Mariners Sign Humberto Quintero

The Mariners announced that they have re-signed catcher Humberto Quintero to a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training. Quintero is represented by Octagon.

The 34-year-old Quintero split the 2013 campaign between the Phillies and Mariners, batting a combined .237/.275/.366 with four homers in 140 plate appearances. Seattle has a lack of catching depth within the organization, having only Mike Zunino, Jesus Sucre and Jesus Montero on the 40-man roster. Montero, of course, is not considered much of an option behind the plate and caught just one game at the Triple-A level after being demoted this past season. Quintero will likely compete with Sucre for the right to back up Zunino, who is considered the catcher of the future in Seattle.

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  1. Raysfan77 1 year ago

    He will most likely get the nod to be the backup catcher

  2. parkdav 1 year ago

    Did they get ownership approval? *sarcasm*

    • Stevil 1 year ago

      Would have been more funny if you didn’t note the sarcasm! Imagine if someone bit?!

  3. Dave Erhardt 1 year ago

    I don’t think that Quintero or Sucre is the answer for the M’s. There are still catchers that the M’s could sign. I don’t think Zunino is an everyday catcher yet. I think of Zunino as the backup catcher at the moment.

    • Stevil 1 year ago

      Personally, I don’t think Zunino is a backup, nor should he be. I think he needs to get better at pitch recognition and improve his contact rate–then he’ll be ready to start, but he should probably do that in Tacoma.

      I’m not content with Sucre or Quintero either, so it would be good to see another backstop added, but the market’s pretty thin. A trade is probably the better route. I’d love to see Gomes from Cleveland land with the M’s.

      • Dave Erhardt 1 year ago

        I think we both agree, Zunino is not ready to be an everyday catcher, I think he should stay in Seattle as a backup, but you think that he needs to get everyday work in Tacoma. But this does emphasize the point, neither Sucre or Quintero has the ability to be an everyday catcher.
        I was looking on the list of free agent catchers, Shoppach and John Buck are both available. We could acquire one of them at a small price. Both are good stopgap catchers and Shoppach played with the M’s last year. I could live that for a year with Quintero as the backup defensive catcher.

        • Stevil 1 year ago

          No chance at a reunion with Shoppach. I don’t think Buck is likely either. The target, in my opinion, should be someone who could feasibly start the entire season. And if/when Zunino is ready, simply keep him in as a backup and bench bat. I wish more people understood how valuable it is to have two solid catching options. Billy Beane certainly gets it!

          • Dave Erhardt 1 year ago

            Do you have an idea who could fit the bill? I don’t, and you are probably right about those 2 catchers I mentioned. Especially Shoppach, who was let go early in the season and replaced. We don’t need a roller coaster at catcher this year, however, as we did last year. We need a regular catcher and one backup for the season. If Zunino is ready in mid season, cut one of the 2 catchers.

          • Stevil 1 year ago

            Yeah, Gomes!

          • Dave Erhardt 1 year ago

            You may have something. He hits well and is good at throwing out runners. Maybe the M’s can get him. He’s in pre arbitration too.

          • Marinersforever71 1 year ago

            Acquiring Steven Clevenger from the Orioles or bringing back John Jaso from the A’s may be the solution if he can start ahead of Sucre or Quintero by not giving up too much in the trade.

          • Stevil 1 year ago

            Man, several people have mentioned Jaso tonight. You’re rubbin’ salt in the wound!

            He makes a lot of sense for the M’s right now, but there’s no way Jack’s going to work a fair deal with Billy. I doubt Jack even wants him back.

            I’m actually not that familiar with Clevenger. I’ll have to take a look.

          • Marinersforever71 1 year ago

            Clevenger for Blake Beaven or Jedus Montero would be a good trade. Also, Matt Wieters & Nick Markakis might be another option the O’s might be interested in exchange for James Paxton or Erasmo Ramirez, Mike Zunino, Nick Franklin, Justin Smoak, and PTBN like Julio Morban or Leon Landry. Franklin & Smoak can be dealt to the Brewers & Pirates in desperate deals for some descent returns for Baltimore.

  4. suomynona 1 year ago

    You spelled the name wrong. It’s T-A-N-A-K-A.

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