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Roberts, Orioles Narrowing Gap On Extension?

WEDNESDAY, 7:59am: Schmuck takes a stab at the numbers on a possible Roberts extension:

The Orioles – according to Baltimore Sun reporting – were holding close to a three-year offer worth $30MM until the past few weeks. Though no definite number came out of the Roberts camp, the word on the street was he was looking for closer to $40MM over that term and would look more kindly on a four-year offer. No one would be surprised if the final deal ends up being four years for about $44MM, which would be about the same average annual salary the Orioles gave Nick Markakis.

Markakis, however, is guaranteed almost $15MM per year for his first three free agent seasons.

WEDNESDAY, 10:51am: Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun talked to Orioles president Andy MacPhail, who said he’s "narrowing the gap" with Brian Roberts‘ agent on a possible extension.  Spencer Fordin’s source doesn’t believe Roberts’ extension has been held up because of Orlando Hudson‘s free agency.  MacPhail said similar things to Roch Kubatko of MASN.  Roberts does not want to talk about the topic until Thursday.  Perhaps this spring, we’ll be spared the constant Roberts trade rumors.

Jeff Zrebiec Talks To Andy MacPhail

Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun talked to Orioles president Andy MacPhail recently.  A few hot stove highlights:

  • MacPhail doesn’t feel misled by Mark Teixeira and Scott Boras, but notes that there was never any engagement from them after the Orioles made their offer.
  • The Orioles’ philosophy is to "grow the arms and buy the bats."  With Chris Tillman, Brian Matusz, and Jake Arrieta in the system, it seems to be going according to plan.
  • MacPhail says owner Peter Angelos is not meddling, in fact "there is nothing further from the truth."
  • Of course, MacPhail would like to sign Brian Roberts to an extension while maintaining financial flexibility.

Odds And Ends: Brewers, Roberts, Tejada

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Perrotto’s Latest: Position Battles, Roberts, Pudge

John Perrotto’s Every Given Sunday column is up over at Baseball Prospectus. This week, he takes a look at some of the position battles teams will face entering Spring Training. And, as always, there’s some interesting items in his Rumors & Rumblings section. Let’s take a look:

  • Some of the more interesting position battles mentioned: 1B/DH/RF in Oakland (Daric Barton, Jack Cust, Jason Giambi, Aaron Cunningham, and Travis Buck all in the mix), Tampa’s closer if Troy Percival gets hurt or falters (Dan Wheeler, J.P. Howell, Grant Balfour), and the White Sox rotation behind John Danks, Mark Buerhle, and Gavin Floyd (Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda, Bartolo Colon, Jeff Marquez).
  • Brian Roberts still wants a four-year deal before Spring Training starts up, or he’ll cut off negotiations. Does Roberts make more sense as a cornerstone in Baltimore or as a trade chip?
  • Perrotto feels Tom Glavine will inevitably re-sign with the Braves.
  • The White Sox have minor interest in signing Ivan Rodriguez as a backup for A.J. Pierzynski. I’m sure Pudge would prefer a starting gig, but at this point, it’s tough to be picky.
  • We’ve heard a lot about the Orioles having interest in Rich Hill lately, but Perrotto reminds us that the Mariners are interested in the 28-year-old lefty as well.

Brian Roberts Addresses Contract Situation

On MASN’s weekly Brian Roberts segment, the Orioles’ second baseman touched on his contract situation, as well as teammate Nick Markakis‘ new deal. In regard to his own contract, Roberts made it clear that though he’s focused on Opening Day, he believes that there’s time to make a deal before spring training:

"It is going to come to a point where we have to make a decision one way or the other," he said. "I don’t want this to drag out once we get into kind of midway through spring training as I start getting ready to play for the season. I think there will be sufficient time up until then to get this worked out if we can. And if not, then we’ll see what happens at the end of the year. We’re not at that point yet."

Ken Rosenthal reported previously that Roberts wants a four-year extension to stay in Baltimore. The Orioles made Roberts an offer earlier this month, which was believed to be for $10MM per season, but only for three years.

Odds And Ends: Varitek, Pedro, Sheets

Links for Saturday morning…

  • Pedro Martinez isn’t worried that he hasn’t signed yet.
  • Jason Varitek says he’s still "exchanging offers" with the Red Sox. Scott Boras and Theo Epstein didn’t comment on the talks, which continue slowly.
  • Buster Olney takes a look at the market for Ben Sheets. He says whoever signs Sheets will get a bargain. Some GMs would be impressed if he gets $20MM over two years.
  • Nate McLouth isn’t optimistic about his chances of signing a multi-year deal with the Pirates.
  • Peter Schmuck thinks the O’s should find a way to sign Brian Roberts to a long term contract.
  • The Blue Jays fired assistant GM Bart Given.
  • Gordon Wittenmyer breaks down the Cubs’ chances of acquiring Jake Peavy now that the team’s about to change hands.
  • Richard Justice writes Randy Wolf should have accepted the Astros’ offer.

Roberts Wants Four Year Extension

According to Ken Rosenthal, major leagues sources say Brian Roberts wants a four year extension if he’s going to stay in Baltimore.

Roberts has had ongoing talks with the Orioles about an extension and they made him an offer earlier in the month. The offer was believed to be for $10MM per season, but only for three years.

A major league source confirmed to Rosenthal that the Orioles have their "ears open" to trade offers including Roberts.

MacPhail On Roberts, Bargains

A few notes from Andy MacPhail from the Nick Markakis press conference today, by way of MASN’s Roch Kubatko.

  • MacPhail indicates a willingness to "swoop in" and acquire a free agent at a bargain price if the right opportunity presents itself.
  • Talks on a Brian Roberts extension continue.  MacPhail said, "The market really hasn’t played itself out," which could be a reference to Orlando Hudson.

Rosenthal On Roberts, Hudson, Counsell

Let’s take a look at the latest from Ken Rosenthal.

  • The Orioles have their ears open Brian Roberts, whose trade value has diminished as he nears free agency.  The White Sox can’t afford him, the Braves are reluctant to give up talent, and the Cubs didn’t discuss him in the Felix Pie talks.  The Roberts market may improve once Orlando Hudson signs.
  • Rosenthal’s source says the Michael Young-Jermaine Dye discussions did take place.  If you read Dave van Dyck’s article, Ken Williams never specifically denied talks with the Rangers.
  • Rosenthal believes that if the Cubs make another big move, it’ll be a Jake Peavy trade.  They’re not in on Hudson.
  • The Dodgers have roughly $50MM in payroll flexibility right now.
  • The Giants may be looking at Manny Ramirez, but they’ve also looked in trades for hitters – "presumably" Prince Fielder or Corey Hart included.  Those talks with the Brewers didn’t go far.  The Giants may be willing to move Jonathan Sanchez, but the Jorge Cantu talks have stalled.
  • So far the Dodgers and Russell Martin have only talked about a one-year deal.
  • The Mariners are Brewers are eyeing Craig Counsell.
  • The Ms "likely are willing" to trade Aaron Heilman.