Marlins, Stanton Not Talking Extension

Recent negotiations between Giancarlo Stanton and the Marlins focused purely on the arbitration-eligible outfielder's 2014 salary, not on a long-term extension,'s Joe Frisaro reports. "From the outset, I think it was in everyone's interest to try [to] reach a fair and amicable settlement on a one-year contract," says Stanton's agent, Joel Wolfe of the Wasserman Media Group. Stanton, who will make $6.5MM this season, is due for free agency after 2016.

Due to the Marlins' reputation, there will be questions about whether they plan to trade Stanton until they sign him to a long-term deal or actually do trade him. They plan to keep in Miami in 2014, however. Stanton hit .245/.365/.480 in 504 plate appearances for the Marlins last season.

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  1. alphabet_soup5 2 years ago

    Although the Marlins do have a poor rep, maybe he just doesn’t want to stay with his original team on a hometown discount like Longoria or Braun.

  2. Jake 2 years ago

    Why on Earth would anyone sign a long term extension with the Marlins?

  3. GeronimoJansen 2 years ago

    In other words, Giancarlo wants to spend the absolute minimum amount of time with the Marlins as humanly possible.

    • Jeff Weissbuch 2 years ago

      Do you blame him

    • BitLocker 2 years ago

      After the last firesale, Giancarlo Stanton probably wants to do his time and get the hell out of that place. Probably holds true for everyone else in that roster.

  4. rouscher 2 years ago

    Wouldnt blane him and the agent, what if they decide to go for it again, and they fail and sell off again, its not a pleasant place to be right now

    • LazerTown 2 years ago

      I actually like what the Marlins did. They went for it, realized they were no where close, then instead of spending the next 4 years in mediocrity they just dropped everything and rebuilt. And hey, it has only been 1 year since the trade, and the Marlins long term future looks so much brighter than the Jays’.

      • Teufelshunde4 2 years ago

        It was poor form not to at least give the team a whole season to get the ship right.. Championships are rarely bought like the Marlins tried to do. Yanks have only been truly successful trying that model once.

  5. Rizzo44 2 years ago

    He’ll be traded way before they give him an extention. Its just the way the Marlins operate. Build a good team win, fire sale. They need to send him to Texas he would rake there.

    • Tko11 2 years ago

      They didnt even win the last time they did that but then again I wouldn’t have called them a good team either. There was a fire sale though.

    • GD 2 years ago

      Marlins wouldn’t be concerned about how well he would “rake” in Arlington.

  6. Paul Shailor 2 years ago

    I know they have jose fernandez and other young guys, but for me it would be hard to buy into a team that I saw go all in and then blow it up and blatantly lie to people.

  7. cjr45 2 years ago

    Here come the bad trade proposals.

    • GeronimoJansen 2 years ago

      Stanton for Trout and prospects!!

      • LazerTown 2 years ago

        Angels dont have any prospects.

      • Rizzo44 2 years ago

        So trouts career will be ruined. That would be terrible. Hopefully Trout leaves Anaheim before they lock him up. He’d fit very well in a Rangers uniform

    • Marky Mark 2 years ago

      Stanton for duda, ike, tejada, and the island of misfit toys

      • Rizzo44 2 years ago

        At least give the Marlins good players from the Mets. Never mind it was a joke.

    • Zachary Eick 2 years ago

      Detroit offers Ps Rick Porcello, Jose Ortega, Luke Putkonen, and Jose Valdez, INFs Francisco Martinez and Eugenio Suarez, and OF Andy Dirks for OF Stanton and Jose Fernandez. :p (Miami did it once before, they will do it again)

    • BitLocker 2 years ago

      Ichiro Suzuki, Michael Pineda, and Soriano for Stanton.

      • Riaaaaaa 2 years ago

        Throw in Nunez and thats an offer they can’t refuse!

    • Paul Shailor 2 years ago

      The houston astros for stanton.

  8. Mark Tabello 2 years ago

    Stanton was as mad as anybody after the last firesale. Until new ownership takes over no elite star will want to stay long term ( although I do think Jose Feenandez will be the one they get to stay ). Also, for a new stadium that park is an eye sore. Hate it when my team goes in there to play a series. Asthetically the worst looking stadium. What the heck where they thinking when they built it?

    • jaharhar 2 years ago

      I think the new stadium looks nice and feels nice. Opinions opinions…

      • Mark Tabello 2 years ago

        I guess I shouldn’t judge it soley on looks from tv. I will say I think the Bobblehead museum is pretty cool. Puts my little collection to shame

  9. Carlos 2 years ago

    I honestly believe the Marlins will be contenders within the next 4 years. I’m a diehard Rangers fan but the Marlins have 2 of my favorite players in baseball with Fernandez and Stanton and there’s nothing I want more than to see Stanton in a Rangers uniform but the Marlins have some great arms coming up and some talented bats. I feel the same about the cubbies, Im a fan of baseball and I love young underdog teams. Go Rangers!

    • Ron Loreski 2 years ago

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this is they contend this year.

  10. bjsguess 2 years ago

    Scary to think what Mike could earn if he would just stay healthy. Back to back years of 650 PA’s and he’s looking at $225M+.

  11. NYBravosFan10 2 years ago

    view my shocked face O_O

  12. BlueBlood1217 2 years ago

    Hello Boston 2015

  13. Rizzo44 2 years ago

    Stanton and Jose Fernandez for Profar or Andrus and Perez. Plus 3 prospects..on top of that rangers get tanaka too ..

  14. kevin 1 year ago

    I don’t care about what you people say but I really want Giancarlo Stanton
    to stay in miami

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