Injury Notes: Profar, Figueroa, Pineda, Nova

Rangers second baseman Jurickson Profar has cleared a hurdle as he attempts to return from a torn muscle in his shoulder, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports. He can now begin swinging a bat, and may be able to begin throwing within ten days. Profar is currently on the 60-day DL, and the Rangers have indicated he might return in early June. Profar’s return would provide a nice boost for the Rangers, who so far have gone with Josh Wilson and Donnie Murphy at second base — one key component of Texas’ big offseason move of trading Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder and cash was opening a starting spot for Profar in what had been a crowded infield. Here are more quick notes on injuries.

  • The list of pitchers requiring Tommy John surgery continues to grow. Next up is Pedro Figueroa of the Rangers, who will have Tommy John on Wednesday, according to Anthony Andro of FOX Sports Southwest (via Twitter). Last week, it was reported that doctors had diagnosed Figueroa with a torn ulnar collateral ligament. The Rangers claimed Figueroa from the Rays in February.
  • Speaking of injured pitchers, Yankees hurler Michael Pineda will have an MRI after leaving a simulated game with a sore lat muscle, Newsday’s David Lennon tweets. Pineda’s suspension for pine tar is due to end Monday, but the Yankees might be without him longer than that. If Pineda needs to miss additional time, David Phelps will continue to make starts in his place. (Pineda has a Grade 1 tear of his teres major,’s Bryan Hoch tweeted after this post was initially published. The teres major is a muscle in the back, near the shoulder. As Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan points out in a tweet, Pineda has had significant shoulder issues in the past. Pineda will reportedly miss three to four weeks.)
  • Meanwhile, another Yankees pitcher, Ivan Nova, had Tommy John surgery on Tuesday,’s Bryan Hoch writes. Nova’s elbow troubles will keep him out until 2015. Nova had an 8.27 ERA in 20 2/3 innings before being shut down.

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  1. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    That’s a subtle way to report Pineda will miss a month due to a torn muscle.

    • LazerTown 1 year ago

      3-4 weeks. sad, but pretty much every team dips into their depth over a season.

      • Croagnut 1 year ago

        3-4 weeks is best case scenario. With his shoulder history, could easily be a lot longer.

        • anon_coward 1 year ago

          wasn’t it the mariners who scammed the yanks with his trade?

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            They scammed each other. The trade seems to be pretty equal at this point.

        • LazerTown 1 year ago

          You can say that about any player that an injury can be a lot longer. His shoulder injury is unrelated to this.

  2. Dawson Carlson 1 year ago

    Pineda out again ! Dude just can’t stay on the field.

  3. Zach Ripple 1 year ago

    And now everyone will watch the product of years of depleting and already shallow Yankees farm system with no depth. The Yankees are probably the most ill-equipped to deal with injuries of any team in the Major Leagues. Good luck winning games with Tanaka and an aging Sabathia and Kuroda. Then you have a bunch of #6 and #7 starters to fill out the rotation for the year. They’re going nowhere.

    • jjs91 1 year ago

      Thanks for the wishes. Have fun waiting out the 5 year met rebuilding process.

      • anon_coward 1 year ago

        yeah, and we have a whole herd of pitchers down in the farm that can be called up. Wheeler came up last year and doing OK. Harvey and Hefner are coming back and a bunch of guys in Vegas now who are almost ready

        we are 15 and 11 and the worst guy on the rotation is better than CC. and the bullpen is coming together

        • jjs91 1 year ago

          Gee’s fip/xfip is 4.35 4.27.

          Colon’s fip/xfip is 4.21 3.43.

          Niese’s fip/xfip is 3.58 3.53

          CC FIP/xfip is 3.98 2.78.

          Hefner as a starter has a career 4.31 4.05 fip/xfip.

          Noah isn’t ready to be called up so that herd is montero and degrom. Degrom is a back-end starter. Phelps and nuno are back end starters. Montero is a three starter.And ya any bullpen that has dice-k and farnsworth is worth keeping an eye on.

          • anon_coward 1 year ago

            Gee makes batters hit grounders for an out
            out is still an out
            the rotation had trouble early last year and they fixed it by the end of summer. even hefner. until him and harvey went on DL for tommy john

            yanks are lucky AL East is wead this year

          • Scott Berlin 1 year ago

            Wake me up when the Met’s make the playoffs. Signing Yankee cast offs like Granderson could help but probably won’t.

          • anon_coward 1 year ago

            have the Yanks played any good teams so far? Tigers, Rangers, A’s, Cardinals? 2013 they were in 1st with a negative run diff until things started to fall apart

            Mets have played the hard teams already, the yanks mostly the scrubs. and they still have a negative run differential

          • Scott Berlin 1 year ago

            They played the Red Sox twice, the WS camps. They also played the Rays and Angels.

          • anon_coward 1 year ago

            Rays, Jays and Sox are under .500. and even the 2014 red sox have outscored the yankees $500 million roster so far

            the Mets have already played the Braves, Nats and Cards for 10 games. Cards they took 3/4 games.

          • Scott Berlin 1 year ago

            It’s April I wouldn’t put too much into stats and records yet, there are still 135 games left in the season and most of those guys on the Mets haven’t put up many consecutive seasons of 125 games or more of success except David Wright.

          • anon_coward 1 year ago

            and the yankees look like most of them will end up in the hospital by July. last year CC was amazing at the start of the season. after the break he fell apart. season is still young

          • Scott Berlin 1 year ago

            Historically he starts slow but yeah plenty more baseball left. The injuries won’t be as bad as they were last year for us. But you can get injured or have surgery at any age, look at Matt Harvey.

          • anon_coward 1 year ago

            he’s got a hard throw like almost every other Tommy John pitcher

            Dice-K is back on the Mets and doing pretty good now as a closer

  4. anon_coward 1 year ago

    the Yankees should just have Tanaka pitch every game

  5. Denny Doyle 1 year ago

    We get to find out if Yankees are “all set”. We’ve seen plenty of posts over the winter, and as recently as 3 weeks ago claiming Yankees SP is strong and in good shape, with 2-3 options in the minors/bullpen to help out if needed. Since then, Kuroda has been talking retirement, Sabathia has been terrible, Nova is out for the season and Pineda probably is too. My “Crystal Ball” is working fine, or just maybe Yankees are just hitting the bumps sooner than expected. Denial is a river that empties out into the Upper Bay.

  6. Tony Matias 1 year ago

    Boy… Pineda and Montero are still trying to jockey for the least effective piece to that trade.

    Your move Montero.

  7. Joe Orsatti 1 year ago

    I feel bad for Figueroa. He was just starting to get started

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