Post-Hype Sleepers: B.J. Upton

I invite all fantasy baseball players and any other interested parties to check out my latest RotoAuthority article concerning shortstop B.J. Upton.  Seems like the D-Rays are doing things right for a change.

Other worthy reading material: we’ve got a second guest author on the HoopsBuzz blog now.  His name’s Dennis and his first post is an informative analysis of a possible Grant Hill return.  Go say hi.

Lastly, go check out one of my favorite blogs, SportsBlah.  Greg and Mike have hilarious and engaging takes on happenings in the world of sports.  For example, Greg’s take on the Rafael Furcal signing:

"Teams never learn. They sign players to large contracts and end up regretting them a few years later. In this case, I give the Dodgers until Thursday. By the weekend, the Dodgers office will have that ‘I can’t believe I went to Haiti and didn’t use condoms’ vibe to it."

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