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Mets Renew Interest In Jeff Kent?

The Jeff Kent to the Mets rumor first surfaced in early December.  Now it's rearing its ugly head again, this time courtesy of Gotham Baseball.  According to author Mark Healey, Anderson Hernandez would be involved and the deal could happen soon.  I asked my Mets source for his take on the Kent possibility.

He told me the deal isn't nearly as close as the article might imply.  He said the Mets are willing to part with Anderson Hernandez, but the catch is that the Dodgers have to take Kaz Matsui too.  No money would be exchanged.  My source thinks this is simply a proposal the Mets put out there to get the ball rolling; Ned Colletti would never make the trade as described.

My source puts the ultimate chances of a deal at 50/50, and mentioned that ditching Matsui and adding one more 100 RBI bat at the same time would definitely be a feather in Omar's cap.  However, even as a cash-saving move, this doesn't make a lot of sense for the Dodgers.  I'll keep you posted as further permutations leak out.


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If the Mets dont win a world Series in the next 2-3 years wouldnt you have to fire Omar....b/c going down down to your local community college to refill your depleated minor league system is a little embarrasing. right?

Haha, yes. Or you could just keep throwing money at the problem and never replenish the minors (Yankees).

Yeah ah, or the Mets can just go out and sign the top international prospects like Omar intends to do and has already started this past season when he signed Fernando Martinez and Deolis Guerra.

Yeah ah, and he'll trade those guys away too for the best bat boy in the league and he'll probably overpay her too.

Do you think Omar is the only GM fishing in the international market,

Of course he isn't. But he's one of the few willing to give $2million dollars to 16 year old kids. Omar has been intent on tearing up the Mets farm system and building it the way he wants to. One of the only players he liked in the Mets system was Lastings Milledge, he's still there. Pelfrey will be signed in the next month, he will replace Petit and Humber will be back in June. That's two fantastic young arms who both have much higher ceilings than Petit and Hernandez. Not to mention Carlos Gomez who probably has a higher ceiling than Milledge even. This farm system is far from depleted.

ANd obviously comments like yours are pretty moronic. When you get Delgado for the players you got him for, you do that trade every day of the week. The Mets traded a kid in Hernandez - a fringe prospect, who hasn't pitched well in high A-ball for Paul Lo Duca.

Lo Duca and Delgado are far from Bat boys. Sounds to me you are either a Devil Rays fan or a Royals fan.

First off you infer too much, you must be a little sensative about those Mets uh Brian. As far as the Mets prospects like Millidge- the winter isn't over yet so who knows what youngsters you'll have left, and if they dont go deep into the playoffs who knows what changes they'll make next winter. And I guess i was wrong about community college, Omars hitting the local highschools near shea and i dont know if giving 2 mill to 16 yr olds is something you'd brag about.
Lastly, I didnt say that LoDuca or Delgado were bat boys, I just meant that w/ all of Omars stellar accquistions this winter and last he'd probably want the best batboy in the league too and from what your telling me about this 16yr old, I definately know now Omar would overpay her, but w/ the new tv deal and all the dollars freed up from expired contracts Omar has the money to spend.... so relax Brian...... As to my baseball affiliation that is immaterial.

I love the fact that you are so caught up in what the Mets are doing that you have to disparage them and Omar. You sound like a child who never got the gift he wanted for Christmas, so you then had to rip and beat on the kids who did get that gift. I must have hit you pretty close there with the comment about what team you are a fan of. And next time I see your name under the comments section, I'll know not to read it cause it's quite obvious you haven't the slightest clue what you are talking about.

Thats where you're wrong Brian now your definately gonna read what i write, you wont be able to help it. And if you cant figure out who i like your the moron.....Dont worry Brian being a Met fan doesnt make you a second class fan.

It would be dumb for the Dodgers to trade Kent to the Mets. The Dodgers sy they need big hitters and Kents the guy, if any thing trade for big pitchers.

Nobody is going to take Matsui, i don't think anyone wants to pay eight MiI. for a guy who in the middle of the season will either get hurt or just can't play well. Sure you can use him as a pinch runner...for eight mil? i think not. This will stop the Mets from getting anybody get second base other then the people they have.

Yeah, I think that's the way it will be.

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