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Best of 2005: Left Fielders

Today over at RotoAuthority we have a statistical ranking of the best left fielders of 2005Jason Bay heads the list.  Available top ten LFs include Cliff Floyd, Adam Dunn, and Manny RamirezReggie Sanders is the top free agent LF, ranking 19th overall. 


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Were you ever able to track down the rumor in Yahoo about Soriano and Mench being traded to the Cubs for Williams, Walker, etc.? I was wondering how valid that rumor might be.

Yes - that rumor has been debunked.

OK, so did you talk to the author of the article or did you talk to a team official from one of the teams and discovered this was just the author's imagination?

I am a major league Rangers' fan and am hoping for a trade like the one that was outlined in the Yahoo article. I am disappointed that it is probably not valid. I just want to know what you found out that caused you to know it was debunked. Also, thank you for this site. I just found a few days ago. I have been telling others about it. Great job.

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