Andy Sonnanstine Rumors

Mets Rumors: K-Rod, Dye, Vazquez

6:22pm: According to’s Jon Heyman, Minaya has reached out to K-Rod and Fuentes.  He says the Mets prefer free agency to trading. 

We also have a rumor from Joel Sherman of the New York Post.  He says the Mets offered Aaron Heilman to the Rockies for Street shortly after Colorado acquired him.  The Rox wanted the Mets to add Pedro Feliciano, and the Mets refused.  MetsBlog has more insight into the team’s plans.

1:33pm: Rounding up today’s Mets rumors…

  • On Friday, David Lennon of Newsday said the Mets had received Francisco Rodriguez‘s medical records.  He also had Omar Minaya saying the club’s doctors were looking it over.  However, Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post writes today that the Mets did not receive the records until yesterday afternoon.  According to Hubbuch, the Mets told Paul Kinzer they’ll get back to him after Thanksgiving regarding K-Rod.
  • Hubbuch names five other Mets targets: Brian Fuentes, Kerry Wood, Trevor Hoffman, J.J. Putz, and Huston Street.
  • Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News talked to Minaya, who said the Mets have not made offers to any free agents yet.
  • In case you missed it, Ken Rosenthal had several Mets nuggets in today’s column.  He said the Mets balked at Chicago’s asking price for Jermaine Dye, and aren’t enamored with Javier Vazquez.  Rosenthal believes the Rays’ Andy Sonnanstine "represents a more desirable target" for the Mets.
  •’s Jon Heyman rattles off a list of the Mets’ free agent targets, which does not include Manny Ramirez.

Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Sabathia, Yankees, Pirates, Rays

Let’s take a look at what is being written in the Blogosphere…

  • MetsBlog feels the reported interest in C.C. Sabathia is overblown. Rather, they see the Mets waiting for Sabathia to sign before making a move of their own for starting pitching.
  • River Ave. Blues still sees the Yankees pursuing Mark Teixeira or Adam Dunn, even with the acquisition of Nick Swisher.
  • Where have you gone, Andy Van Slyke speculates on what the Pirates will do this winter while finding humor in this recent quote from the Buccos’ GM: "we’d love to upgrade the offense, upgrade our pitching, and rebuild the bench."
  • MVN Outsider takes the role of Andrew Friedman in their "Being the GM" series and proposes three moves for the Rays including trading Andy Sonnanstine and Chad Bradford for Andre Ethier.
  • With the Rays likely to trade pitching this winter, Rays Prospects takes a closer look at how the starting pitchers throughout the organization performed in 2008. Sonnanstine was clearly a better pitcher than Edwin Jackson.
  • Pinstripes Published has started a series looking at some of the cheaper alternatives that can be found in the free agent market. First up, starting pitchers.
  • Ump Bump is taking a look at what each team needs this offseason. They have already gone through eight teams including the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs and Phillies.

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Rosenthal’s Latest: Nationals, Manny, Peavy, Vazquez

We’ve already touched on Ken Rosenthal’s Matt Holliday update, but there are other good tidbits in the article as well:

  • "Club officials believe" that the Nationals are "reasonably close to a breakthrough." They blame 2008’s sorry performance on the raft of injuries Washington suffered, which is why they’re willing to spend now for a big bat — the key names floating around have been the aforementioned Holliday, Adam Dunn, and Mark Teixeira, though Rosenthal seems skeptical they could snag any of them. But what about Manny Ramirez? "Jim Bowden, the Nats’ unconventional GM, probably would love the idea, but D.C. might not be big enough for Manny and Barack Obama." Looking at the impact that Manny has had on the LA’s attendance, and looking at the empty seats at Nationals Park, it could make sense.
  • Obligatory Jake Peavy update: Padres discuss keeping the ace, Braves grow impatient. Cubs are still in the mix, while the Dodgers and Yankees are "on the backburner." (Buster Olney had a subtly different take posted a few hours later — that Peavy would be dealt before the turkey hits the sideboard.) Rosenthal also quotes Pads GM Kevin Towers as wanting to move the fences in at Petco (which is hard enough just to write without typing in "cavernous" as an automatic prefix).
  • The Mets, among other ballclubs, are interested in Rays’ righties Andy Sonnanstine and Edwin Jackson, but the Rays are in no hurry to make a deal.
  • "The White Sox are in an ideal position with" Javier Vazquez if they wait until Peavy, CC Sabathia, et al are placed and then shop him, Rosenthal argues. The 32-year old righty will make $23 MM through 2010, which he calls "a bargain for a pitcher who has produced four straight 200-inning seasons, albeit with a 49-51 record and 4.41 ERA." On the other hand, Vazquez has also hit the 200-strikeout mark in each of the last two seasons.

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Mets Prioritize Pitching

9:15pm: Michael Schmidt has a look at the amusing binder the Boras Corporation compiled to sell Oliver Perez.

6:31pm: Mets GM Omar Minaya commented on Manny Ramirez, indicating that he plans to invest in pitching instead.

2:34pm: The Mets expressed preliminary interest in Jon Garland and Ryan Dempster, according to Ken Davidoff.  Dempster’s agent made it clear that he won’t be re-signing with the Cubs soon.

1:23pm: ESPN’s Buster Olney wrote in his blog this morning that the Mets are probably not willing to go past three years for Francisco Rodriguez or any reliever.

10:03am: More Mets chatter from Joel Sherman of the New York Post. He says the Mets and Rays have had preliminary discussions about Edwin Jackson and Andy Sonnanstine.  The Rays have some interest in Aaron Heilman, though the Mets would need to give more.

Sherman believes the Mets’ interest in Ibanez is minor, and Carlos Delgado or Ryan Church would have to be dealt first.

9:45am: The Mets are prioritizing pitching this winter, based on articles by Mike Puma of the New York Post, Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News, and Ken Davidoff of Newsday.  Let’s dig in!

  • Puma says the Mets have Scott Boras clients Oliver Perez and Derek Lowe on the radar.  Perez offers the benefit of familiarity, though he’s not likely to sign quickly.  Ken Rosenthal says the Mets would probably do $12MM a year for Perez, but Boras will want more.  Rubin notes that Lowe is doubly attractive to the Mets for his closing experience.
  • Rubin lists the Rockies, Cardinals, Cubs, and D’Backs as potential trade destinations for Aaron Heilman.  The Rays have also been connected to Heilman.
  • Davidoff mentions Omar Minaya’s Javier Vazquez connection.  ESPN’s Keith Law says the Vazquez to the Mets rumor "appears to have originated in the Chicago camp, and the White Sox are keen to move him." 
  • ESPN’s Buster Olney says the Mets inquired on Rays pitcher Edwin Jackson.
  • Davidoff also points out the Mets’ interest in Raul Ibanez despite their emphasis on pitching.  The Royals and Cubs are also in on Ibanez so far.

Molony’s Latest: Sabathia, Teixeira, Lewis’s Jim Molony has a slew of hot stove info today.

  • Molony talked to some "industry types" about C.C. Sabathia, and those guys suggested the Cubs and Angels could be the frontrunners.
  • The Braves could opt for draft picks rather than a Mark Teixeira trade, even if they fall out of the race.  They’re only 4.5 games out though.
  • A David Price promotion could lead the Rays to trade Jason Hammel, Edwin Jackson, or Andy Sonnanstine.  It’ll only work if Price is promoted before the trade deadline.
  • The Cubs have scouted Giants outfielder Fred Lewis but aren’t too serious about it.
  • The Marlins are still looking for a veteran catcher.  Here’s my take on the trade market at the position.