Red Sox Designate Ryan Roberts For Assignment

Not long after signing him, the Red Sox have designated infielder Ryan Roberts for assignment, tweets Alex Speier of Brock Holt was brought up to take the active roster spot.

Signed 11 days ago, Roberts struggled in his limited time in Boston, hitting safely only twice in 22 plate appearances and drawing three walks against seven strikeouts. Roberts' a one-year, MLB deal was not guaranteed, tweets Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal, so the club will only be on the hook for the approximately $61K he has already earned. As the 33-year-old looks for a new job, he will hang his hat on his defensive versatility and solid lifetime stats against lefties (.261/.337/.435).

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  1. mmiller54 1 year ago

    One of my favorites… not an overly good player, but fun to watch especially versus lefties.

    • aat17068 1 year ago

      Not sure why they signed him and played him right away. Didn’t he miss spring training? He was bound to fail.

      • Victoria Roberts 1 year ago

        He went to spring training with the Cubs and opted out of a minor league assignment at the end of March. Guy just didn’t hit.

        • jjs91 1 year ago

          Since it wasn’t clear.. So he’s like pedoira, in the sense that he isn’t hitting right now? Small sample sizes apply to everyone, he obviously had value when they signed him 11 gms ago. Odd move to get less depth.

          Guess you have to simplify things around here now.

          • Victoria Roberts 1 year ago

            No he is a very bad hitter and Pedroia is a very good hitter. I have to spell out everything for you Yankee fans.

          • jjs91 1 year ago

            That’s pretty funny… The point was that Roberts not hitting in a small sample wasn’t a big deal. I could see how’d you miss that. I still remember you claiming that workman was better than peavey…

          • Victoria Roberts 1 year ago

            Something I still believe by the way. World Series performance was evidence enough. As far as the future is concerned Workman can only get better and Peavey can only get worse. Workman will probably never be as good as Peavey was in his prime, but neither will Peavey be as good as he was in his prime again. The dude actually can’t see how many fingers the catcher is holding up without him wearing finger nail polish. As for right now, I would start Workman over Peavey in a heartbeat.

            As for Roberts, he wasn’t hitting, it was time to move on. AAAA players are a dime a dozen. I would very much doubt anyone at an point in their respective careers would have likened Roberts to Pedroia. Saving you Yankee fans of course.

          • jjs91 1 year ago

            Who compared pedoira to roberts? Your reading comprehension may be as bad as your player evaluation skills…

          • Victoria Roberts 1 year ago

            That other comment may or may not go through, but here’s the meat of it:

            You did twice, but since you deleted your first comment where you spelled Pedroia wrong, “So he’s like pedoira?.” And again in the comment you replaced it with, “Since it wasn’t clear. So he’s like pedoira, in the sense that he isn’t hitting right now?”

          • jjs91 1 year ago

            workman’s 3.1 innings in the WS was enough to convince you? Or is the fact that catchers need nail polish enough to kick peavey out of baseball?

          • Jesus Ortiz 1 year ago

            Majority of catchers wear nail polish.

          • slashieboy . 1 year ago

            Peavys prime was in a National League pitchers park it doesnt get easier than that. Workman might be as good as Peavy if he was traded to San Diego.

          • Jesus Ortiz 1 year ago

            Pedoria is playing with an inflamed wrist. Two different reasons my friend.

          • PWNdroia 1 year ago

            Not a fair comparison. Pedroia is a career .301 hitter, Roberts is a career .243 hitter. BIG difference there. No offense, but you took an unclear statement and made it even less clear than it was to begin with.

  2. NomarGarciaparra 1 year ago

    In 11 days, he made $61k. That’s about all I got from this article.

  3. Karkat 1 year ago

    Not sure why they wouldn’t wait to do this until Middlebrooks was ready. Seems like they’re burning an option on Holt.

    • ajmpitt99 1 year ago

      The Sox already used an option on Holt earlier this year.Options are good for the entire year so once exercised he can go up and down as many times the Sox want.

  4. Jim McGrath 1 year ago

    Roberts was asked to prove himself very quickly. If he makes it through waivers perhaps he will accept an assignment to the PawSox. He reminds me of Sean Rodriguez, currently the all purpose super-sub, with the Rays and Ruggiano currently with the Cubs—I think they were all Tampa Rays at one time. Players that are marginal have to do something to generate value.
    I noticed Mike Carp was taking grounders at 3 B last week in pre-game–being able to play all four corners gives the team a few more options and may help a player that get’s DFA. The great extra option– a little catching experience to serve as an emergency catcher–that’s a valuable skill.

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