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Reading Material

A couple of good trade/signing related blog posts to check out tonight:

Aaron Gleeman discusses why Jon Heyman’s recent article about Johan Santana didn’t make sense to him from the start.

Dave Cameron of U.S.S. Mariner ranks his top 40 MLB players by pure trade value.

Ken Rosenthal discusses the idea of Mark Cuban buying the Cubs.  As a Cubs fan, I’d love to see it, but it doesn’t sound likely.

Banks of the Anacostia makes some predictions for those lovable Nationals.

For those of you into fantasy baseball, my latest column at RotoWorld is up.  I write the Waiver Wired series, discussing each week’s possible pickups for both mixed and AL/NL-only leagues.

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Friday Reading Material

Haven’t done one of these in a while.  It’s time for some Friday Reading Material.

David Pinto tries to determine whether David Ortiz has a shot at Roger Maris‘s single season home run mark.  Why is this relevant?  Maris’s 61 home runs have been topped six times by the likes of Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa.  It’s just that Ortiz has managed to stay above any steroid controversy and the other three haven’t.

Speaking of which, check out  I discovered this last week and it’s well done.

Walt Jocketty has blamed everyone but himself for the current group of Cardinals.

Fire Joe Morgan skewers a particularly idiotic column.  Good times.

Why didn’t I think of this?

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Thursday Morning Reading

So what do you think of the new banner thing?  MLBTradeRumors is really going places now.

Entertaining story over at Sportsblah.

Tom Gordon has a few things to say about Cory Lidle.

I like the new Boston Globe blog.  Red Sox fans – bookmark it.  And also Seth Mnookin’s blog is a good read.  I’m going to read his new book as soon as I finish Buster Olney’s.  I’m only two years behind.

Ranger Fan?  You should check out  And also my good friend Baseball Mike

RotoAuthority assesses the new National Leaguers for you fantasy baseball nerds.

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Thursday Morning Reading

RotoAuthority has a look at some possible closers for 2007 in the American League.

I was stumbling around the Internet looking for info on Tim Corcoran yesterday, and I came across a Devil Rays blog that I like.  Check out Rays Index.

Read Viva El Birdos’ take on the Jeff Weaver acquisition.

A comparison of a couple of young aces in the making at Hardball Times.

Is it Pelfrey Time this weekend?

How Dave from U.S.S. Mariner would improve the Mariners.

Sometimes I forget that the Astros have the need and young players to be a major player at the trading deadline.  Richard Justice outlines what has to be done.

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Wednesday Morning Reading

I’m sure some of you are just rolling out of bed, while others at the office are counting down til lunchtime.  Either way, you need something to read.  Allow me to help:

My first post on AllCubs is about Kerry Wood.  I refrained from posting these thoughts on this site, as the realists and White Sox fans would probably have a field day.  What can I say, hope springs eternal for Cubs fans.

Over at HoopsBuzz, Andrew analyzes a possible Darko Mlicic trade.

RotoAuthority has some under-the-radar guys capable of 25 HR seasons.

Quick linkage:  Outlook not-so-good on Brad Wilkerson‘s shoulder…with the recent Antonio Alfonseca signing, you should take notice of this interesting stat…Elephants in Oakland rants on overuse of the word Moneyball…Forget Anna Benson, the Mets just wanted John Maine.

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