AL East Notes: Blue Jays, Santana, Bogaerts

While Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos says he's "comfortable" with his club's current rotation candidates, Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal is skeptical. If so, Anthopoulos' thinking has evolved significantly since September, Rosenthal writes, when he identified the Jays' rotation as the team's "most glaring hole" and "most glaring area we need to address." Anthopoulos reportedly considered trades for David Price, Derek Holland and Brett Anderson, and expressed interest in free agents Ervin Santana, Ubaldo Jimenez, Bronson Arroyo and A.J. Burnett. However, a deal never materialized, and the Jays' AL East competitors have upgraded in the meantime. Here's more out of the division:

  • Within the same column, Rosenthal cites the Mariners and Rangers as potential suitors for Santana, who could also avoid the draft pick compensation issue by waiting until after the June draft to sign. According to a Rosenthal tweet, Santana prefers that option to settling for a contract in the range of Nelson Cruz's one-year, $8MM deal with the Orioles.
  •'s Anthony Castrovince writes that by not adding a major rotation piece, the Jays are betting on better luck with injuries and the development of young players. A rotation upgrade "does not appear to be on the horizon," according to Castrovince. Earlier this week, Anthopoulos told reporters that the club would like to sign a starter, but won't do so "at all costs."
  • Red Sox prospect Xander Bogaerts says he's well aware of rumors that Stephen Drew could return to the club, Mike Petraglia of reports. "You hear it every day, especially you media guys talk about it a lot," the infielder commented. Bogaerts figures to grab the Sox's starting shortstop job if Drew doesn't return.

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  1. CountOmar 1 year ago

    Guess AA is “comfortable” with last place. We’ll be lucky to have an ERA south of 4.50. It’s embarrassing how easily his “win-now” mentality broke down after 1 bad year.

    • hurley55 1 year ago

      This is a little harsh, tons of overreaction going around Jays fans lately. If you want a glimmer of hope, take a look at Fangraphs projected standings, Jays project at 82.5 wins while the Yankees and Rays project for just over 83. The Jays can easily contend this year as long as they don’t get absolutely ravaged by the injury bug like last year.

    • JamieFC 1 year ago

      They won’t compete, but they also won’t finish in last. I predict a 4th place finish. But then again, if you’re not first (or in a wild card spot) you’re last, so it really doesn’t make a difference…

  2. JoeyBats13 1 year ago

    its alright jays fans, we have Tomo Ohka on our side!

    • thestever 1 year ago

      remember the first pitch he threw as a blue jay?

  3. Booker Smith 1 year ago

    What is AA doing? He goes from the most active offseason in 2012-2013 to the most inactive in 2013-2014. The Jays have a strong offense if they can stay healthy, one that can be good as their division rivals, but their pitching is just not that good. Even if they are perfectly healthy in 2014, I don’t see them getting enough production out of their rotation to garner a playoff spot.

    • George Vander Buist 1 year ago

      Hopefully I’m wrong, but it seems the lesson of this whole off-season was that posturing your intentions via media outlets doesn’t work, at least to the extent that AA tried it this winter. Whether it is the value of a player through trade or free agency it seems like Toronto uses the media scrums to feign general disinterest, or to express only lukewarm interest in anyone that might help them improve, only to not influence the business-side of any discussions.

  4. pft2 1 year ago

    I expect Santana to sign with the Jays, and Drew too.

    No seriously, I have no idea what the Jays are doing. They have a couple of good bats but have some holes to fill at 2B and SP and there are 2 guys who look to be had at reasonable deals (4/50 Santana, 3/30 Drew). Do these deals and I would put them in the race if they had a decent manager.

  5. Encarnacion's Parrot 1 year ago

    With the way Anthopoulos and/or ownership seems to be handling the free agent pitchers, you’d think he wants them to pay to play for the Jays.

    • Jason J. Shaw 1 year ago

      It’s smart not to push the asking price up by being vocal about being interested.

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 1 year ago

        For sure, but they also don’t have to be completely cheap about it either. $12.5MM AAV for Ubaldo is easily beatable, if he even considered to play in Toronto.

      • George Vander Buist 1 year ago

        But there’s got to be a compromise point when you will sign. Can’t just posture and pretend you don’t want anyone all year long

  6. Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

    The Blue Jays have protected picks, and have the money to go out and make their team better. So why haven’t they done anything? It seems like everyone who would make sense for them, they haven’t been going after. All teams in the division have improved….why the Blue Jays are giving up on 2014?

    • johnsilver 1 year ago

      AA and the Jays are a “draft 1st” strategy team. I could see them looking at people via trade, but not losing a 2nd round pick over the filler type guys that are left.

      The Jays fans might be on the them over a bigger move, same as with O’s were, but I really don’t know if an upgrade is out there for them FA wise even if they did.

      Think some of the Jays fans posting here already are correct in the thoughts that Stroman may do as well in 2014 as a rookie than either Jimenez, or Santana.

      • Hank Murphy 1 year ago

        But you lose more talent by trading. It’s a boneheaded philosophy by AA. I bet Noah Snydergaard ends up being better than Storman, who will almost certain end up in the pen. There are very, very few mlb starters with such a tiny body.

  7. Victoria Roberts 1 year ago

    When your plan fails blame the fans. The blame goes squarely on Anthopoulos’ head, not on the heads of the fans. The fans scream for a winning team every year. That is our job. It is management’s job to find the best way to put a winning product on the field. AA went all in on trades and simultaneously depleted his farm. He has backed himself into a corner, and that is his fault not the fault of the fanbase.

  8. Jason J. Shaw 1 year ago

    Jays fans are just being impatient. Last year we had a whole bunch of guys come in from every direction. This year we have a bunch of guys who have a greater comfort level with each other. Same guys, but better situation.

    Let’s just hope the injury bug has moved on.

  9. Hank Murphy 1 year ago

    I think you’re letting Rogers off the hook rather easily. The fans don’t make the decisions, if they did the Blue Jays would have added 2 starting pitchers, a 1B and a 2B this offseason.

  10. Mags 1 year ago

    Why on earth would they have added a 1B? EE has been pretty decent over there, Lind is okay when he has to play 1B.

    In the off chance they traded Lind, they’ve been giving Sierra reps.

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