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Jeff Kent To The Mets?

Just got a tip I thought was worth mentioning.  A frequent poster over at NY Fan Sites named Monte offered this rumor:

"The Mets are reportedly close on a deal that would bring Jeff Kent into the fold. Might be on hold until the winter meetings but very close to finished. No details on what they are dealing but it is something that has been worked on and actually got the Mets to back out of the Furcal chase so LA could finish the deal."

Now, I haven't been able to establish Monte's credibility; I haven't been in touch with him.  He is a very frequent poster over at NY Fan Sites, and supposedly was the first to name Ian Bladergroen as the prospect dealt for Doug Mientkiewicz back in January of this year.

My gut feeling is that Monte has a legitimate source and is not fabricating rumors for attention.  While my Mets source didn't have any such deal on his radar, it sounds plausible for the club.  Kent certainly fits the win now mentality the Mets have been pushing all offseason.  He'll make $9MM in 2006 and will be a free agent after the season.

Monte and my own Mets sources are confident that Kaz Matsui will be moved somehow and that the Mets have no intention of starting the year with him at second.  Given that the Dodgers plan on playing Cesar Izturis at second base with Rafael Furcal in the fold, Kent is either due for a trade or a move to first.  Kent has played 105 games in his career at first base, but never more than 30 in a season.

It remains to be seen how the next Dodger manager will feel about first baseman Hee Seop Choi.  Choi is only 26, and has too much potential to be relegated to a bench role.  While Choi has struggled against southpaws, he's had very little opportunity to hit against them regularly.  If Kent does stay put, look for DePodesta favorite Choi to be on the move.  Choi could certainly be a step towards a younger Giants club.   

Thanks to T.J.    


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This was just posted as part of Peter Gammons column on ESPN- so maybe that Kent rumor is nothing more than just that...


Look for new Dodgers GM Ned Colletti to build that club around Jeff Kent and Eric Gagne. Colletti has never forgotten how Kent left his blood and soul on the field throughout his career. That might mean Kent could end up at first base sometime if L.A. gets Furcal and Cesar Izturis moves to second when and if he comes back from Tommy John surgery, but at this point, Kent is very close to a Hall of Famer. Not to mention one of the most misrepresented players of his time. Colletti is expected to take on the White Sox and Twins as a major player for Mueller. Needless to say, the Dodgers were very disappointed to lose out on Giles, but no one in L.A. would begrudge a man for being close to his two daughters.

So he's going to build his club around a guy with a stringy elbow and a 38 year old Jeff Kent? Peter Gammons is a psychopath.

I would have concluded that Coletti's actually building his team around the guy that he just gave $40 million.

I wouldn't mind Choi at all in SF platooning with Niekro, however, Sabean would likely never go after a player like CHoi

How come? Doesn't dig the OBP guys?


The only way i want jeff kent on this team is if we trade him straight up for Kaz Matsui (who cannot turn down the trade). Kent used to play for the mets and he hated them; they hated him equally.

Keep kent and sosa away from my mets. theyre yankee types anyway. i dont mind manny only if we dont give up L.M. and preferably not heilman.

No chance of Kent, I just heard from my Mets source.

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