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Bradley For Walker Talks Renewed?

A reader emailed me saying that WSCR The Score (George Ofman) and ESPN Sports Radio 1000 (Bruce Levine) are reporting that the Cubs are talking again about a Milton Bradley for Todd Walker trade, to happen within the next day or two.  Levine reported this same rumor on November 29th

Thanks to Alex


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I think it would be a good trade because I do believe that Bradley will have a good attitude and put up some good numbers with the cubs. However, I wouldn't feel comfortable with neifi and cedeno both starting every game. we need a shortstop or second baseman than can put up close to .300.

i cant wait till the drunken idiots in the wrigley bleachers start yelling at him.

finally, the north side will have some fireworks!

I like the sound of this trade a lot. Let's see if Baker can earn his paycheck and finally live up to the praise he earned as a player's manager. Bradley is loaded with talent, he simply needs the right situation. As for the other middle infield job, I think the Cubs should consider dealing for Toronto's Orlando Hudson, who is rumored to be avialable. Hudson is not very good at the plate, but he would make up for this with his gold glove defense, which would also allow Cedeno to play his natural position.

I like this Cubs lineup:

Jack, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Hudson's D at Wrigley...the pitchers would be sending grateful.

I really don't like the idea of dealing Walker. He's a solid left-handed hitter, providing good production at 2B for a very low price. If he's dealt without acquiring another SS or 2B, Perez will probably start at one of the two positions. To me, that's not acceptable.

I'm perfectly comfortable with giving Cedeno the starting job at SS.

Is orlando an upgrade offensively compared to Neifi?

I've been listening to WSCR all day, and I haven't heard anything from Ofman saying there was a Walker for Bradley deal being talked about.

It was more idle talk from annoying Mike Murphy, throwing that out to Ofman if the Cubs were to make a run at Lugo.

I was told this by a reader named Alex; I'm not near a radio. He's been reliably giving me radio reports for a few weeks now, so I don't know.

I've walked away from my office a few times, so I might have missed it...just letting you know what i've heard.

If the Cubs spent last offseason getting rid of the negativity in the clubhouse (Sosa, Farnsworth, Mercker, and even Steve Stone) and dismantling their team, why would they bring in someone who has obvious anger issues just a year later?

Just about anything is an upgrade to Neifi and his anemic .298 OBP. While Hudson posted a less than inspiring .271/.315/.412 line in 2005, there is an upside to him. Scouts think that he has a chance to be a solid number two hitter. He posted a respectable .348 OBP in 2004, so there's a chance he could rebound in '06. Even if he doesn't, the Cubs need a middle infield make over, and there's no way they can afford to send out Neifi Perez and his .298 OBP more than once a week.

Sosa - over the hill
Farnsworth - not cutting it
Mercker - expendable
Stone - chose to leave

Bradley - awesome talent

Make sense?

Sosa - over the hill
Farnsworth - not cutting it
Mercker - expendable
Stone - chose to leave

Bradley - awesome talent

Make sense?

I'm sorry, Hudson's OBP was .341 in '04, not .348.

Because Besides from Zambrano and occasionally Barrett and Wood, No one really shows any emotion on this team. Getting Bradley for right field is not only getting a lefty with good numbers. He also brings charector something the cubs lacked last year. He could fire up the team. Im willing to chance it.

Nathan don't you dare rip on Steve Stone. The Cubs should be absolutely ashamed of the way they handled to Stoney issue. If you ever get a chance, listen to other local broadcasts of baseball games. If you get the cable or satellite baseball package you'll definetly get this opprotunity. Compare the guys you listen to to Stoney. There is no comparison. Stoney is a prophet, and the best color announcer I've ever heard in my life. Nothing he said was in any way out of line. As professionals, the Cubs should have ignored what they the booth had to say, and just do their job.


Stoney is the MAN!!

I agree

I agree. And Stone didn't chose to leave, he wanted to come back. My point is that the Cubs used the excuse that all of these players were cut because of the "negativity" they brought to the clubhouse. They even went as far as getting rid of Stone, which was ridiculous. Puls, Bradley was injured last year, not to mention suspended. There are better options out there.

And I wasn't ripping on Stoney. I was just using him as an example of how the Cubs are contradicting themselves.

Bradley has good production for CF but not RF. He would have been an upgrade over Pierre, but now I'd rather see the Cubbies go after a bigger bat if possible. Unfortunately there's not a lot available without paying a steep price.

I don't really see how Walker fits in L.A. now either. If Kent plays 1B, his production is just normal (as opposed to being a big advantage at 2B). They need an outfielder or upgrade at 1B more. Maybe they'd flip him if this is true?

Nathan, who would you say are the better options in right? Abreu ? if the phillies are asking for Prior or Zambrano they are being ridiculous. Huff? Tampa bay has always overvalued their players and wont deal unless someone over pays. Bradley would come the cheapest, the easiest to get, and it wont cost us much to get him (as in players). Like it or not he is the man until Felix Pie is ready.

How exactly is the injury prone Bradley an upgrade over Walker? Walker bests him in AVG, OBP and SLG. AND he doesn't piss off his teammates. This is a poor move if done. The better option is to get Mench or Huff for the OF.

I dont see why we are so set on trading a good left handed bat in Walker. Why dont we give up Patterson and Wellemeyer for Bradley. And yes he is the best available for the price. Remember the Cubs will have to give big contracts to Lee, Zambrano and Prior next year so they probably want to save some of their money to put towards locking those guys up.

I'll take Mench or Huff as well. What good is Bradley if he gets suspended again? The best outfielder the Cubs could get would be Crawford, if the rumors that he could be traded are true.

I like the idea 5 right handed bats and 3 left handed bats. This does not count for pitchers. The cubs already have their 5 rightys in: Lee Ramirez, Barrett, Cedeno, and Murton. The leftys are Pierre and walker. That means the right field spot will have to be Left handed power bat. I say bring Bradley aboard.

I do believe that Bradley will wind up with the Cubs. Even though this site says that we will have to give up Walker I still think we could get him for Wellemeyer and Patterson. Even though a lot of people dislike Jim Hendry, I happen to be a fan. Do not forget that when we traded for Nomar, even though it didn't work out, Jim Hendry was practically a god to us. I think he'll get us what we need. Besides, Hendry can't control the injuries to Wood and Prior....and no matter what anybody says, that is what's keeping us from a World Series.

I do believe that Bradley will wind up with the Cubs. Even though this site says that we will have to give up Walker I still think we could get him for Wellemeyer and Patterson. Even though a lot of people dislike Jim Hendry, I happen to be a fan. Do not forget that when we traded for Nomar, even though it didn't work out, Jim Hendry was practically a god to us. I think he'll get us what we need. Besides, Hendry can't control the injuries to Wood and Prior....and no matter what anybody says, that is what's keeping us from a World Series.

Sorry for posting it twice everyone.

well said Shane.

I don't care who the manager is....sorry Dusty....but Bradley will always have problems with the media in big markets. Oakland would have been a much better fit. He will get eaten alive in Chi-town.

Absolutely under no circumstance should the Cubs pursue a deal for Aubrey Huff. Look at his numbers the past 3 years.

OPS: 2003 .922
2004 .853
2005 .749

HR: 2003 34
2004 29
2005 22

AVG. 2003 .311
2004 .297
2005 .261

Listen, Steve Stone is my idol. I am looking at going into broadcasting, specifically sports broadcasting, and he is the best analyst in the game. That said, he has an ego. Players deserve criticism when prompted and it's Stone's job to criticize. If Mercker couldn't handle it, that's his problem. However, I think the whole dispute was over dramatized and the media will protect the media. Stoney vs. Mercker was a classic case of the media vs. the players. Stone felt betrayed that the Cubs brass took the side of the players. He thought all those years in the booth would get him some protection. He was wrong. To add insult to injury, the Cubs would not allow Stoney to have a say in his new partner. Therefore, Cubs took the high road and left. Now he is a reveared legend.

I would just like to remind everyone that Bradley missed 87 games last year. Why take a chance on an injury risk AND a clubhouse risk?

Steve Stone is a pompous, pretentious gasbag. He made a broadcasting career hiding behind Harry's huge coattails, and when Harry left us, the warts in Stone's personality became all to obvious.

There's a reason he hasn't gotten another job. Screw him and the horse he rode in on.

By the way, how's the visibility today?

For a few reasons. First of all, the market for left handed sluggers is very slim. That shouldn't really come as a surprise, but it's also worth noting that he's a switch hitter. If there was ever a manager to handle Bradley it would have to Baker. As far as his health is concerned, its up to Hendry to determine whether or not he is healthy enough to pursue. My guess is he's ready to go considering the kind of attention he's getting not just from the Cubs but from the Athletics and one other club I can't think of right now. The bottom line is his talent is unarguable, and if he's healthy enough, Chicago could be the right situation for this guy. Plus, Bradley will probably be humbled a little bit after he gets traded for next to nothing, so he probably realizes his stock is at an all-time low. This will give Dusty an opprotunity to prove he deserves the tag "player's manager."

Think whatever you want about Stoney's broadcasting skills and rumors about him picking his color man... but you cannot debate the fact he did technically choose to leave.

He was offered a contract and turned it down. Thats choosing to leave... not sure how to justify its not.

Maybe you can make a case that the terms of his contract and advice on keeping his mouth shut didnt allow him much choice to stay, but he still was offered a contract to return. He turned it down, therefore it was his choice to leave.... end of story.

I commend Jack for his defense of Steve Stone. I cant count the number of time I've wondered if somehow the game was tape delayed 2-3 min and Stony had already seen what was about ot happen. He is a prophet.
People have been losing our manager-in-waiting Grady Little the the Dodgers ( I never hated them before, but I'm starting to now) but I asy its good. Now we can use Bob Brenly as manager when Hendry fires Dusty, and BRING STONY BACK AT ANY PRICE!!! Brenly can fill in untill Joe Girardis contract is up in FLA.

PS Stony 'chose to leave' after Kent Merker physically threatened him in an elevator in Pittsburgh. He brought it to Dustys attention, going through the proper channels, and Dusty did nothing (big suprise). the rivalry heated up in the press, and Hendry sided w/ his field manager, which I cant fault him for in principle. He chose to leave b/c he wasnt getting the respect he deserves as a baseball genius. He could do both Dusty and Hendrys jobs, and still call the game. Stony left so the fans would demand him back, and that is exactly what I'm doing.


Ive enjoyed your posts in the past, but now I have to regard you as an idiot.

Following the Soriano to Washington trade that netted the Rangers Sledge and Wilkerson, any chance Texas trades Mench to the Cubs for Williams since their outfield is now completely overloaded?

Is it true that if the Cubs get there RF they are done for the offseason or will they get a pitcher since they still have money left over.Hendry said he will pursue a pitcher if it was in the budget.Who are the targets the cubs are going after to play in right?

So, this is what I don’t get. If every other team that is talking to Nomar is talking about him playing in the outfield or on the right side of the field, why didnt the Cubs resign him or offer him arbitation and then trade walker, which they seem to want to do anyway, for a right fielder….either Uncle Milty of the bad temper or Keven Mench of the overhyped.

If the Cubs get Mench, they should get a platoon partner for him. Mench can't hit righties very well (and he's yet to hit much outside of Arlington either).

hey cub fans!!!! just wanted to see what you guys think. Whould you sign Jeff Conine to a 1 year deal to come off the bench? I was thinking about this after watching sports center and i know they already got Mabry, but i think this woul bring good chemistry and leadership. Tell me what you guys think although this probably wont happen.

id like to see texas flip wilkerson to the cubs. He can play right, and if the cubs do wind up with Abreu or some other stud to go in right, Wilkerson is vesitile enough to play left, amking murton the 4th OF.

no on conine. no need.

da krone you are flippin' moron. you probably also like neifi perez over cedeno. the point is to play your young players who show promise not to give dusty an excuse to play older players with less potential -- read wilkerson. While I like Wilkerson, making a fourth outfielder would be completely stupid and a waste of money. That said, the signings of Mabry and Perez this off-season do scare me because putting them on the cubs is like giving crack to an addict, encouraging dusty to play these old guys beause they are are great with "bat and glove," when they are really overrated and mediocre.
So, da krone, you wrong.

I agree with the few in this thread in that I do not want to move Walker. He is a solid lefthanded bat, and is one of the only guys on the Cubs roster that knows how to hit to the opposite field, and actually does it. He hit .305 last year, and is a hardnosed 110% ballplayer that the Cubs have lacked for a long time. And a lot of people say he is a deffensive liability, I really don't see that. He doesn't have Sandbergs range, or Castillo's speed, but he's solid:

Fielding % 2005 2004
Walker .985 .981
Kent .978 .989
Grudzielanek .990 .985
Giles .984 .975
Loretta .987 .990

He's right in the mix. And he's only $2.5M for 2006. Keep him for this year, and see where Eric Patterson is this time next year. Make a move then. The Cubs need Todd Walker.

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