Mets Notes: Davis, Duda, Tejada

Mets first baseman Ike Davis is playing in a regular spring training game today, ESPN New York's Adam Rubin tweets. Davis has been out of action, at least in Grapefruit League games, since early March due to a calf injury. His return could be significant, since he has long been a trade candidate. Two days ago, the Mets were reportedly making calls to assess interest in Davis, but it seemed unlikely they would trade him until he was ready to return from injury. The Pirates, who are in need of a left-handed first base option, potentially could be a trade partner. Here are more notes on the Mets.

  • The Mets still have to decide between Davis and Lucas Duda, and now have little time to do so, given the injuries to both players, Andy Martino of New York Daily News writes. Martino reports that the Mets are more likely to trade Davis than Duda, but are open to dealing either one.
  • Martino also says scouts believe Ruben Tejada could be a good player if removed from the New York market. "The way I look at Tejada, he could be OK, but he needs to get out of New York," says a scout. "A classic change-of-scenery guy." The Mets continue to watch the markets for Nick Franklin and Didi Gregorius (who would be available via trade) and Stephen Drew (via free agency), but are unlikely to play the prices required for any of those players.

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  1. SportsLover 1 year ago

    Well, it seems to me that, a little at a time, the Mets are becoming a change- of- scenery team. First, it was Ike Davis, next Reuben Tejada, and I’m thinking that Travis d’Arnaud is next. These are talented guys who, seemingly can not perform for the New York Mets. Perhaps, a team psychiatrist would be a wise investment.

    • sickofthepolitics 1 year ago

      Wow. You gave d’Arnaud a big chance and he failed right? He is a kid. Give him time.

      • SportsLover 1 year ago

        Just my gut feeling, based on his yearly injuries, combined with his total lack of hitting thus far against major league pitching.. I hope that he proves me wrong. I like Plawecki so far, though.

        • Ron Loreski 1 year ago

          Good thing you don’t work for the Mets front office.

        • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

          I actually agree completely. I also think that him being a catcher has to do with it too. There’s a lot of wear and tear on catchers so even if he is playing everyday there is the chance of nagging injury. That’s actually why catching prospects have historically been volatile

    • Sampsonite168 1 year ago

      They tried the sports psychologist thing with Pelfrey. Looking at his numbers, I’d say it didn’t work.

      • Derpy 1 year ago

        It worked really well, then the psychologist died.

        • greggofboken 1 year ago

          I see. And how did that make you feel?

          • Derpy 1 year ago

            It isn’t a joke… Harvey Dorfman died on February 28th, 2011.

          • greggofboken 1 year ago

            I was aware of Dorfman and that he’d been a help. Pelfrey had (or has) legitimate psychological issues.

          • paqza 1 year ago

            Haha@psychological issues. The issue is that the Mets brought him up to the big leagues before letting him perfect his craft in the Minors. He was thrown into the fire before actually developing his off-speed stuff. Look at his MiLB numbers – he simply wasn’t ready.

    • ceraunograph 1 year ago

      Maybe treating their own players with respect and decorum would help. Beltran and Justin Turner are %100 right about the ‘leaks’ that seem to come out of the front office all the time with this team. They seem far more concerned with their reception in the tabloids than they do with valuing their players. That’s no way to run an organization of any kind, much less a pro sports team.

      • paqza 1 year ago

        I’m a Mets’ fan and it’s really terrible to hear what “leaks”. You don’t hear that kind of stuff from the Cards FO, for example.

      • SportsLover 1 year ago

        Okay, you responding folks…I’m not blaming any of the players. I am blaming the front office. They’re creating a baseball version of a hostile work environment. And I don’t need to watch a player for a decade to see that things are going very wrong on the Mets. BTW, I am a Mets fan.

        • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

          It’s actually kind of sad because I think Alderson is a great GM otherwise. I don’t think it will be as much of an issue when the entire organization is of his creation and development

    • rct 1 year ago

      I get what you’re trying to say, but your examples don’t really support it. Tejada is 24 with only two seasons’ worth of games under his belt. Davis is 26 and has only two seasons that could be considered to be full seasons (2010 and 2012, and in those full seasons he averaged a 2.1 rWAR).

      And d’Arnaud? The guy has 31 ML games played. Calm down.

    • paqza 1 year ago

      Yes, because Mike Trout’s first taste of the big leagues (.220/.281/.390) was sooo indicative of how terrible he would be the following year, correct? Let’s also not forget that d’Arnaud was still shaking off rust from injury…

      • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

        I actually agree purely because of his injury history. Most guys aren’t Buster Posey. Even if d’Arnaud makes a 100% recovery injuries have the ability to re-emerge, especially at a position like catcher

        • paqza 1 year ago

          Of course, the thing with d’Arnaud is that he has been injured, but they’ve been “freak” injuries and not indicative of inherent fragility. He got hit in the foot by a ball at a very odd angle and broke a metatarsal, but it’s not like he has a bad back or bad hammies. It’s concerning he’s been hurt so much but at least they aren’t chronic injuries – he hasn’t got Chase Utley’s knees, for example.

          • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

            No, I completely understand that but I would be a lot more concerned with d’Arnaud than a guy like Ellsbury. Ellsbury is the same idea with the difference being that d’Arnaud is in a position that can turn those freak injuries into chronic injuries. It’s hard to truly properly heal as a catcher. And to be honest, I was a catcher myself, but I would much rather my star players be at other positions. I honestly thought the ideal year was the year they had Barajas and Blanco because they made a total of $4M and they got the job done. I don’t want my biggest investment in both time (and eventually money) to be the riskiest position on the field.

            Am I saying that d’Arnaud is a bust or that I would trade him for the sake of trading him? No…but if there was a team that had a prospect of the same value in a different position that was willing to trade, I would

  2. Sampsonite168 1 year ago

    Coming off a bad year and an injury, great time to trade a player.

    As for SS, I don’t care for Stephen Drew, but the Mets should just sign him already. Gregorius is the least attractive of the SS linked to the Mets and is not worth any significant prospect. I’d rather get Nick Ahmed, put him in AAA, give Tejada 4-6 weeks to see if he has anything left, and then call up Ahmed.

  3. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    The Mets shouldn’t trade Tejada now. His value is at an all time low and the Mets are not a SS away from contention. They have nothing to lose by letting Tejada play SS for another year.

  4. Helloboy 1 year ago

    I disagree with the opinion. The mets are likely to pay a price for one of the players. They have no choice. Keeping Tejada will turn into a circus for them and they know it. The price for Gregorius, is reasonable from what I am seeing. Some source said talks with Mets and D’Backs “Has Legs” which refutes the statement above.

  5. Mike Adamson 1 year ago

    This Ike Davis trade needs to just get done already. This seems to be dragging on way to long for marginal players. Ike Davis to PGH Bryan Morris to NYM and let’s call it a day. Yes I would rather move Mazzaro but for some reason his value is lower even though his numbers were great.

    • paqza 1 year ago

      Bryan Morris is an out-of-options reliever. The Mets could wait 10 days and acquire him for absolutely nothing. Ike Davis has already hit 30 homers while showing promising peripherals. It’s like me proposing Starling Marté for Miguel Socolovich. It’s not exactly balanced. Kingham for Ike Davis would be more realistic from the Mets’ perspective. Remember that Ike Davis has more value than 30 games combined of Marlon Byrd and John Buck, and that netted the Mets Vic Black and Dilson Herrera. Two years of a guy who hits righty pitching hard (and therefore the perfect platoon-mate for Gaby “I crush lefties” Sánchez) and has already hit 30 homers in a season is worth significantly more than 30 games of Byrd and Buck. Be realistic.

  6. I dont know about Davis for Bryan Morris, how about Davis to the Twins for Lewis Thorpe and Zack Jones

  7. Send Davis to the Rays for Liberatore, Figeroa and Montgomery

    • paqza 1 year ago

      How about Liberatore and Hak Ju Lee for Ike Davis + Gavin Cecchini?

  8. ForTheLoveOfTheGame 1 year ago

    How about Ike Davis for Travis Snider?

    • paqza 1 year ago

      He’s not good enough, nor does he fill a need the Mets have. The Mets already have Nieuwenhuis and Den Dekker if they want lefty 4th or 5th OFs, and both of those guys play much better defense and cost less than Snider.

  9. jvent 1 year ago

    mets need offense trade d’araund,murp,dan decker,familia and parnell to dodgers for kemp,dee gordon(ss),ellis and z.lee. mets new lineup; gordon ss, e.young 2b, wright 3b,grandy rf, kemp lf, davis 1b, c.young and ellis c lot of speed at the top and power from 3 thru 7 and z.lee can be in a great rotation in 2015 of harvey,syndergaard,wheeler,lee and montero (gee)

  10. BucsRN 1 year ago

    What about Flores? I realize he may be better suited for 3B or 2B but since the Mets want to keep Murphy and Wright, where does he go? He’s a legit bat that they could use this season. I guess the alternative is trying him in LF but I think SS may be a better fit.

    • paqza 1 year ago

      He’s too slow to play in the OF and he’s not an SS. The Mets moved him off of SS when he was still a teenager. He can fake it at 2B (much as Murphy has) or could play respectable defense at 3B. Looks like a trade candidate.

      • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

        Resign Johan, and trade for Buerhle and RAD. Then get Maddux out of retirement…Gold Glove caliber pitching 1-4 to make up for Flores and Murph’s defense.

        Boom! Problem solved! Now lets make it happen

  11. nhjim1 1 year ago

    Get Drew already.

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