Micker Zapata Rumors

White Sox Sign Micker Adolfo Zapata

The White Sox signed outfielder Micker Adolfo Zapata for $1.6MM, according to Ben Badler of Baseball America.  Zapata is a 16-year-old right-handed hitter who was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands and trained in the Dominican Republic for the last few years.  BA ranked him ninth, while MLB.com had him second.  The White Sox confirmed the deal, a franchise record for an international signing.

Zapata "has the best raw power in Latin America," wrote Badler, as well as an above-average arm and bat speed.  Badler noted that the White Sox were pushing hard to sign him.  The Sox have a bonus pool of $2,168,300.

Latest On July 2 Players

The July 2nd international signing period is less than two months away.  Every team had a $2.9MM bonus pool for 2012-13, but as Baseball America's Ben Badler outlined here, the 2013-14 pools "will be tiered based on reverse order of 2012 major league winning percentage."  The Astros, Cubs, and Rockies each have at least $4.2MM to spend, plus teams can trade for additional money.  The Twins, Indians, Marlins, and Red Sox each have more than $3MM to spend, while the Royals and Blue Jays are close to that figure. Badler has the latest on ten prospects who are expected to sign for at least $1MM apiece.

  • The highest bonus is likely to go to Dominican outfielder Eloy Jimenez, potentially $2.6-2.8MM with the Cubs as the "heavy favorite."  The Cubs are also the frontrunners to sign one of the top Venezuelan players, shortstop Gleyber Torres.
  • Dominican third baseman Rafael Devers "might be the best hitter on the international market," writes Badler.  He's the primary target of the Red Sox.  Another contender for the best bat is third baseman Luis Encarnacion, who is most likely to sign with the Phillies.
  • The Yankees are the most likely suitor for Leonardo Molina, perhaps the best athlete in the class.  He can sign when he turns 16 on August 1st.  The Yankees' preliminary bonus pool is reportedly $1,877,900.
  • The biggest raw power belongs to Dominican outfielder Micker Zapata, who has been connected to the White Sox and Padres.
  • Badler's article has much more information, so be sure to give it a click and a read.