Hanley Ramirez Hopes To Be Dodger For Life

It's unclear if the Dodgers' extension talks with Hanley Ramirez have progressed since they were reported to be in the "early stages" three weeks ago, but Ramirez made one thing clear today. After arriving at camp a day early, Ramirez told Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times that he wants "to be a Dodger for life."

Ramirez declined any further comment on a potential extension, but he did say that he had treatment this winter on a damaged nerve in his back that is believed to have been the source of last season's hamstring woes. That balky hamstring limited Han-Ram to just 86 games, but when he was on the field, there were few better players in the game. Ramirez batted .345/.402/.638 with 20 homers in just 336 plate appearances last season and was worth more than five wins above replacement despite the missed time.

An extension for Ramirez would take perhaps the top free agent from the 2014-15 crop off the market before he's ever given the chance to test it. The Dodgers made an aggressive push to keep Clayton Kershaw from hitting free agency with last month's $215MM extension, and presumably, they're highly motivated to keep Ramirez in Dodger Blue as well.

Should Ramirez hit the open market, next offseason could be a rare free agent class where there are plentiful option at shortstop. J.J. Hardy, Jed Lowrie and Asdrubal Cabrera are all set to hit free agency following this season. (Notably, however, the market may have gained a major buyer today with the news that Derek Jeter will retire from the Yankees after the season.) Those names join Chase Headley, Pablo Sandoval, Brett Gardner and Colby Rasmus as the top (relatively) young position players in next year's free agent class.

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  1. YankeeFan™ 1 year ago

    Welcome to the Yankees Hanley :p

    • pft2 1 year ago

      Yankees have Arods 27.5 million coming back on the books, I doubt they can afford Hanley if they think Drew is too expensive at 1/2 the AAV for 1/2 the years (or 1/4 the price Hanley will be getting). Hanley will also cost a 1st round pick while Drew will cost a 2nd round pick. Only 1 yr difference between Drew and Hanley in age.

      • Wek 1 year ago

        Really? Comparing Hanley to Drew? And it is not only the Yankees who think Drew is expensive, even at 1/2 the AAV for 1/2 the years, otherwise, he would have been signed by now.

      • YankeeFan™ 1 year ago

        You cant Seriously be comparing Hanley To Drew ?

    • BruceP 1 year ago

      Sorry, you may have over paid for Tanaka, but you won’t be able to match what the Dodger can pay for Hanley if they want him. If for some reason he does sign next year with the Yankees, it only means that the Dodgers didn’t want him, and have a better plan in mind. The Dodgers are the big spenders now.

  2. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    How can Hanley be a “Dodger for life” if he already spent 6 and 1/2 years of his career as a Marlin?

    • FS54 1 year ago

      I was asking myself the same question after reading the headline.

    • Steve Adams 1 year ago

      Ha, that’s a good point. I honestly didn’t think about that, but the source for the headline was the direct quote from Hanley. Obviously he just meant the rest of his life, but that’s still amusing.

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

        Not faulting your headline, I realize that was the quote. I just thought that was pretty funny as well.

      • Ryan23 1 year ago

        I think you should change the headline to “Hanley Ramirez Hopes to be Dodger for Life; Is Sorely Disappointed.”

    • dieharddodgerfan 1 year ago

      Lol, Hanley probably meant “Dodger for the rest of my life”, but it came out wrong.

    • pft2 1 year ago

      As in the rest of his life?

    • el_gmac 1 year ago

      He also said while being a Marlins that No One else will wear his # 2 that he was going to retire with that #.

  3. Brian 1 year ago

    There’s an opening on the Yankees in 2015

    • vtadave 1 year ago

      I disagree. My boy Jeets wouldn’t go out without playing another round with me.

  4. Eslva917 1 year ago


  5. slider32 1 year ago

    The Yanks will sign either Ramirez, Lowrie, Cabrerra, or Headley. A- Rod may have played his last game. They might even sign 2 of them. I can see them adding a young pitcher like Scherzer also if he is available.

    • EVIL EMPIRE 1 year ago

      Reality is that probably 2 or more of these guys won’t even hit free agency. In today’s game players are trading more money for security.

    • Matt 1 year ago

      As long as Hanley does what he did last season, there is no way the Dodgers will let Hanley hit FA.

  6. Matt Gavin 1 year ago

    Hanley will not be SS material after 2014. A move to 3rd is inevitable.

  7. pft2 1 year ago

    Hardy and Hanley are in extension talks. Hardy is an awful OBP guy. Lowrie is an awful defensive SS and injury prone. Maybe Cabrera makes it to free agency.

    Of course, all of them would be subject to draft pick compensation except maybe Lowrie. Probably won’t hurt Hanley and Cabrera if they become FA , but Lowrie and Hardy may suffer the Drew experience

    Yankees might still sign Drew since he only costs them a 2nd round pick and Jeters retirement announcement suggests he is not 100% and they may need a SS this year for good chunks of time. In fact, the timing of Jeters announcement may mean the Yankees have already signed a deal with his replacement and he was holding off to allow the Yankees to get the best deal

    • Patrick 1 year ago

      Didn’t Lowrie have a healthy season last year?

  8. YankeeFan™ 1 year ago

    Derek Jeter is my idol, and will always be the example that I strive to
    follow. It’s been an honor to share a diamond with The Captain #2

    Words From Future Yankee Hanley Ramirez

    • rangers84 1 year ago

      Share? Do you mind telling us what position you played?

      • YankeeFan™ 1 year ago

        those are words from Hanley Ramirez check his twitter

    • Guest 1 year ago

      Share? What position did you play?

    • BruceP 1 year ago

      “Words From Future Yankee Hanley Ramirez”

      Its funny that you say that when to title of the posting is that Hanley wants to be a DODGER FOR LIFE. Putting him in a Yankee uniform is only speculation on your behalf.

      • YankeeFan™ 1 year ago

        what is he supposed to say? hes not gonna say im leaving while hes still under contract to the public.

  9. The_Unnatural 1 year ago

    He knows they’re loaded and he wants to sign a massive extension before he regresses.

  10. Tony DiQuattro 1 year ago

    ie. “I hope the Dodgers give me a Kershaw contract”

  11. dieharddodgerfan 1 year ago

    First off, IMO, Hanley won’t be able to play even passable defense at SS for more than 1 or 2 more years, at most.

    So I don’t see him as a viable option to replace Jeter with the Yankees, long-term.

    Second, my guess is the Dodgers will probably wait to sign Hanley until next offseason, just to see how he performs this year.

    If Hanley stays healthy and has a very productive year, I think the Dodgers will likely offer Hanley something like 5 yrs and $100 mill, with the understanding that he eventually will end up at 3B.

    A deal like that signs Hanley up til 35. If he wants longer than that, then he will likely end up elsewhere, IMO.

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