Michael Barrett Rumors

ESPN’s Latest: Barrett, Ensberg, Mahay

Who said the Meetings are over?  ESPN’s Peter Gammons, Buster Olney, and Jerry Crasnick are still running down rumors.

  • The Rays want Michael Barrett, according to Gammons.
  • Looks like Kevin Mench will be non-tendered.
  • Crasnick says the Marlins may go after Morgan Ensberg, who is also likely to be non-tendered.  The Phillies aren’t much interested in him.
  • Gammons says Ron Mahay is down to the Yanks or Royals.
  • He also says the Padres’ Milton Bradley signing won’t get in the way of their Kosuke Fukudome pursuit.
  • Olney backs up the rumor about the Giants’ interest in Hideki Matsui.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Bradley, Haren

Ken Rosenthal checks in with the latest buzz.

  • The Astros might be "on the verge of a major deal."  Rosenthal notes the availability of Chris Burke and Luke Scott plus the team’s interest in Damaso Marte.  He also says some clubs are after Houston’s young pitching.  Ed Wade spoke of two-way, three-way, and even four-way discussions before he hit the hay last night, but nothing seemed imminent.
  • Rosenthal says the Padres might have a better chance of re-signing Milton Bradley than Mike Cameron.  He also implies that the Friars could reach a one-year agreement with Michael Barrett and then shop him.
  • Despite Hank’s proclamations, Rosenthal says the Yanks are "lurking" on Dan Haren. Sounds creepy.

Padres Rumors: Bay, Scott, Barrett

Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune has a late-night update for us.

  • Several outfielders are on the radar that we haven’t previously linked to San Diego: Milton Bradley, Xavier Nady, and Jason Bay.  Of course all three have played for the Padres in the past.  It would certainly be an interesting storyline if they reacquired Bay.
  • Ken Rosenthal told us earlier that the Padres talks for Luke Scott broke off.  Krasovic doesn’t say that, but notes that the Astros want catcher Nick Hundley for him.  The 24 year-old backstop hit .247/.324/.475 in Double A last year.  According to Baseball America, Hundley profiles as a big league regular and could be respectable botg offensively and defensively.
  • Michael Barrett still hasn’t decided whether to accept arby.

Marlins/Tigers Cabrera/Willis Blockbuster

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 2:41pm: Joe Capozzi agrees – separate deals if anything.

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 1:29pm: MLB.com’s Joe Frisaro has a source indicating that the Tigers are interested in Willis or Cabrera and not necessarily both.

UPDATE, 12-4-07 at 12:23pm: According to Danny Knobler, the Tigers feel they’re being used by the Marlins to jack up the price for other teams like the Angels.  The trade talks between Detroit and Florida are characterized as discussions rather than trade negotiations.  Knobler says Dombrowski doesn’t want to trade Maybin, but I can’t see this happening otherwise.

FROM 12-4-07 at 11:02am:

Ken Rosenthal has an update with a whopper of a trade rumor.

  • The Marlins and Tigers are talking about a monster deal that would send Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis over to the Tigers for Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin, and others.  Dave Dombrowski has always worked well with the Marlins, his former team.
  • Rosenthal confirms Bob Dutton’s assertion – the Royals signing Jose Guillen may not stop them from getting Andruw Jones too.
  • The O’s are trying to move Ramon Hernandez. They could sign Michael Barrett if they move him, or else get Jeff Mathis or Mike Napoli from L.A. in a Tejada deal.
  • The Tribe hasn’t decided whether to trade Cliff Lee, though there’s been plenty of buzz so far.

Padres Rumors: Loretta, Iguchi, Peavy, Barrett

Tom Krasovic fills us in on the latest with the Padres.

  • Kevin Towers is considering Mark Loretta and Tadahito Iguchi as second base options.  Loretta has expressed interest.  I wonder how this will make the Padres feel; his strong flirtations may turn them off.
  • Jake Peavy will get full no-trade protection for 2008-10, limited for 2011-12.
  • As reported yesterday Towers is in talks for Mark Prior and Josh Towers.  Towers said that himself?  Tampering!
  • The Padres still expect Michael Barrett to accept arby.  Krasovic mentions the Cubs actually considered having Barrett switch positions last year.  Yes!  Barrett should market himself as a third baseman and play the field.
  • The Padres recently talked about a multiyear (probably two year) deal with Mike Cameron.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Roberts, Barrett, Piazza

Ken Rosenthal is presumably in Nashville doing what he does best – collect trade rumors by the dozen.  His latest column is an excellent example.  What’s the over/under on Rosenthal scoops over the next four days?  I’ll set it at 10.

  • Rosenthal says the Mets are unwilling to extend the contract of GM Omar Minaya, who is signed through 2009.  The lack of job security could compel Minaya to mortgage the future, and the Lastings Milledge trade was a good example.  Carlos Gomez, watch out.  Here’s MLBTR’s look at Omar Minaya’s Mets trade profile.
  • The Astros, Giants, and Cardinals aren’t really in the running for Miguel Cabrera, so they don’t need to wait for that shoe to drop to go after Miguel Tejada.  However it sounds like all three clubs don’t have the talent even for a Tejada trade.  Jon Heyman mentioned today that the Orioles do have interest in Adam Everett and Michael Bourn of the Astros.
  • Here’s a good one: Peter Angelos favorite Brian Roberts might be available.  The Mets and Astros inquired but moved on, but Roberts might be just what the Cubs are looking for.  The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec recently told us that he doesn’t expect Andy MacPhail to move Roberts unless he’s "totally overwhelmed."
  • The Marlins, Rays, and Orioles have interest in Michael Barrett.  In the case of Baltimore, the interest indicates the availability of Ramon Hernandez.  If Barrett can find a multiyear deal from one of those teams, he may decline the Padres’ offer of arbitration.  It’s a catch-22, though, because that would make Barrett much less signable in terms of draft pick compensation. 
  • If Barrett does decline, the Padres might bring Mike Piazza back.
  • The Nationals keep asking for Rickie Weeks for Chad Cordero, and the Brewers keep saying no.
  • The Braves are big fans of Coco Crisp, and could have a passing interest in Corey Patterson.  But they certainly wouldn’t mind going with internal options in center next year.
  • Aaron Rowand is definitely getting that five-year deal – a Mystery Team has already offered one.  The Yanks could pursue him if they trade the Melk Man. 
  • Deja vu – the Yanks and Mets both like Octavio Dotel, again.  It’s known that Octavio loves New York.

Today’s Arbitration Decisions

The decision whether to offer your own free agent arbitration can affect your team in two ways: you may end up retaining a player you didn’t want, or you may score a draft pick or two as compensation.  With that in mind let’s run down the rumors regarding some Type A and B free agents.

  • The Red Sox plan on offering arbitration to Type B Eric Gagne.  Worst case scenario, they hang onto him for one more year.  Best case, they get a sandwich pick.
  • The Astros have to decide on Trever Miller and Mark Loretta.  Both are Type Bs, but the Astros might not want them back.  Richard Justice notes that the old Astro regime made a mistake not offering arbitration to Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte.
  • The Angels decided not to offer arby to Bartolo Colon, because the most they could give him would be a 20% pay cut.  So best case scenario they could get him for one year, $11.2MM.  Colon is not a Type A or B, so there’s no compensation regardless.
  • The Phils will offer arb to Aaron Rowand but not Freddy Garcia.  Rowand is a Type A, Garcia a Type B.  It’s a no-brainer with Rowand, who will hopefully net them a first-round pick plus a supplemental depending on who he signs with.  With Garcia they risked getting burned as he might’ve accepted.   
  • The D’Backs will offer arbitration to Livan Hernandez, who will likely decline it to pursue a three-year deal.  He’s a Type B so they’ll snag a sandwich pick.
  • The Padres will offer arbitration to Michael Barrett, and Kevin Towers actually hopes he accepts.  No worries if he doesn’t – Barrett is a Type A.  The Friars will also offer arby to Mike Cameron and Doug Brocail.  Brocail nets them a sandwich pick for sure; Cameron still has a slight chance of accepting.
  • The Braves did not offer arb to Andruw Jones but did for Ron Mahay.  Both are Type Bs; I’m surprised they didn’t want to risk Andruw returning on a one-year deal.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Peavy, Guillen, Barrett

Ken Rosenthal checks in with another fine rumor-filled column.

  • Johan Santana doesn’t seem a great fit for the Angels, partly because he’ll be very expensive and the Halos actually do have a payroll limit.
  • Jake Peavy knows he’d have to take a discount to stay in San Diego…but even a $15MM per year type deal would be unprecedented for them.  He’s under the Padres’ control through ’09.
  • Rosenthal’s sources are divided on whether the Mets will go after Jose Guillen.  Such a scenario is possible if Lastings Milledge and/or Carlos Gomez are dealt.  It’s said that the Mets are still very interested in Livan Hernandez.
  • Chase Headley is very popular.  Rosenthal confirms Scott Miller’s rumored offer of Xavier Nady and Nate McLouth for him, not that the Padres would consider it.  Otherwise the Red Sox are asking for him for Coco Crisp.
  • The Padres will probably offer arbitration to both Mike Cameron and Michael Barrett.  That brings the risk that Barrett accepts, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.
  • We already knew the Padres and Rays were in on Geoff Jenkins; add the Phils to the mix.  The Cubs, Giants, Rangers, and Royals have also been linked to him.

Rockies Rumors: Torrealba, Herges, Chacon

Time for a Rockies update, courtesy of the Denver Post’s Patrick Saunders.

  • The Rox appear to be making progress with Yorvit Torrealba, though they’re leaving the door open for Michael Barrett or Paul Lo Duca.  So things are creeping along there.
  • Matt Herges will decide where to pitch within a day or two.  It’s down to two teams – the Rockies and perhaps the Brewers.  He’d like to stay with Colorado but would prefer a two-year deal.
  • Shawn Chacon continues to surface on GM Dan O’Dowd’s radar.  O’Dowd will only consider Chacon in a relief role, though Chacon’s agent seems to indicate other teams may toss some starts his way.

Odds and Ends: Kendall, Crisp, Gagne

I’m back in the swing of things, kind of.  We’re still living out of boxes, but I’ve got a laptop and I’m digging into all the rumors I missed.  Joe did a great job the last couple of days.  Be sure to visit his Yankees blog, River Ave. Blues.  On to today’s random rumors…

  • I’m hearing that Jason Kendall could be a fallback for the Mets if they can’t pry Ramon Hernandez loose from the Orioles.
  • The Blue Jays have about $4MM to spend, and J.P. Ricciardi likes the idea of Michael Barrett splitting time behind the plate with Gregg Zaun.  It seems unlikely, though, because the Padres would have to not offer arbitration to Barrett.  And Barrett would have to take a one-year, $4MM deal.
  • Jamey Newberg discusses the idea of a Coco Crisp for Gerald Laird swap.  He notes that the market for Laird should be picking up, but the Red Sox might prefer to wait to trade Crisp.
  • Haven’t heard this one much yet…how about Eric Gagne for the Houston closer vacancy?  Would Scott Boras present a problem?
  • David Wells could be an option for the Mets, if he doesn’t retire or end up on the West Coast.
  • One free agent from Japan who hasn’t gotten much press is Marc Kroon.  He didn’t catch on in MLB but has been doing well for Yokohama the past few years.  Kroon holds the record for the fastest pitch ever thrown in a Japanese game (161 km/h, which is about 100 mph).  You can see that in this video (the second pitch he throws, the crowd loves it).  Kroon is considering trying the Majors again; he says so on his website (note that his site plays music when you visit).