Mets Renew Interest In Jeff Kent?

The Jeff Kent to the Mets rumor first surfaced in early December.  Now it’s rearing its ugly head again, this time courtesy of Gotham Baseball.  According to author Mark Healey, Anderson Hernandez would be involved and the deal could happen soon.  I asked my Mets source for his take on the Kent possibility.

He told me the deal isn’t nearly as close as the article might imply.  He said the Mets are willing to part with Anderson Hernandez, but the catch is that the Dodgers have to take Kaz Matsui too.  No money would be exchanged.  My source thinks this is simply a proposal the Mets put out there to get the ball rolling; Ned Colletti would never make the trade as described.

My source puts the ultimate chances of a deal at 50/50, and mentioned that ditching Matsui and adding one more 100 RBI bat at the same time would definitely be a feather in Omar’s cap.  However, even as a cash-saving move, this doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Dodgers.  I’ll keep you posted as further permutations leak out.

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