Don’t Expect Luis Gonzalez Return For Cubs

Thinking a Luis Gonzalez homecoming to the Cubs might be an adequate solution?  The Cubs don’t.  I recently spoke to Daily Herald writer Bruce Miles, who told me that the Cubs have "no interest."

Apparently, the Cubs are turned off by Gonzalez’s weak arm being a part of their outfield defense.  While a notch above Jeromy Burnitz, the 38 year-old Gonzalez is slipping offensively.  His .459 SLG in 2005 was his worst since 1997.  Gonzalez is known to be on the trading block along with Javier Vazquez and Shawn Green.

Gonzalez is most notable for his face, which makes it look like he’s always smiling.  A close second would be his ridiculous, almost Ruthian 2001.  That year, Gonzo hit .325 with 57 HR and 142 RBI.  He posted an OPS of 1117 (69th all time).  If you’re curious, the all-time record for on-base plus slugging percentage was Barry Bonds‘s 2004 (1421).  Bonds got on base more than 3 out of 5 times that year, easily a record.

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