Mets Re-Sign Omar Quintanilla

The Mets have re-signed infielder Omar Quintanilla to a minor-league deal, Adam Rubin of ESPN New York tweets. Quintanilla is represented by MVP Sports Group.

The Mets non-tendered Quintanilla in December after he hit .222/.306/.283 in 359 plate appearances for them last season. He also hit .333/.419/.484 in 148 plate appearances at the Triple-A level.

If the Mets don't make a move at shortstop, they'll head into the 2014 season with Ruben Tejada as their starter. Tejada hit just .202/.259/.260 in 2013, and Quintanilla should provide the Mets with shortstop depth if Tejada struggles again. He could also win a bench job coming out of camp.

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  1. murph180 1 year ago

    Really? I thought we got away from this… I guess there goes Stephen Drew and Tejada is the starter with Q backing him up..

    • ajd121 1 year ago

      Which could be exactly what the Sandy wants Boras to think.

      • murph180 1 year ago

        I hope you’re right lol… Idk if I can take another year of Tejada/Q

  2. jvent 1 year ago

    oh thank GOD now we dont have to worry about looking for another ss lol

  3. ajd121 1 year ago

    Scott Boras just punched his computer screen….

  4. rct 1 year ago

    I’m sure tomorrow’s news will be the resigning of Justin Turner.

    • murph180 1 year ago

      I hope so, I really do

      • rct 1 year ago

        Same here. As a backup, he can play all the infield positions and his bat isn’t terrible. I’m assuming the Mets non-tendered him because they thought his arb number would be too high, but it’ll be interesting to see what kind of offers he gets from other clubs.

        • Erik Christensen 1 year ago

          I heard the Twins are trying to sign Turner

        • Ruben_Tomorrow 1 year ago

          There was also a personality clash that contributed to him being non-tendered.

          • I Want My Bird 1 year ago

            He wanted to win and they didn’t, hey oh!

          • rct 1 year ago

            There was? Sort of surprises me, he seemed loved by all his teammates and Collins. Oh well, I guess.

          • greggofboken 1 year ago

            It was reported that the Mets were unhappy with his work ethic. It leaked out when they opted not to re-up him…which it shouldn’t have. So somebody in the organization had an axe to grind.

          • Ruben_Tomorrow 1 year ago

            I thought so too, but Ed Coleman made that point out. Maybe the Mets were sick of the pies?

    • rubiconx0 1 year ago

      no one would be surprised!

    • Dawn Krol 1 year ago

      I thought somebody did sign Turner.

  5. rubiconx0 1 year ago

    KIss Drew goodbye now, as usual the Mets(Mutts) take the cheap way out, this is such a weak line up,another losing season here we come!

    • murph180 1 year ago

      They only want Drew for one year because next years free agent shortstops are much better and they don’t want to be tied down with Drew…. And I must say, I agree

  6. NewYorkMammoths 1 year ago

    We’re gettin’ the bad back together.

  7. Bob M 1 year ago

    Ok. Tejada is not what we wanted, but I’m not sure what the big deal about Drew is. He’s simply not that good. He had a good year last year, but he’s injury prone, and his regular stats are not good enough to warrant the money or all this worrying about him getting away. Who cares?

    • murph180 1 year ago

      Drew is a top 10 ss.

      • Bob M 1 year ago

        I get that. And I wouldn’t mind having him, but injury prone and an underwhelming top 10. Not that much of a loss IMHO.Too much money for not that much. If they can get him on the cheap, then fine, but otherwise – not really worth it. He also won’t be playing with the Red Sox lineup, His production won’t be nearly as good as last year.

      • Senor_Met 1 year ago

        No, he’s really not.

        In no particular order, here are a few shortstops I would put above Drew: Tulowitzki, Desmond, Castro, Hanley Ramirez, Lowrie, Andrus, Aybar, Segura, Iglesias, Alexei Ramirez, Peralta, Reyes, Simmons, Escobar, Hardy, and hell, I’ll even throw Bogaerts in there because I’d much rather have him.

        • murph180 1 year ago

          He’s better than Lowrie, Iglesias, Ramirez, Escobar, Peralta and Andrus……

    • Andrew Rosner 1 year ago

      What you mentioned on Drew is correct but the biggest drawback to him in my mind is that he is a streak hitter. He could hit .300 for a stretch then hit .220 for another stretch. Not the kind of player I like

  8. letsgogiants 1 year ago

    Why is everyone making a fuss over a minor league deal?

    • Run Support Group 1 year ago

      Because Mets fans (us) will overreact to every minor signing? IMO this is just Sandy trying to mess with Boras more

    • Lord of the Fries 1 year ago

      Because Mets minor league signings have a way of getting significant playing time by the All-Star break, as Quintanilla has in each of the last two seasons.

  9. I Want My Bird 1 year ago

    So Grandy/Young were just to improve a little bit? Like, to say you did something? Pique the fans interest just slightly? You just dabble your toes in the water, you never will swim. Insert “it’s not in the Mets best interest to add a ton of free agent payroll at this time” comments. I’m not even saying that they are Stephen Drew away from competing, it’s just the sheer amount of holes across the field ….

    • murph180 1 year ago

      Where are these “holes” you’re talking about?

  10. Tommets 1 year ago

    This is simply a depth signing. Someone to fill out the bench. Although, I’d much rather have Turner.

    • greggofboken 1 year ago

      Precisely. Q was nearly as much a drag on the roster as Tejada. He doesn’t belong on the ML club. Turner would have been a far better choice. Fail by the Mets here.

      • Marc_from_Brooklyn 1 year ago

        I would have phrased it “a drag on the offense.” He’d be fine as a backup to someone much more skilled, a spot starter who could take over for a week or two in case of an injury. He’s a marginal major leaguer at best and is better on the bench or as the worst batter on a potent offensive lineup. But, Tejada’s poor performance pressed him into unanticipated everyday service and he played about as could be expected. He put up typical numbers for his career. Having seen Q before and it being a lost season, perhaps it would have been better to call up Hicks or Bixler–I forget if either was hurt when Tejada went down–but neither had anything close to Q’s major league experience.. It’s not as though they were going to call up Tovar from AA to play every day or trade for someone, so Q was really the best choice at teh time.

  11. Run Support Group 1 year ago

    Sign Drew or show you’re really serious and sign Diaz

  12. Bob M 1 year ago

    Quintanilla is a good depth signing and doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t sign Drew – if it really matters.

  13. Joe 1 year ago

    The Mets just spent 87 million dollars and you have more whiney Met fans saying they are too cheap for Drew. Did anyone think it might be a leverage tactic or that Q is AAA depth? Jeez calm down everyone.

  14. Noah Baron 1 year ago

    Hopefully he doesn’t leave AAA. Not a major league player.

  15. Mike LaRose 1 year ago

    This guys like a bad penny, he keeps coming back

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