Oakland Signs Esteban Loaiza

Ken Rosenthal has the scoop on the latest free agent signing over at Fox Sports.  Apparently Billy Beane is close to inking Esteban Loaiza to a three-year, $21MM pact. 

A month ago, I commented on RotoAuthority that I thought this contract could be a disaster if it reaches more than two years or $6MM annually.  I have to assume that Billy Beane knows something we don’t about Loaiza.

Loaiza was hit hard away from RFK Stadium in 2005, and he had a rough time his last turn through the American League.  I commend Jim Bowden for letting him leave.

Loaiza was ranked 42nd on Steve Phillips’s Top 50 Free Agents List and 32nd on the RotoAuthority List.   

Thanks to David R.


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