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Got a Facebook account?  If so, consider signing up as an fan of MLBTR.  We’re at 4,594 and counting.

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Hey folks.  I accidentally unfriended most of my Facebook friend list.  What can I say, the Facebook generation came after me.

Anyway, feel free to friend me if you have a Facebook account.  There may be multiple Tim Dierkeses…this is me.  While you’re at it, join up as a Fan on the page.  We’re almost at 3,000!

Become An MLBTR Fan On Facebook

Have a Facebook account?  Considering getting one?  Check out the Facebook page.  Right now we have 2,231 fans and counting.  One nice benefit of being a Facebook MLBTR fan is that you’re the first to know when I book radio appearances.  Also, if you’d like to help spread the word, you can join the Facebook group, which has 1,100 members.

Upcoming: Marquette Radio at 4pm CST on February 10th, and University of Dayton Radio on February 13th at 11am CST.  You can listen to both online – check the Facebook page for details.

MLBTR On Facebook

MLB Trade Rumors has joined the 21st century!  I’ve created the official MLBTR Facebook page.

But…um…what now?  I admit, I am new to Facebook.  Do all of you now friend me or something?  If you have a Facebook account and are my friend, are you alerted every time I make a change on mine?  What’s the difference between the wall and the discussion board?  At any rate, this may be a decent way to get an MLBTR forum going without much work.  I know a lot of you have been clamoring for that. 

Anyone have any other ideas how I can use Facebook to add value for current readers, or promote MLBTR and find new readers?