Mets Resume Gauging Interest In Ike Davis

While it looked as if the Mets were comfortable heading into the season with both Ike Davis and Lucas Duda in tow,'s Adam Rubin reports that GM Sandy Alderson has resumed calling clubs to gauge interest in Davis.

Davis hasn't played in a Grapefruit League game in two weeks due to a calf injury and would presumably need to prove healthy for another club to take him on. Rubin adds that Davis is scheduled to DH in a minor league game today, though he hasn't been running after contact in that setting due to the leg injury. Also of note, Rubin adds that at least one American League team is showing interest in Lucas Duda, and the Mets aren't completely adverse to dealing him should the right offer present itself. 

The Pirates have long been linked to Davis and can't be thrilled with what they've seen from Andrew Lambo (2-for-31) or Chris McGuiness (.616 OPS) thus far in Spring Training. The Brewers were seen as a potential fit at one point, but they have many options in camp now and reportedly informed Mark Reynolds that he was a near certainty to make the club when he signed a minor league deal.

Many clubs in the AL have been seeking offensive upgrades — most notably the Orioles and Mariners (the two most oft-connected clubs to Kendrys Morales in recent weeks). However, Seattle has a great deal of first base/DH types on its roster and a lineup that leans too heavily to the left side of the plate as it is. Baltimore would make a bit more sense, but acquiring Duda would likely shift Nelson Cruz into full-time outfield duties, which the club did not appear to be planning on at the time of his signing.

The Astros were linked to a number of first basemen in a report earlier today, but it's unclear at this time if they've shown an interest in either of the Mets' strikeout-prone sluggers. The Rays reportedly proposed a one-for-one swap of Davis and Matt Joyce at one point this offseason but were turned down. They may not be so keen on that concept now with Davis' leg ailing and James Loney back in the fold on a three-year, $21MM deal.

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  1. If Davis hasn’t played a Grapefruit league game in two weeks, now is not the time to trade him.

    • TL 1 year ago

      Correct. His value has never been lower between the injury and lack of competition for his services.

    • rct 1 year ago

      I think it’s best not too take Sandy’s public statements too seriously. The Beltran trade was expected, but his other signature moves like the Dickey trade and the Byrd trade were surprises. I have no idea why he would continually publicly circulate that he’s trying to trade Ike (esp. when the best time to trade him would’ve been at the end of 2012 when his value was high), but I’m sure he has some reason.

      (and I call the Byrd trade a surprise because the trade deadline had passed already and it looked like the Mets were keeping him)

      • This article and my comment don’t cite his public statements.

        • rct 1 year ago

          Um, what? It’s based on the fact that ‘Sandy has resumed calling clubs to gauge interest in Davis’. If that information is not based on Sandy’s public statements to someone (the source cited in the article), then what is it based on? Wiretaps? If you don’t think this information is coming from the Mets, you’re wrong.

          • The information could just as easily be coming from the front office’s of teams the Mets called. I’d do some basic research on how journalists get information if you really think that all offices are airtight and that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen on a daily basis.

  2. Ike Davis to the pirates for management advice on how to rebuild a team from NH

    • HarveyDaGod 1 year ago

      sandy does not need advice from anyone. The pirates are not that far ahead of the mets…

      • the pirates have steadily increase the last four years, and have a factory as strong as the Rays organization.

    • rct 1 year ago

      To echo other sentiments, Sandy Alderson is doing just fine. I get that what NH has done has been great, but Sandy’s been great, too. Keep in mind that NH has had essentially a three year head start on Sandy, NH starting as GM in 2007 and Sandy in 2010.

      Also, Sandy got two pretty good prospects from NH for 30 games of Marlon Byrd and 9 of John Buck, so I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doing.

  3. Ron Loreski 1 year ago


  4. ScottyH 1 year ago

    *averse, not adverse. The words have different meanings.
    That Guy

  5. As the question of interest in Ike Davis lingered, the sound of crickets overwhelmed all else.

  6. Pei Kang 1 year ago

    I don’t see how Ike Davis has any value right now, he hasn’t played an ounce of spring training, or proven he could return to his 30 HR days (as of yet). Trading him now would be foolish, it would be the ultimate sell-low for the Mets and Sandy.

  7. Koop87 1 year ago

    “Anyone interested? Still no? Okay, see you later!”

  8. snowbladerp14 1 year ago

    I know you guys didnt want to trade for him when he was healthy but what about now that he is hurt? No. WHAT why not come on

  9. Derpy 1 year ago

    The Mets don’t have a first basemen and even they aren’t interested in Ike Davis. That should tell you all you need to know about this guy.

  10. Eric Lord 1 year ago

    How would Ike Davis be an upgrade for the Pirates? He was horrible last season and he has been hurt this spring. That means he hasn’t had the chance to show he will turn things around. The Pirates can find a better alternative that Davis. Ike Davis is so overrated it is ridiculous.

  11. Tintin 1 year ago

    Ike’s 3.2 million dollar contract is working against the Mets right now. No one is going to pay that money plus give the Mets something.
    Ike is salary relief at this point.
    If I’m the pirates, I give up nothing more than Mazzaro and agree to take on the salary.

  12. Chally B 1 year ago

    Ike has more value than what Met fans will admit. A YOUNG, former first round draft pick who has already hit 32 HR in the majors has value. He needs out of NY. He’s not built for it. Though unless the Met’s eat almost all of the 3.5 million owed to him in a trade I don’t see him returning fair value. Have a feeling he’s gonna have Met fans saying “Why did we give up on him” real soon though.

    • Wek 1 year ago

      Because he has been awful and keeps getting awful. The only impressive thing going for him is his 32HR in 2012. The way he is going next year he will have a 30% SO rate, sub .200 BA, sub .300 OBP, sub.700 OPS, and register a negative WAR, all while earning $3.5mil. A young and worse version of Mark Reynolds.

  13. snowbladerp14 1 year ago

    at least the orioles are no longer even an option mets can keep their .200 average hitter

  14. Mountaineer10 1 year ago

    If that’s the case, they can always turn to Gaby Sanchez. The point is that Ike is better than any of the other left-handed option currently on the Pirates roster. Also, it allows Lambo to figure out first base in a less pressurized situation in triple-A.

  15. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    Put him in the lineup along with a hot Pedro and PNC will be a launching pad. It can go either way…

  16. TL 1 year ago

    Seems like a bit much for Davis.

  17. HarveyDaGod 1 year ago

    value wise this would be a win for the mets but its not practical for us. our outfield is set, mazzaro does not do much for us and a mid level prospect is what it is. rather take my chance on an ike bounce back

  18. paqza 1 year ago

    Sandy’s not looking for quantity – the Mets have plenty. He’s looking for quality. He’s probably looking at Kingham. And it’s probably a trade the Pirates should make, although Duda would probably be a better choice over Ike.

  19. TL 1 year ago

    Correct. Lambo has done nothing to secure the 1B platoon, let alone a spot on the roster. I’d trade him or send him back to AAA.

  20. Federal League 1 year ago

    Andrew Lambo has gotten 77 plate appearances with the Pirates between 2013 and spring training of this year.

    If you don’t think a guy with a 25% K rate in AAA is going to cut it, that’s a defensible position. But to act like he’s been given any kind of real opportunity here is absurd.

  21. Federal League 1 year ago

    I don’t think you have any real insight into Andrew Lambo’s maturity level apart from a handful of articles from a few years ago.

  22. paqza 1 year ago

    Pirates have been rock solid as an organization since Huntington took the reins. The Mets have improved dramatically since Alderson took the reins. Huntington’s team made the playoffs in 2013 after taking over as GM in 2007. Sandy took over in 2010, iirc. He’s got time to prove himself, but tellingly, he’s taken the farm system from 28-30 to a top-10 system very quickly.

  23. Eric Lord 1 year ago

    Ike Davis hit .205 last season & hit .227 the season before. He has had one good season in 2011. The guy can’t hit. I wouldn’t trade a bag of balls for him until he proves he can hit again & he is hurt so he hasn’t done that.

  24. paqza 1 year ago

    Clearly, batting average over the course of a season (screw slugging, OBP, lefty/righty splits, month-to-month splits, etc) is the only number that matters, amirite, Eric?

  25. paqza 1 year ago

    Gaby against lefties, Ike against righties. Problem solved. Gaby’s nearly a .300/.400/.500 hitter against lefties over the course of his career and was even better than that last year. Ike has been very good against righties over the course of his career. Solid combo.

  26. snowbladerp14 1 year ago

    it doesnt mean everything but very rarely does taking a walk get a guy home from 3rd and you can never walk and get a guy home from second. They require hits and hits mean a higher average than .205 and .227

  27. Eric Lord 1 year ago

    It matters when the Pirates are looking for production out their 1st baseman. Davis hasn’t been productive the last two seasons. He could’ve proved that he was on his way back this spring, but has been hurt. He still has a lot to prove. The Mets overvalue him. They asked Milwaukee for one of their top pitching prospects for Davis. Get realistic Mets. You don’t get top prospects for unproductive players.

  28. paqza 1 year ago

    It’s not that it seems like a bit much; rather, there’s no impact prospect there. Sandy would rather just trade for one very good prospect than a bunch of mediocre Major Leaguers (Mazzaro/Tabata). He’d probably do Ike for Kingham straight up.

  29. paqza 1 year ago

    link to

    That list is topped by just terrible players, don’t you think? Votto, Trout, and Stanton must be just awful baseball players walking so much.

  30. MB923 1 year ago

    So the Pirates should trade one of their top prospect for a very below average ball player?

    This is IKE Davis, not Chris Davis.

  31. Evan Ralston 1 year ago

    It takes 2 to make a trade and nobody would ever give up a good prospect, let alone a very good prospect, for Ike Davis.

    IMO Tabata has just as much trade value as Davis.

  32. Ruben_Tomorrow 1 year ago

    At one point Chris Davis was just as bad as Ike Davis. I do agree, that at this point his value may as well be as low as it can be. If they could get Tabata and/or Mazzro for Ike, it’s probably worth it. Of course, hanging on to him hoping he rebounds is not a terrible option because they just shouldn’t give him away. With their luck, it does seem like Ike’s value is only going to decrease as long as he is on the Mets. I do think he can turn it around, and be a boom for whichever team picks him up. He needs a change of scenery in the worst way.

  33. Federal League 1 year ago

    Of the 30 players on the first page, only 9 of them hit below .250. Of those 9 players, 5 of them failed to register even 1 WAR.

    Batting average certainly is overrated, but let’s not go entirely in the other direction with it.

  34. MB923 1 year ago

    Fair enough

  35. Collateral96 1 year ago

    He played over 100 games once with Texas he barely played on that team. He only really got a chance with the Orioles had 33 hrs with Baltimore since they actually let him play

  36. Ruben_Tomorrow 1 year ago

    They did Davis a shot, but they were quick to option him. Truthfully, it’s tough to argue because he would dominate the minors and struggle mightily in the majors. Add that to the fact that Texas was a contender, they did not have as long a leash on Davis like the non-contending Orioles. I don’t think people were surprised by the success of Davis in Baltimore, but he needed to be on a team that was more patient. I think Ike is similar, but New York seems to have grown tired of being patient with him. Like Texas, Pittsburgh may not have a long leash on him since they are contenders. He does still have options, so that may entice a trading partner.

  37. Wek 1 year ago

    Bounce back? From awful 1B to mediocre 1B?

  38. john8 1 year ago

    agreed, I don’t watch many games but Tabata’s numbers aren’t bad – especially compared to Davis. they are the same age, and Tabata seems like a quality #4 OF. If they trade Kingham for Davis I’ll be disappointed. Kingham has some nasty stuff, I think he’ll be a solid #3 if not a #2 in a couple years.

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