NL East Notes: Duda, Colon, Gonzalez, Stanton, Venters

Mets first baseman Lucas Duda may or may not fully blossom into a star, but his breakout year has at least forestalled any need for the club to go out and find a new first baseman, writes Mike Petriello of Fangraphs. Here’s more from the NL East:

  • Both the Angels and Royals have considered attempting to deal for Mets righty Bartolo Colon, Andy Martino of the New York Daily News reports (Twitter links). At present, however, neither possible suitor is in strong pursuit, with dollars being a major deterrent and the sides not necessarily seeing eye to eye on a return.
  • The Phillies will likely give Miguel Gonzalez a September call-up, writes Jim Salisbury of Gonzalez has thrived recently in the upper minors in a relief role, but that transition away from the rotation means that Philadelphia will need to act quickly to reap any value from the 28-year-old’s three-year, $12MM pact.
  • Marlins star Giancarlo Stanton says that he is still not certain that he wants to commit to a long-term deal with Miami, Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports reports. While the club now features a fairly interesting, younger roster with some future promise, Stanton noted that “five months doesn’t change five years.”
  • The Braves have shut down reliever Jonny Venters after he came up with a sore elbow when he tried to increase his velocity, David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on Twitter. The southpaw, who had been attempting to return from his second Tommy John procedure, earned $1.625MM in his second year of arbitration eligibility (the same figure as his first) after missing all of 2013. A non-tender certainly appears to be a reasonably likely scenario after the year.

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  1. Chioakcisco 10 months ago

    Wow, the Braves have been snake bitten by Tommy John in recent years. Venters, Beachy twice, Medlen twice, O’Flaherty last year…it’s almost unfair.

    • Danny Colston 10 months ago

      Yeah, what’s the deal. They didn’t have pitchers going down left & right like this when Leo was the pitching coach….

      • Adam Heath 10 months ago

        I was going to say “Winter Pays for Summer” since they had a great run with their aces in the 90s-00s

  2. Dylan 10 months ago

    If MAG turns out to be a high leverage reliever, he’s worth his contract. If they can trade Papelbon, they’ll have DeFratus, Diekman, Giles, and Gonzales to fight for the late inning jobs with Giles probably taking the ninth inning.

    • Phillyfan425 10 months ago

      Exactly – everyone is making it out like MAG needs to be this 3 WAR player each year. When in reality, he needs to be a 1 WAR player, per season, over the next 2 years to “justify” his contract.

    • Klaus D. 10 months ago

      Totally agree. It wasn’t that long ago that fans were complaining about the “huge” contract they handed out to MAG and no one knew what to expect. 3 years/$12 million is hardly anything even if he were to flop. Not like they gave the guy $50 million or anything like that. It wouldn’t be any worse than Mike Adams’ contract who has basically been healthy for a total of half of a season. If he ends up being a serviceable reliever, he’ll be worth the money. Anything more than that is gravy. With the team starting to get more involved in international players, and the fact that the last 2 years drafts have been much smarter/better, I honestly say I like the direction their headed. Still a long ways away, but you have to start somewhere.

  3. Chen Liu 10 months ago

    I don’t understand why Mets and Angels can’t work out a deal. Would the Angels really let $1-2 million get in the way of a possible title?

    • Metfan9876 10 months ago

      The Angels have no prospects to deal. The Mets aren’t just going to give away Colon to them.

      • Dylan 10 months ago

        Actually I think they would…

        • LIMetfan22 10 months ago

          Despite the GM stating he wasn’t going to just give him away? are you SA?

          • Dylan 10 months ago

            I think if they could shed the 11 million next year, they would do it. Not saying they would eat money and get nothing, but with their rotation next year set, they may feel like they can better allocate that money to a SS (Hardy) or OF.

  4. calamityfrancis 10 months ago

    Bartolo Colon will not be traded. Why you ask? Because Mets fans are not allowed any excitement, ever. Seriously, being a Mets fan is the most BORING thing. No full rebuild, no high draft pick. No money, no big free agent signings. Our GM requires a complete fleecing in order to make a trade. BORING BORING BORING.


    • anon_coward 10 months ago

      out of last year’s FA class only Ellsbury and Peralta have been pretty good. no one else has been worth the price being paid.
      most of the FA’s coming to market now are due for a decline or on the decline because teams extend their best players before they hit FA

      • paqza 10 months ago

        Nelly Cruz, Kazmir, and Santana have been solid. Canó won’t be worth his contract but he’s put up 5+ WAR this year and changed the culture of the club.

    • paqza 10 months ago

      I’m a Mets fan but not a “woe-is-me” fan. Are there any others? I agree that this year’s transactions (or lack thereof) have been mediocre at best, though. That said, Duda, deGrom, d’Arnaud, Lagares, and Murphy have all been exciting. So have Mejía, Familia, and Black. And we’ve got the Minor League system doing well so there’s that.

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