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Oakland Signs Esteban Loaiza

Ken Rosenthal has the scoop on the latest free agent signing over at Fox Sports.  Apparently Billy Beane is close to inking Esteban Loaiza to a three-year, $21MM pact. 

A month ago, I commented on RotoAuthority that I thought this contract could be a disaster if it reaches more than two years or $6MM annually.  I have to assume that Billy Beane knows something we don't about Loaiza.

Loaiza was hit hard away from RFK Stadium in 2005, and he had a rough time his last turn through the American League.  I commend Jim Bowden for letting him leave.

Loaiza was ranked 42nd on Steve Phillips's Top 50 Free Agents List and 32nd on the RotoAuthority List.   

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Strange move. I'd agree with you that it seems like a disaster, but it's Billy....

Billy doesn't make a lot of free agent signings, although he has missed on a few. Arthur Rhodes comes to mind. I think this is one of those Derek Lowe "he is what he is" type deals.

I also think it indicates the As are making a strong push to win in 2006 and they won't trade Zito.

This rumor is totally FALSE!!!!...The A's did not sign Loaiza and have no intentions of giving a #5 starter a $21 million contract. This report is bogus and the person who reported it should be hung at Time Square!

OK, well, I guess you can take it up with Ken Rosenthal if you're that offended.

Jon, I just reported it based on Ken Rosenthal's article. This was not something that I made up. As a matter of fact, in the first post by the person in charge of this sight, there is a link to Ken's article.

And I would dare say, not trying to argue or anything, that Ken Rosenthal wouldn't post an article saying that the deal was almost, if not done, if the team and Loaiza weren't even negotiating or anywhere's close.

Agreed...Rosenthal doesn't make stuff up. He's well connected and reliable.

I like this deal merely from the standpoint that Loaiza is very valuable to a team that plays in a pitcher's park like the A's. I thought that Oakland and San Diego were good homes for Loaiza.

This has nothing to do with Esteban, but have you heard anything about Daisuke Matsuzaka? What team(s) are interested?

Andrew, I'll have to bust out my 2006 Bill James Handbook when I get home so I can put a number on Oakland's park factors.

Ryan - trying to get some info from my Japanese Baseball guru. But I have heard that his team will not post him (make him available). So he's not on the market currently.

RumorMonger, I look at it the otherway. I think this makes Zito very much available now. Here's a link that suggests tha possibility as well.


McAfee Coliseum suppresses runs by 5%, whereas RFK suppressed them by 13%. McAfee isn't going to limit HRs the way RFK did.

Yeah, I definitely see the logic that Loaiza means Zito's gone. Makes tons of sense, especially if they can get any of the players mentioned in the article. It could go either way I guess.

I won't agree completely that by signing Loaiza that Zito is necessarily gone. I think Zito will remain an Oakland Athletic and depending on where Oakland is come the trade deadline July 31st, then you may see him traded if Oakland is out of contention or he will remain in Oakland if they are in the playoff hunt.

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