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Marlins Still After Gathright

Today, a source close to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays updated me on their efforts to trade Joey Gathright.  The word is that the Marlins and Dodgers are the frontrunners, while the Rangers and Cubs are still "in the mix."

Three days ago, Joe Frisaro of MLB.com mentioned that the Marlins could send Scott Olsen to the Rays for Gathright.  Gathright essentially is Juan Pierre, and the Marlins would have a formidable 1-5 in their order, believe it or not.  Call me crazy, but the Fish are a few well-timed breakouts, reliever success stories, and a couple of miracles away from sniffing .500 in '06.  I know you're probably bookmarking this story right now to disparage me at the end of the season for hinting that the Marlins could be a .500 team.

Anyway, it's unclear to my source whether the Marlins actually offered Olsen for Gathright.  He did mention that the Devil Rays like Olsen a lot, despite his late-season elbow inflammation.  Olsen flashed huge strikeout potential in the minors, and jumped past Triple A this year to start four games for the Marlins.

The Dodgers' interest probably hinges on Kenny Lofton's decision, as L.A. has an offer out to him.  The Cubs seem an unlikely destination.  Plugging in Gathright could result in a severely power-deficient outfield.  Gathright would be a nice fit for Texas, and could score a boatload of runs fronting that lineup.   


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Yeah I don't think there's any chance Gathright goes to the Cubs, although I wish they had gotten him instead of Pierre. Gathright is essentially the same player as Pierre-extremely fast and completely devoid of any power- accept younger and cheaper and maybe even faster. I heard Gathright was playing really well in Venezuela this winter. Does anyone have any numbers for him?

What are Gathright's minor league numbers, nothing about his major league numbers make him comparable to Juan Pierre.

Hasn't really had a legit Major League sample yet.


His minor-league numbers were Juan Pierre-esque. High batting average, no power, ungodly amount of stolen bases.

Gathright isn't Pierre. I don't think it's even close. Gathright is getting all of this attention, but in his first 250AB's he hasn't shown near the plate discipline when it comes to walks, strikeouts, and on base percentage as Juan Pierre showed in his first 250 AB's.

Yes Juan Pierre had a down year last year, but no way do I call Gathright Juan Pierre. He may be better than Pierre defensively, that's not hard, but not even close offensively.

And Pierre was a much better batter in the minors as well. Always walking more than he struck out. That has been the same in MLB. Gathright strikes out much more than Pierre.
The only similarity between the two is that they are both fast. Unlike Gathright, Pierre knows how to get on base to use that to his success.

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