition for: Arroyo, Billingsley and Beckett?

    Going to further say Arroyo and Tanaka end up on the Yankees and Dodgers in some combination.

    • Big Giant Head 1 year ago

      Is Billingsley healthy? Seems his career had been stuck in idle…..

      • BlueSkyLA 1 year ago

        Recovering from TJ. May be available June.

        • Big Giant Head 1 year ago

          I’m a Dodger fan exiled to Pittsburgh; guess I wasn’t aware he had TJ; thought he was going to be a great pitcher when he was young. Bu then I though Ismael Valdez was going to be great too.

      • Anthony Hughes 1 year ago

        The hope for the Dodgers is that the Tommy John surgery he had fixed his arm and he can have a similar rebirth a la John Lackey last season with Boston. And Billingsley is younger than Lackey was when he had the TJ surgery. (He doesn’t turn 30 until July.) In 2011-12, his velocity had dropped to about 91 or so due to his elbow issues. The same thing had happened to Lackey in Boston. Lackey was back throwing 95 last season. If Bills can get back to throwing 95, he could still be quite effective. He’s always walked too many guys, but guys haven’t hit him hard and his career ERA of 3.65 is very good.

        • ice_hawk10 1 year ago

          Lackey averaged 91.7mph on his fastball last season. The three years prior? 91.6, 91.5, 91.6. I’m pretty sure TJ did nothing for him in that department.

          • ice_hawk10 1 year ago

            And Billingsley has never averaged more than 92mph on his own fastball, and that was 7 years ago

          • Jim Emmons 1 year ago

            Picky, picky, picky.

        • derail76 1 year ago

          I have a feeling that Bills comes back in the pen.

  2. Dodgers.714 1 year ago

    Ownership wants to win. They will pay tanaka cash. Tanaka wants to win. Hello dodgers .

  3. westcoastwhitesox 1 year ago

    John Danks, take John Danks!

  4. dieharddodgerfan 1 year ago

    Gee, I wonder which pitcher the Dodgers have in mind…

  5. silverwidow 1 year ago

    Billingsley is out until June…

  6. JaysFan1996 1 year ago

    Take dodger Films

  7. IseeyouHanley 1 year ago

    Kershaw, Greinke, Ryu, Tanaka, Haren. That looks amazing on paper. The Dodgers don’t need Tanaka, but if they want him I hope they get him. If they don’t the Dodgers will still have an amazing pitching staff.

  8. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 1 year ago

    I hope Dodger fans appreciate all this spending.
    I just think it’s mind boggling as to how much money the Dodgers are spending.
    The bottom line is what if the Dodgers don’t win a World Series with this team.
    Then what?

    • dieharddodgerfan 1 year ago

      Well, the Dodgers did lead MLB in attendance last year so the fans are coming out to the games.

      Also, I’m sure cable and dish rates will raise for people in L.A. for the new TWC Dodgers channel they’ll be on so the fans will be paying extra for that as well.

    • IseeyouHanley 1 year ago

      Dodgers fans have lived threw being owned by the FOX corporation and Frank McCourt. Every year we saw top free agents sign with other teams with absolutely no chance of signing them. It’s only been two years since the Dodgers have finaly been able to sign top free agents. This is an exciting time for the Dodgers, and the fans. Hopefully a world series will come out of it, they are never a guarantee no matter how much money you spend.

    • derail76 1 year ago

      Then try again.. Yes we Dodgers fans are in heaven compared to where they were 2 years ago when McCourt owned the team.

  9. Blaine 1 year ago

    That extra pitcher will be Tanaka. The Dodgers are the new Yankees.

    • Jim Emmons 1 year ago

      it’s said Tanaka’s wife prefers the west coast. I’m not up to date on Japanese culture but in my family, my wife and I have equal votes but she holds veto power.

  10. Dodgers.714 1 year ago

    Dodgers fans happy… Went from bottom of the barrel chapter 11 all the way back to the top…

  11. BlueSkyLA 1 year ago

    Not much of a matchup between Beckett and Billingsley since he won’t even be available until midseason.

  12. docmilo5 1 year ago

    Beckett and Billingsley trade candidates? Interesting. They will be paying most of that $27.75 million whether they trade them or not.

  13. Gumby65 1 year ago

    A spring training battle involving Billingsley (Due back in May at the earliest) is nonsensical.

  14. GD 1 year ago

    This $30.7m for Kershaw puts them at approx $240m, and they have a few arb players left.

    How much will they be paying in luxury tax, since they’ve been over multiple times? 50%?! If it’s 50% for the amount over $189m that’s another $25M+ added to that $240m prior to signing Tanaka or another SP.

    • IseeyouHanley 1 year ago

      “How much will they be paying in luxury tax, since they’ve been over multiple times?” The Dodgers were hit with the luxury tax for the first time on 12-18-13. What multiple times are you referring too?

    • start_wearing_purple 1 year ago

      Well if I understand the luxury tax system then they’ll have to pay a 30% luxury tax based on how much over $189M this year.

      • GD 1 year ago

        Approx $16m at this point. That’s puppy change for LAD.

    • arbfuldodger 1 year ago

      as long as they don’t go over the $285M avg the new TV contract gives them per year they’ll be OK, and with Bills, Beckett & the deferred contracts coming off the books next year (40M) eveything should be fine even if we sign Tanaka

  15. ziggy13 1 year ago

    Gonna be fun watching LA miss the World Series again

    • IseeyouHanley 1 year ago

      Man your team must be terrible if watching the dodgers lose is your idea of watching and enjoying baseball.

      • ziggy13 1 year ago

        Everybody has teams they root for and against. It’s not hard to root against a team that’s trying to buy a championship

        • Visionsofsilver 1 year ago

          Every team is trying to buy a championship. You can’t win without giving millions of dollars to players. Every team does it, the Dodgers just do it more.

          • ziggy13 1 year ago

            Just about every team has a fairly restrictive budget limiting where they can allocate their resources. The Dodgers continue to pick up the big names in areas that are already loaded despite the fact that such moves will essentially force them to eat massive portions of displaced player salaries

          • ziggy13 1 year ago

            I’d still root for my favorite team but I would still be against that approach. Historically it hurts teams more than it helps them

          • nunyobini 1 year ago

            As a Dodger fan, I would much rather ownership put money back onto the field and into the fan experience (google “Dodgers Stadium renovations” to see what they have been up to in that department) than just pocket it. I would be ticked if the Dodgers had a $160 million payroll now that I know how much their TV deal was worth. I am glad they are spending it on players, but I also realize the accusations of “buying a championship” come with the territory.

            Must be nice to root for a team where the players play for free, oh wait, that doesn’t exist in professional sports. So every owner is trying to “buy a championship”

          • Cam Hodgson-Dwyer 1 year ago

            Big names in areas that they are already loaded? Where? I don’t see 20 million dollar guys filling utility roles, do you?

            It can’t be corner can’t be middle infield..the outfield is riddled with injuries..bullpens are always a crapshoot..can’t be the rotation either (Beckett is broken, Billingsley probably isn’t ready until mid-year).

            They’ve got holes. So they are trying to fill holes with the best guys. Seems pretty logical.

          • Gerson Bravo 1 year ago

            After going through decades of famine it is nice to go through some decades of feast. We have a very fat cow that is why we do it more.

        • IseeyouHanley 1 year ago

          So if your favorite team all of a sudden became billionaires, and started signing every top free agent that was available you would root against them because they are trying to buy a championship? Really?

        • b00tz 1 year ago

          Whaaaa? The Dodgers have a spot in the rotation open and you call the Dodgers possibly signing Tanaka trying to buy a championship?

  16. BROC 1 year ago

    Seattle Mariners could sign Masahiro Tanaka this month….

  17. MadmanTX 1 year ago

    C’mon…sign Tanaka and break the bank.

    • Mark Tabello 1 year ago

      Kind of hard to break the bank when the principle owner (Mark Walter) is a billionaire willing to spend his own money to win. dodgers haven’t even maxed out their tv money. People severely underestimate how deep the ownerships pockets are and their willingness to invest all revenue into the team

    • derail76 1 year ago

      The Dodgers just secured an 8.5 billion dollar TV contract. They can sign 5 Kershaws and 10 Tanakas, and not break the bank.

  18. Pingston 1 year ago

    So, is this to settle things before making Tanaka offers? That can work two ways: reassuring Kershaw (big time) and showing Tanaka they’re serious. Presuming they haven’t closed the vault, I believe this makes the Dodgers front-runners for Tanaka (if they weren’t already). For teams not in the NL West, it may be the best outcome.

    • start_wearing_purple 1 year ago

      The question is at what point does the Dodgers ownership say the gains aren’t worth the price.

      Looking at Cot’s and adding in Kershaw’s new contract, the Dodgers are already at $170M for the 2015 season and that’s just taking into account 12 contracts. There’s also at $160M for 2016 and that’s 9 contracts. That basically means any contract the Dodgers sign this year will actually cost 30% more this year, 40% next, and possibly 50% the year after.

      In other words assuming the Dodgers sign Tanaka, let say $20M a year, and assuming the Dodgers keep a high payroll then over the next 3 years Tanaka will cost the Dodgers $24M more than the $60M the Dodgers will pay him over 3 years.

      • John Kreese 1 year ago

        A likely 5 yr/120 MIL deal for what would be your #3 starting pitcher seems crazy. Nothing wrong with throwing money around if you’ve got it to blow but why not address a bigger weakness (Uribe at 3B comes to mind)?

        • Tre-Day 1 year ago

          I agree, but there weren’t really any good 3B options on the market this year. Uribe has a 2 year deal, which is clearly only a stop-gap deal until Corey Seager is ready to play at the ML level. The plan is that either Seager or Hanley will slide over to 3rd.

        • start_wearing_purple 1 year ago

          And again, assuming Tanaka is the contract that breaks the luxury tax barrier then that 5 year/$120M deal is actually $144M+.

  19. LEX STEEL 1 year ago

    They better settle for Jimenez, Santana, or Arroyo, cause Tanaka’s coming to NY.

    • Mark Tabello 1 year ago

      Doesn’t look like Dodgers ownership is settling on anything they don’t want. If they want Tanaka he will be a Dodger. They can offer as much money as anybody else, the decision is up to Tanaka

    • charles 1 year ago

      what are you talking about? he is gonna be a Mariner.

      • Jerry Mandering 1 year ago

        You’re both wrong, he’s coming to the White Sox.

        • charles 1 year ago

          why would he go to the white sox. when he can come to seattle.

          • Kev D7 1 year ago

            You’re all wrong, I’m the real Spartacus

          • Ruben777 1 year ago

            No! THIS IS PATRICK!

  20. nwh2787 1 year ago

    I say go all in on Tanaka, trade Beckett or Billingsley and call it a day. Arroyo is mediocre.

  21. Jim Emmons 1 year ago

    There’s nothing certain about recovering from Tommy John surgery but Brian Wilson seems okay after two of them.I think Billingsley will be the fifth by mid-season.

  22. Jim Emmons 1 year ago

    How can anybody have as much cash as the Dodger’s ownership? It’s unreal – and wonderful for the LA fans.

  23. Vmmercan 1 year ago

    You do realize New York also has a huge Asian population, right?

  24. JSole10 1 year ago

    Great story. 2 hours away, Anahiem? If it’s the intagibles like weather, Japanese community or being close to Japan while getting a good pay day then he will be a Dodger.But the Yanks are such a first class organization and know how to woo free agents that I wouldn’t be surprised if they can convince Tanaka to sign with them. I remember Sabbathia had a deal with the Dodgers or Angels because he wanted to be in the West Coast and the Yanks came in and swooped him up last minute to be a Yankee.

  25. charles 1 year ago

    So do the Mariners.

  26. IseeyouHanley 1 year ago

    I’m sure they do, Tanaka is from Japan not all of Asia. The person was referring to the Japanese communitys in Los Angeles specificly. Southern California has a very large population of people from Japanese and Korean decent. If I’m not mistaken Northern California has a higher population of people from Chinese decent. I’m sure New York has a large Asian population, but is it a large Japanese population?

  27. LazerTown 1 year ago

    NYC is much more Chinese.
    There is still roughly ~25,000 people of Japanese descent in NYC alone, not including the parts outside the city.

  28. Vmmercan 1 year ago

    Not to mention, in addition to what LazerTown said, if we’re playing the Japanese card, Tanaka can learn from Kuroda and Ichiro in his first year. The Dodgers have nothing remotely comparable to a guy with a similar pitching repertoire who is a veteran nearing retirement and the most famous japanese player of all time in MLB. It may only be for a year, but we are arguing minute variables at this point.

  29. Vmmercan 1 year ago

    Not to mention, in addition to what LazerTown said, if we’re playing the Japanese card, Tanaka can learn from Kuroda and Ichiro in his first year. The Dodgers have nothing remotely comparable to a guy with a similar pitching repertoire who is a veteran nearing retirement and the most famous japanese player of all time in MLB. It may only be for a year, but we are arguing minute variables at this point.

  30. Vmmercan 1 year ago

    Valid, but his comment involved the Yankees and Dodgers, not the Mariners.

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