Yankees & Red Sox Notes: Tanaka, Lindgren, Shields

Masahiro Tanaka threw a simulated game in Detroit earlier this week, but the Yankees have sent him back to New York with “general soreness” in his arm, Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News writes. “There’s not a specific spot; it’s just throughout the arm that’s sore,” says Tanaka. “I’m glad that it’s not the elbow itself.” Right now, Yankees manager Joe Girardi describes the situation as a “little setback.” The setback further delays Tanaka’s return, however, meaning it’s increasingly unlikely he’ll be able to make it back before the season ends. Tanaka’s elbow injury has kept him out of action since July 8. Here’s more out of New York and Boston.

  • Girardi says he’s keeping his eye on 2014 second-round pick Jacob Lindgren, Brendan Kuty of NJ.com writes. After zooming through four levels in his first pro season, Lindgren could be a potential September call-up, perhaps helping the Yankees bullpen down the stretch. So far, he’s pitched 24 2/3 innings and has struck out an amazing 17.5 batters per nine innings, or almost half the batters he’s faced. He’s currently at Double-A Trenton.
  • Missing on Jose Abreu last year helped lead the Red Sox to put in the highest bid for Rusney Castillo, owner John Henry tells WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford. “Yes, the financial aspects were impacted by coming close on Abreu. The White Sox did their homework,” says Henry. Castillo is scheduled to play his first minor league game with the Gulf Coast League Red Sox tomorrow.
  • The Red Sox could pursue Royals ace James Shields to upgrade their rotation this offseason, particularly if they’re unable to stage a reunion with Jon Lester, Bradford notes. The Red Sox spent their July acquiring hitting and are likely to address starting pitching this offseason, and ESPN’s Buster Olney had previously noted that Shields was a potential target for the Red Sox. At 32 (33 in December), Shields isn’t young, but he might be able to get a four-year deal this winter.

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  1. YanksFan4EverNamed_Nick 10 months ago

    James shields becoming a member of the Red Sox would have the Yankees hitters very happy

    • SierraM363 10 months ago

      I think being off the DL would make them more happy

    • Since_77 10 months ago

      I think a lot of AL East teams would like to see James Shields sign with the Red Sox. His career record at Fenway Park is 2 Wins, 9 Losses and a 5.42 ERA in 74 innings.

      • Karkat 10 months ago

        His career numbers are bad at Fenway because he was pitching against very potent Red Sox lineups during those starts. He wouldn’t be doing that if he were playing FOR the Red Sox…

      • LazerTown 10 months ago

        People cite career records at stadiums way too much. They are way more due to the hitters they are actually facing than the stadium dimensions.

    • Frittoman626 10 months ago

      How, Shields numbers vs the Yankees are inflated because of the earlier years of his career. Since 2010 Shields numbers against the Yankees have been good, that last game was just 1 game. And before you say I’m a Red Sox homer who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I’m actually a Yankees fan who has seen the Yankees face Shields many times over the years.

  2. Bob 10 months ago

    oh please if Cole Hamels isnt a Red Sox pitcher in 15 ill be amazed.

  3. Ivan 10 months ago

    James Shields is going to be tied to a draft pick compensation. just saying

    • Victoria Roberts 10 months ago

      Red Sox are going to have a protected first round pick.

      • godzillacub 10 months ago

        Still give up a second round one, though.

        • Victoria Roberts 10 months ago

          Not as important as a first round pick though.

          • godzillacub 10 months ago


            But he’ll still cost more than just his price tag for the Red Sox, whereas Lester will only cost his price tag.

  4. Victoria Roberts 10 months ago

    So a four year deal with Shields would cover up to his age 37 season, whereas a a 7 year deal with Lester would cover up to his age 37 season. And Shields would be a less risky signing how? Personally I wouldn’t go over three years for Shields (maybe a vesting option for a fourth) and I think you would need to sign both in order to have a solid rotation for 2015. Or at least two pitchers of similar skills.

    • Frittoman626 10 months ago

      If Shields could replicate what Kuroda has done for the Yankees and Dodgers (over 33 when he signed a multi year) then it will be worth. Shields relies on offspeed and command, and wouldn’t be surprised of his stuff ages well, plus he will prob could be had cheaper than Lester.

      • Victoria Roberts 10 months ago

        And Lester is a better pitcher. Money isn’t an object with the Red Sox. They have given several larger than necessary AAV contracts to players just so they wouldn’t have to go long on years (Napoli twice, and Victorino). They don’t care if Shields is cheaper. Their point is they don’t want to give a long term deal to a player over 30. As it would cover the same years they don’t want to guarantee with Lester, it makes no more sense than signing Lester.

    • Bob Bunker 10 months ago

      Also, Lester doesn’t require a draft pick. I think they should resign Lester 6 years 144 and then see what it would take to trade for a SP with one year left on the deal under 15 million like Cueto, Shark, Iwakuma, Latos, Leake, Kazmir, Jordan Zimmerman, or even Lohshe.

      All those guys are on contending teams with potential budget concerns and I think the Sox have prospects that would interest them all.

  5. NRD1138 10 months ago

    So if the White Sox did their home work and outbid everyone on Abreu, then doesn’t it make you wonder why the White Sox were not ‘in’ on Castillo (at least from everything I have seen the White Sox were not interested other than the first meeting.) So the Red Sox did not offer enough for Abreu, and now they over reacted by signing Castillo?

    • MAC 10 months ago

      You have to think that if the White Sox wanted him, they would have gotten him. No better place for Cubans to go right now. That’s why I’m a little iffy on Castillo

      • LazerTown 10 months ago

        Because of a good season by one player. I don’t see any reason they should be best place to go. If we go by that logic then shouldn’t LA be the place, since Puig is the best?

        Money is an object, and every team values players differently.

        • lefty177 10 months ago

          I think he’s saying because the White Sox have Abreu, Ramirez, Viciedo, & Nieto, all Cuban players

          • LazerTown 10 months ago

            That doesn’t make it the only destination though. Alexei’s bat is pretty mediocre as it is, and Viciedo/Nieto are nothing. Let’s not get carried away, and say that it is worrisome because the sox weren’t the highest bidder. Maybe they decided they didn’t need to bid so much to get a centerfielder when they already have one.

  6. Tko11 10 months ago

    How is signing Castillo justification for missing out on Abreu? Nowhere near the same player and I doubt anyone expects Castillo to have such an impact next season as Abreu did this season. I still like the move but lets keep the expectations reasonable.

    • Bob Bunker 10 months ago

      Also saying last year we were outbid on a stud player, we couldn’t let it happen again is not good justification to give a guy 72 million.

  7. Since_77 10 months ago

    Yankees aren’t doing much in 2014 but seeing the young pitching coming from Pineda, Tanaka, Kelley, Betances and possibly Lindgren is something to look forward to in 2015.

    • JacobyWanKenobi 10 months ago

      Don’t forget Shane Greene who’s made a very solid case for a rotation spot next season.

  8. mickthequick 10 months ago

    Shields will get 4 years and Boston won’t go there ’cause they’re so smaaahht!!

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