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Cubs Acquire John Mabry

The word over at Bernie's Pressbox via Viva El Birdos is that the Cubs have signed 35 year-old OF/1B/3B John Mabry to a one-year contract for $1MM.  Mabry is coming off a poor season during which he hit .240/.295/.407 in 246 at-bats.

This rumor is not yet confirmed.  A million bucks sounds a bit high coming off an off year, although Mabry earned $725,000 in 2005.  He was a spectacular role player in 2004, hitting .296/.363/.504 in 87 games.  It may be that Mabry was given more playing time than is good for him in '05.

Mabry's versatility would indicate that Jose Macias might be cut from the 40 man roster.  Macias made $800,000 in 2005 while playing many positions, none of them well.

Update: Bruce Levine of ESPN Radio 1000 is reporting that the Cubs have indeed signed John Mabry to a one-year deal.

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Mabry was on my radar too. I'll check with my sources to see if it's for real.

Sanjay H.

I heard from three reliable sources today that the Cubs are perhaps only a few days away from acquiring Adam Dunn in one trade and Manny Ramirez in another.

Could it be true? And how great would the Cubs offense be if they had these two sluggers, eh?

WOW. What a moron!

Hey now, nothin' wrong with throwin' out some rumors. Would be ridiculous if the Cubs came up with both, but Dunn is still plausible.

Gemme a break, the Cubs would have to give up their entire Triple A roster for those guys or give up 1/2 of their rotation.

Not at all, my friend. The first reliable source is a radio journalist from The Fan 590, who has several serious contacts in MLB sports (and the Blue Jays GM appears regularly on his show ... it's a Toronto-based station).

The second reliable source is a friend of Jim Hendry who is the program director for a WGN Radio sports show. I'm sure you can figure out who I'm talking about if you think about it.

The third reliable source is someone whose name I can't give, mostly because she'd kill me if I said anything about her.

But they are basically saying the Cubs are in the process of dealing several packages ... Murton + two major pitching prospects to the Red Sox (who are trying to clear up some salary space to make a run for Konerko) and the Cubs have apparently been negotiating a deal involving Felix Pie, Wellemeyer, Mitre, plus a top pitching prospect or two to the Reds for Adam Dunn.

I also heared from one of my sources that Kerry Wood is on the trading block but there have been no serious takers so far ... Texas has voiced some interest but there haven't been any substantial offers yet.

I really don't care if you believe me or not ... the coming days will prove me right or wrong. But don't be surprised if you hear a little more about this stuff by the middle of the week from legitimate sources.

Your source is pretty ignorant then, Canadian Rumour Guy, I'm sorry to say--because Kerry Wood has a complete NTC, and he has no desire to go anywhere. His wife is from Chicago and they are very comfortable there. Plus, realistically no team is going to trade real value for Wood until he shows he is healthy. Even the Cubs can't count on Wood, that's why they're rumored to be looking for another starting pitcher. AJ Burnett has been the name mentioned most often, but I've heard they might actually be interested in bringing back former Cub Steve Trachsel, who the Mets will trade in the right deal. With Kaz Matsui being a total bust, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Todd Walker for Steve Trachsel deal some time next week.

I can see the cubs going after adam dunn to play lf and possibly throwing murton in on the deal but the cubs fought hard to get murton during the nomar trade. Manny will not be chicago, he also has stated many times that he wants to go to a west coast team like the angels,mariners, or the dodgers.

I think 2B is pretty low on the Mets' priorities, but with Wagner out of the way and offers given to two catchers, we could see some sort of minor deal.

I think Murton is a good trading chip, and who knows, maybe Boston wants him back. Stranger things have happened.

Boston may want Murton back, RumorMonger, but why would the Cubs want to give him up? He solves one of the Cubs' corner OF problems, at the major league minimum. He's shown he can hit, he has good plate discipline and speed, and as he matures, he'll grow into a 25 HR guy. Frankly, Murton reminds me a lot of a RH hitting, young Brian Giles. Nice upside if it works out that way.

Despite public utterances, I think Hendry would move Pie in the right trade before he'd move Murton, because Murton can help his team right now, whereas Pie is at least a year away--and based on his effort in the winter league, I think even that is optimistic. Pie is a 2008 story.

I am a huge Murton fan, but he can't match Dunn in '06. And yeah, I'd deal Pie first. He might be CP all over again.

I dont want Manny, not withhis salary. And defense, did you all see when he cut off that throw from center!? The Dunn deal makes sense. Maybe the Reds are finally ready to face reality--they just cant afford Gifffey, Dunn, Casey, and Milton. Dunns defense isnt much better than ManRam's, and he strikes out in great proportion, but hes young, has stupendous power, and, despite the Ks, keeps his OBP areound 380-400. Plus he could give DLee a break at first every once in a while.

Is there any truth to the rumors that Jim Hendry has been sniffing around Derek Lowe's ankles, too? A trade with LA could be a lot more involved than just Milton Bradley. Todd Walker certainly makes sense for them (allows Kent to move to 1B). Who else could be involved??

And RumorMonger, keep up the good work, by my count this blog has called three moves correctly in advance, before the transactions broke somewhere in the national press. Kudos.

No prob Rock, I'm proud to have gotten a couple of 'em right. Let me poke around a little on that Lowe idea - it's feasible.

No go on Lowe. The Dodgers are open to talks but the Cubs are looking to get younger pitching.

On the other hand, and this is just speculation on my part, no trade with LA would be complete without Gagne, assuming he can get healthy again.

Canadian Rumor Guy, I think Gagne could be on the block by summer but the Cubs really don't have a need.

Keep us posted on any rumors that come your way.

there is absolutely no way the Cubs will acquire Ramirez, simply because the man is owed $57 million over 3 years. There's no way in hell they'll dish out that cash. Dunn I can see... Jesus he would rip Wrigley up. But there's no way both are going down. I don't see Murton getting moved seeing as he's going to make league minimum, and he does have a strong upside. I agree with whoever said Pie is a least a year away. He's gonna need to blow people away to make the team at any point this year.

This is a question to anyone who said anything here: Is there any chance the Cubs get Kearns? I really see this guy breaking out pretty soon, unless he stays in Cincinatti. He grew up a Cubs fan, and was practically begging to get traded to Chicago last August. I think if the Cubs got him it would be similar to the Ramirez deal where a few years later everyone else was like "What the hell were the Reds thinking?" The Reds need pitching bad, and the Cubs have plenty to spare. Thanks for your help.



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