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Jeff Samardzija's exchange of arbitration filing numbers with the Cubs (Samardzija has filed for $6.2MM, with the Cubs at $4.4MM) has led to more talk about the pitcher's likelihood of being traded or signing an extension. Samardzija is eligible for free agency after the 2015 season, and has already seen many of his veteran teammates traded as the Cubs build for the future. That doesn't mean the Cubs are poised to trade him, however. Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune writes that teams like the Diamondbacks and Braves believe the Cubs have requested too much in return for Samardzija in trades.

Samardzija feels that Masahiro Tanaka's situation has had a "ripple effect" on him, Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Samardzija also implies that, if the Cubs signed Tanaka, he might be more likely to sign an extension with the Cubs. "I’ve mentioned my frustration with the 'R' word [rebuilding] before. You bring him in, and that 'R' word essentially kind of disintegrates," he says.

Wittenmyer also suggests that, due in part to the slow-developing pitching market this offseason, the Cubs are likely to begin the 2014 season with Samardzija still on the roster.'s Patrick Mooney reported last week that the Cubs were likely to wait until July to trade Samardzija.

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  1. Timothy Noonan 2 years ago

    Trade this guy already!! it is obvious that he thinks that he deserves a lot more money for medicore results. I know the cubs have nothing in the way of pitching but the two seem way off in terms of money. hopefully he has starts out hot so they can flip him for SOMETHING

    • gocatsgo2003 2 years ago

      Why would you trade him right now when you have two years of team control?

      And, if they do end up trading him, they’ll get a LOT more than “something.” It could/should be an absolute haul.

      • Trock 2 years ago

        I am a huge cubs fan but no way they get a ‘haul’ for him. He has put up mediocre numbers and wants to get paid like he is the next big thing. I like him and think he can be good but he is not an ace. I do believe they will get some decent prospects for him if traded.

  2. raymondrobertkoenig 2 years ago

    Even if the Cubs sign Tanaka and keep Samardzija they’ll still be rebuilding.

    • JasonPen 2 years ago

      Sure. But with their top prospects only a phone call away, it won’t be that much longer. Baez had 39 HRs, Bryant won MVP in the AFL, CJ Edwards was almost unhittable, toss in Kendricks, Soler, Almora, and Alcantara… That list is just the beginning, with many more to follow. Starting in late 2014 it will be a great time to be a Cubs’ fan-

      • Mitch321 2 years ago

        yah, wow! if only prospects where sure things…

        • JasonPen 2 years ago

          I guess the plan is to have a big stockpile, you raise the odds that way. Bryant and Baez look about as close to a sure thing as you can get.

  3. Joe David 2 years ago

    Who the HELL is this guy? Mediocre pitcher and he acts as if he’s the savior of the franchise! He’s only pitched 200 innings once in his career. “Frustration with the R word” ?!? Are you kidding me?!?

    • oleosmirf 2 years ago

      well he would have had 200 IP in 2012, but the Cubs shut him down with about 3-4 starts left. He’s averaged 200 IP and 200 K each of the last two years (his first two as a starter).

      I think its very reasonable to expect a big jump in year 3.

  4. Prozack 2 years ago

    I don’t know why so many people in the Cubs organization including Jeff Samardjiza think that he is even close to an ace. He had an above 4 era, in the 4.3’s actually. That’s a number 5 in a rotation in my understanding. I were the Diamondbacks i would trade Alfredo Marte for him just because of his attitude. HE IS NOT THAT GOOD

    • jaharhar 2 years ago

      Well he had a decent FIP and xFIP the last 2 years. Also had a slightly below average BABIP last year, so maybe a better defense would suit him or was a bit unlucky.

      • oleosmirf 2 years ago

        not to mention he pitches in Wrigley with an awful Cubs bullpen and absolutely no run support

        • Prozack 2 years ago

          his pitching has nothing to do with the bulloen

          • oleosmirf 2 years ago

            so you are saying that a bullpen has no impact whatsoever on a starting pitcher’s statistics?

          • Not ones that matter.

          • abinder07 2 years ago

            Alright then, Top of the 7th, 1 out, Runners on 2nd and 3rd, Samardzija is pulled in favor of the bullpen. The next pitcher comes in and gives up a double causing both runs to score. Both those runs credited to Samardzija raising his ERA.

    • TheRealRyan 2 years ago

      Samardjiza is not an ace, but he is a #2. Over the last 2 seasons, he is 34th in IP, 32nd in FIP and 17th in xFIP. Even if you think ERA is a good indicator of future performance, he was 58th in ERA.

  5. Ley_Z 2 years ago

    Samardzija is apparently unaware that signing Tanaka would mean the Cubs would be significantly less inclined to extend him.

    • gocatsgo2003 2 years ago

      That doesn’t necessarily follow. At all.

      • Ley_Z 2 years ago

        I just doubt the Cubs would make a second massive investment in pitching after signing Tanaka. They are only willing to pay the price for him because he is significantly younger than your average free agent, while Samardzija is 29.

    • meinhardt1992 2 years ago

      Reports say that he is more likely to get an extension if Tanaka signs

  6. Damon Bowman 2 years ago

    Samardzija is kidding himself if he thinks the signing of Tanaka would shift the status of the Cubs from rebuilding to contender. They still have a ton of holes to compete deep into the season with the big boys in the NL. Even if Soler comes up and breaks out Puig-style, their #2 OF is still Schierholtz — a guy who would probably be better served as a 3rd OF behind two strong bats. Valbuena and Barney aren’t likely to bust out for monster numbers at the plate. The rotation still is stuck with Arrieta in the Cubs “top 5″ and Edwin Jackson might or might not bounce back to his numbers from 2012.

    • meinhardt1992 2 years ago

      You must not know what you are talking about.

      The rotation with Tanaka would be:

      Arrieta or Rusin (who both did well to finish the season)

      The bullpen has been strengthened up with the additions of Wesley, Veras, and keeping Strop and Russel on board as well as Vilinuava.

      Now looking at the OF situation Schierholtz still there the Cubs will have Lake who did really well in the second half of the season, Soler coming up along with Almora who has been reported to be a “5 tool player”, along with Bryant most likely going to the outfield due to Olt and Beaz rumors of being placed at 3B. So the depth in the OF is fine and solid for the most part.

      Barney will be traded most likely by the deadline putting Alcareta (spelling) and Valbuena is not that bad of a utility man (or at the time till Beaz or Olt is ready a starter). Valbuena actually was one of the bright spots for the team last year when it came to the offense when he was not injured.

      I believe the line up would be solid towards the end of the season:

      SS: Castro
      2B: Baez
      1B: Rizzo
      OF: Soler
      OF: Almora
      OF: Lake or Schierholtz (if not traded which most likely is expected)
      3B: Bryant
      C: Castillo
      P: who ever is starting

      With Valbuena, Scheirholtz (if not traded), Barney (if not traded), Olt (if not starting)

      I feel like at the end of the season the Cubs will be fine with all the prospects that will be up by years end.

      • WrigleyTerror37 2 years ago

        Not bad at all on the players butt that lineup and projection time are way off.
        don’t get me wrong I really like almora but there is no way he’s up by the end of the year.
        Solar will get a cup of coffee in September if he produces, if not then he would be up after supper 2 cut off line in 2015
        Baez should be up late June early July. I’d he doesn’t break camp.
        Bryant should be up July or later aslong as he produces like last year.

        now my lineup in a few years would be:
        CF A.Almora
        2b A.Alcantara
        LF K. Bryant
        1b A.Rizzo
        3B J.Baez
        Rf J.Solar
        C W.Castillo
        SS S.Castro
        that line up should be there by 2016 for sure

        • Trent 2 years ago

          trade castro for a P and move baez to SS and have olt play 3rd

      • Damon Bowman 2 years ago

        None of what you talked about makes the Cubs a contender until at least 2015. While Soler and Almora are high upside talents, they’re at least a full season away from contributing to the team. Olt should have been given time to show himself with the big club last year and should be in Chicago from day one this year. But even with the reinforcements to the bullpen, Chicago is not a team ready to challenge for a playoff spot in ’14.

        • meinhardt1992 2 years ago

          im not saying they are gonna challenge for a playoff spot this year but 2015 im pretty sure they will be winning about 80 games or more serious contender for sure in 2016

  7. Pingston 2 years ago

    My calculus: if Cubs sign Tanaka, they keep Samardzija. If not, they keep up the trade pressure. But I don’t see a trade until after Tanaka signs somewhere.

  8. Alton Paige 1 year ago

    Samardzija would be a nice pick up for the A’s or Giants

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