Milton Bradley Dealt For Saarloos And Ramos?

According to a source in Sacramento, the Dodgers have traded Milton Bradley to the A’s for pitchers Kirk Saarloos and Mario Ramos.  My source heard about Ramos’s departure via KXTV Channel 10 in Sacramento.  There’s a thread hopping over at about the deal as well.

Bradley’s potential is unquestionable, and has been discussed on this site many times.  It’s a very Beane-like move to snag a player who the market has undervalued.

Despite winning ten games in 2005, Kirk Saarloos doesn’t figure to ever escape the fifth starter realm.  In every Major League trial, the 26 year-old soft-tosser has allowed tons of baserunners.  He’ll have trouble replicating his 4.17 ERA if he continues to post a 1.40 WHIP. 

Mario Ramos was snagged off waivers by Beane in 2003.  He’s been a mainstay at Triple A Sacramento, and hasn’t pitched well since 2003.

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