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Milton Bradley Dealt For Saarloos And Ramos?

According to a source in Sacramento, the Dodgers have traded Milton Bradley to the A's for pitchers Kirk Saarloos and Mario Ramos.  My source heard about Ramos's departure via KXTV Channel 10 in Sacramento.  There's a thread hopping over at MLB.com about the deal as well.

Bradley's potential is unquestionable, and has been discussed on this site many times.  It's a very Beane-like move to snag a player who the market has undervalued.

Despite winning ten games in 2005, Kirk Saarloos doesn't figure to ever escape the fifth starter realm.  In every Major League trial, the 26 year-old soft-tosser has allowed tons of baserunners.  He'll have trouble replicating his 4.17 ERA if he continues to post a 1.40 WHIP. 

Mario Ramos was snagged off waivers by Beane in 2003.  He's been a mainstay at Triple A Sacramento, and hasn't pitched well since 2003.

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You want a better Beane move? He picked up Chad Gaudin for PTBNL. Superb move.

And nobody else could outbid that?


Gaudin could match Saarloos's numbers, I think.

Gavin - we'll see if this rumor holds up. It does sound like a weak bounty though.

i dont know what the dodgers are doing here. i know they can get someone better than sarloos for bradley. Its not worth it

The Dodgers are making a move in desperately trying to free themselves of a player they consider to be burdensome. Just like Correy Patterson of the Cubs, Bradley is high on potential and somewhat low on production. While he has shown flashes of brilliance, he has had only one season in which he has played more than 110 games. He may become an all-star with the right coach, but I will hold off from jumping on the Bradley Bandwagon for now. I used numbers to support my stance on A.J. Burnett's ability earlier, look at Bradley's:

2002: 98 Games, 9 HRs, .249 Avg., 38 RBIs
2003: 101 Games, 10 HRs .321 Avg. 56 RBIs
2004: 141 Games, 19 HRs, .269 Avg. 67 RBIs
2005: 75 Games, 13 HRs, .290 Avg. 38 RBIs

His power numbers have steadily increased each year (If you project them over a 162 game season) and his low RBI totals are more a result of the players batting in front of him than a lack of ability. Bradley shows up nicely on paper, but his track record of misbehavior and inability to stay healthy are too risky for the Dodgers to try and pursue a better deal.

This deal also bring the Cubs' inactivity back to the spotlight. Another player who they could have picked up has slipped by, and it seems with every day that Hendry is letting a magical season slip through his hands more and more.

I predict this trade won't happen. Too many teams (Yankees, Pirates, Cubs) also covet Bradley, and it's also not a sure thing the Dodgers will shed him. This is Beane-FUD.

Why is everyone saying that this is a done deal? Even mlb.com reported that it was only one offer that the dodgers recieved. This is almost as bad as when it was posted that Burnett was finishing his deal with the Cardinals for weeks, and then all of the sundden the Blue Jays are reported to be close to wrapping him up. Just because some reporter on TV does a piece on what your team has offered and what he would bring, it doesn't mean that the deal is confirmed.

P.S. The article from mlb.com only reported a confirmation that the offer was made, read the whole article before you claim that mlb.com has acknowledged the trade.

Calm down bro. It's trade season.

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