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Four Teams After Patterson

According to Bruce Levine on ESPN Radio 1000, four different teams have interest in Cubs former phenom Corey Patterson.  The contenders are the Orioles, Mariners, Rangers, and Nationals.  Hendry apparently wants at least two young players in return.  A trade is possible next week.

Personally, I hope Hendry chooses quality over quantity here.  Running down the teams:

The Orioles have nothing to lose by throwing Patterson in CF and seeing if he can reignite his career.  The club doesn't seem fond of Luis Matos at this point. 

A trade to the Mariners would imply the departure of Jeremy Reed, which would be a curious decision by Bill Bavasi.  We've heard in the past that he could go to Boston for various young starters.

The Rangers have a lot of outfielders - David Dellucci, Gary Matthews Jr., Kevin Mench, Laynce Nix, and Brad Wilkerson.  Dellucci is a fit for DH, and the rest have all been mentioned in trade rumors.  Why Daniels would want to replace one of the four with Patterson is beyond me.

Ryan Church is a better fit in right field for the Nationals, but that's Jose Guillen's position.  Brandon Watson and Marlon Byrd may not be regulars, so moving Church to left and giving Patterson a shot isn't a terrible idea. Although Watson seems like a better option that Patterson based on his Triple A stats.

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WOW The GM who trades (2 young playes!!!) for Kory Patterson should be placed in front of a firing squad!!!

Portions taken from: SunTimes
No comment from Cubs on deal for Patterson
Saturday: January 7, 2006

But Cubs fans can be assured that general manager Jim Hendry is concentrating on dealing both Patterson and infielder Todd Walker, who had been the Cubs' starting second baseman. Walker said toward the end of last season that he sensed he probably had fallen from favor with the club powers-that-be. Neifi Perez is the projected starting second baseman for '06.

Probably one of the irritants in the Baltimore report for the Cubs was the Orioles' insistence to their media that they wouldn't be giving up anything good for Patterson.

According to the Baltimore report, the Orioles would be sending the Cubs no more than a mid-level prospect for Patterson, who batted a disappointing .215 with 34 RBI and 118 strikeouts for the Cubs in 2005 and was demoted to Class AAA Iowa for several weeks to work on his swing. That's a long way down from a player who was considered a rising prospect just three years ago.

Neifi Perez is the projected starting second baseman for '06.

Ok you have to be kidding!!!

Probably one of the irritants in the Baltimore report for the Cubs was the Orioles' insistence to their media that they wouldn't be giving up anything good for Patterson.

Poor Cubbies, The O's hurt their feelings by TELLING THE TRUTH!!!

I have yet to figure out why people are so surprised that Neifi is number 1 on the depth charts for 2B. We knew when they picked Walkers' option up that he would more than likely be traded. Hairston and Perez will more than likely share time at 2B next season, with Perez gatting 4 starts a week because Dusty hates Hairston.

Good News SoX Fans!!!
Mark Buerhle was just on 670 AM The Score and indicated he wil not participate in the World Baseball Classic.

Also for Yankee Fans, Alex Rodriguez appears to remain committed to not playing for the WBC. Earlier this week, the players union filied a false report designed to pressure Alex into playing in the WBC.

GO GO Buerhle & Alex

Neifi Perez is expected to be the starting 2B for 2006. You have got to be kidding me. What the hell is going on over there at Clark and Addison? Should we assume at this point they arent going to get Tejada? Then again at this point will anyone get Tejada? I'm guessing Cedeno is penciled in at short if Neifi is going to play 2nd. Unless they plan on using Cedeno in a deal to get someone else. I just cant believe this garbage about Neifi at short. I'll bet you anything Cub fans with Busty Faker as our manager, Grissom gets at least as much playing time as Murton in left. Unbelievable with this team. Geez

It's fun to sit back and watch Cubs fans go crazy every offseason because their fanciful dreams don't come true. It seems that they value each and every one of their players more than everyone else does and then nothing gets done. They're like Tampa Bay, only that the Devil Rays have a shorter history of failure. Keep blaming fans and goats for the team's mismanagement and your simple inability to perform well when it matters. That'll get you far!

cubs want 2 young players he can have my 9 and 7 yo boys is he crazy

Maybe someone has two promising young bat boy prospects for Patterson.

WHY would 4 teams want Corey Patterson?

You guys are crazy if you dont want Corey. I wish the Braves would send a mid level pitcher over there for him. We need a left fielder and he would fit in nicely.

I honestly think the Cubs will kick themselves after dealing him. Corey will get it figured out and be a big time player in the future...too bad the Cubs are giving up so soon. Maybe they should trade Eric Patterson too...Corey's funk might be in the blood...maybe they have goats blood..so the curse continues.

Corey will have a hard time in Chicago getting back on his feet. Cubs didn't help him by pushing him and throwing him into too visible and critical of a role, a role he had no interest or capability in learning. I think he can be a low middle range major league outfielder who might hit 260 with 22-25 HR per year if he gets some competent guidance. With his speed on D and relative durability that's not awful. If nothing else if he could do better hitting he'd be a valuable 4th outfielder. Of course the Cubs motto is buy high and sell low so there you have it.

I think there is a simple solution for hendry. The cubs need to get miggy. If it means trading zambrano, so be it. If it means trading correy+todd walker+zambrano for tejada and another pitcher, it is absolutely necessary. The cubs pitching isnt great, but they need to be able to get runs. They can work on zito or trading for another pitcher later. It would be nice if we got bedard in the deal, but getting miggy should be priority #1. Every good team revolves around good pitching and the cubs dont have that. So it wont really matter if they give up zambrano. They need to rebuild their pitching staff. Im praying prior gets back on form and we eventually get wood back into the line up. Maddux will be gone next year, but for now he is solid. I think rusch is going to have a carreer year as a starter. Williams is a coin flip and if we make the trade, we can give hill a shot filling in for Z. Cmon hendry do something. We need to shake things up

Bruce Levine lol. Still waiting for him to get one right. As far as Patterson goes. Get what you can for him, cause he's not that good. A good AAA roster filler.

I'm not; Levine's been right many many times. Scooped the Pierre trade I'm pretty sure.

Hey guys per an article on CBS sportsline. Miguel Tejada has told the Orioles he no longer wishes to be traded. So after all this it looks like the Cubs and noone will end up with him. Now what is Hendry to do to improve the team?

He was saying Pierre was going to be a Cub "any day now" for about a month. ALl he had to do was wait it out. Everyone knew where Pierre was going.

Hindsight is 20/20 man. Levine has a bad rap for no good reason.

If the Orioles keep Tejada, they will have missed the opportunity to take 4 incredible prospects from someone so they can rebuild their team and develop a great young (and affordable) pitching staff. Miggy will get even more upset, his stock will go down, and the O's will never be able to get what they could have gotten for him. Too bad they can't take a page from the Marlins' book on building young, talented teams. It's not all about super stars and big splash contracts.

Cubs fans, don't worry about Hendry. He'll do fine. It's his job to get the best deal possible. People in other cities put him down because he tries to get back more than he trades away. That's what everyone would like to do. Why is he a supposed idiot (and likewise, Cubs fans) for valuing the players they have highly? THAT'S HIS JOB. Why would he ever want to come out even in a trade? That would be a waste of time, wouldn't it?

Back to the original post, if I was a GM and could trade two decent (not top 10 prospects) for Corey Patterson, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I've seen this kid play many times and his upside is huge. He just needs the right environment and mentor. He's got speed to burn, he's a lefthander with power, and has a terrific outfield arm. Why wouldn't I take a chance on a young kid like that? I'd be surprised if Girardi didn't ask for a couple of Florida's many prospects to go to the Cubs for him. Joe will be the kind of thinking manager that could get Corey to produce.

I think that tejada for patterson and walker is a possibility

Hey Charlie keep up your unrealistic outlook on your Cubbies.
I guess you probable derive some perverse plessure from cubbie futility and the choke jobs of 2003, 1984, 1969,

Well, it looks like the Sox arent going to get Tejada either, which is good, I think they offered a little too much. I like Uribe and Contreras. They were really solid players last year. Especially Jose in the 2nd half and Juans D.

Im not addressing KKKKKKorey Patterson because he doesnt deserve it.

The reason that the Rangers might have interest in Patterson is simple.

1. Getting Patterson would allow Texas to send Nix back to OKC and learn to hit. Patterson and Matthews would compete for CF; Wilkerson in RF; Mench in LF; Dellucci is a DH.

2. Texas' accomplished hitting coach just won coach of the year awards last year. His coaching might turn Patterson around. The philosophy of the two is similar. It is more likily Corey would take instruction from him. Getting Patterson turned around at the cost of a mid-level prospect would make him an incredible find.


What are you talking about, moron? This is completely irrelevant to this discussion, but the Cubs did win the next two World Series. That's a pretty good three-year run. Something you'd call a dynasty today.

I'm not unrealistic. I just don't want to trade Prior for Tejada, that's all. Orioles' fans are more upset that I don't want Tejada than they are the details of the trade. And people who suggest Walker and Patterson for Tejada are just blind. But I wouldn't put it past the Orioles' FO to go in the direction of prospects at the 11th hour and take 4 prospects from someone--maybe the Cubs. Maybe someone else.

But I think they'll keep him. I can only hope.

I find it almost comical to see how short-term focused everyone around here is. This year's free agent crop was an extremely weak one; to tie up all your money and trade away great talent for a one year fix is stupid. I could of sworn I read that someone would give up one of the best franchise pitchers in baseball, Zambrano, along with other players just to get miggy. Doesn't anyone realize that Hendry while trying to improve the team, is also setting them up to have lots of cash next year. Its the reason he didn't up the offer to Furcal earlier this off-season after the Dodgers pulled out a ridiculus sum of cash. Just look at next year's free agent crop:

1. Derrek Lee
2. Mark Mulder
3. John Garland
4. Andy Pettite
5. Bary Zito
6. Julio Lugo
7. Cliff Floyd
8. Jason Schmidt
9. Tom Glavine
10. Juan Pierre
11. Carlos Lee
12. Eddie Guardado
13. Trot Nixon
14. Nick Johnson

Sounds to me like you might want to wait to sign a guy like John Garland next year rather than tie up a lot of money in overvalued players like A.J. Burnett this year. Basically, cool of cubs fans, its going to be a .500 season or so. Hate to say it, but just wait till next year.

Get you facts straight Cubbies! Garland just signed a three year deal.

Uh, where you been dude? Garland signed a 3 yr $29MM deal with the Sox. But, you make some good points--however, if Hendry were just focusing on this year--he would've only signed Jones to a 1 yr deal. If Jones refused--he obviously could've gotten Preston Wilson based on the deal he signed with the Astros--1 yr, incentive laden, club option next year, etc.

Screw everyone on that FA list for '07..if we could swipe John Gall from the Cardinals we'd be set for a decade.

How do you not go undefeated with John Gall and Matt Murton on your team?

Deal for Astros' Taveras not on White Sox' radar
January 8, 2006


It's one of those hot-stove rumors that has just enough factual elements to seem real.

The Houston Astros might be looking to move speedy center fielder Willy Taveras. Fact. The Astros are in need of a veteran starting pitcher. Fact.

The White Sox would consider moving a veteran starting pitcher (Jose Contreras) in the right trade. Fact. The Sox, after Aaron Rowand was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies for designated hitter Jim Thome, are looking for a center fielder.


The Taveras-to-the-Sox rumor had been on the back burner of the hot stove for weeks, but it began to simmer when the Astros signed free-agent center fielder Preston Wilson last week, making their crowded outfield a little more cramped.

So it was time to run the rumor past Sox general manager Ken Williams. After openly discussing the Sox' involvement and subsequent exit from the Miguel Tejada derby, there was an unusually long pause on Williams' end of the phone.

''What?'' he finally answered in response to the Taveras rumor. ''Never been discussed. There is absolutely no basis in that.''

A nerve had been touched.

The minute the Rowand-for-Thome trade was announced in November, rumors began flying about who would become the Sox' new center fielder. Johnny Damon? Juan Pierre? Wilson? And now Taveras.

Williams never has wavered from his commitment to rookie Brian Anderson.

''People have to understand we didn't make that [Rowand-for-Thome] move so we could go out and find another center fielder,'' Williams said. ''We feel very comfortable with Brian Anderson as our center fielder.''

For a team with a set rotation, bullpen and infield, the only notable battle during spring training will be Anderson's audition against Class AA speedster Jerry Owens -- who has been guaranteed a long look from manager Ozzie Guillen -- and a last-ditch effort by slugger Joe Borchard to rescue his Sox career before he runs out of options.

This might be an interesting three-way battle.

Anderson, 23, hit .295 with 16 home runs, 57 RBI and 115 strikeouts in 118 games last season at Class AAA Charlotte. Owens, who turns 25 on Feb. 16, led the Southern League with a .331 average and paced Birmingham in stolen bases (38) and on-base percentage (.393).

Borchard, 27, has hit .191 in 102 major-league games dating to 2002. In 298 major-league at-bats, the Sox' first-round pick in the 2000 draft has 57 hits, including 12 homers, and 93 strikeouts.

AS FOR TAVERAS, his future hinges on a test Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell will undergo this week with orthopedic specialist James Andrews.

The Astros want a progress report on Bagwell's right shoulder, which required surgery in June. If tests show Bagwell won't be able to resume full-time duties at first base, the Astros will move left fielder Lance Berkman to first, freeing space in the outfield for Taveras. If Bagwell is expected back, Taveras would be the odd man out and is expected to be shopped for pitching help.

A-ROD, thanks for posting something totally unrelated to this blog.

I think trading Contreras for prospects is what is going to happen at this point. With Tejada officially off of the market, there really isnt a huge impact player that may be dealt the White Sox could use. Kenny obviously had to give up some decent prospects in Gonzalez, Haigwood and Young. The way the Braves have been successful for the past 15 years has been keeping a few solid core guys (Chipper Jones for them Konerko for us) positionally and making sure to have a young, solid starting pitching rotation. Maybe the Cy Youngs or names arent quite comparable yet but over the next couple years, Buehrle, Garcia, Garland, Vazquez and McCarthy compare very favorably to Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz. In fact the White Sox guys are probably younger than the Braves guys were and quite possible guys like Garland and certainly McCarthy can improve and get even better with their numbers over the next 2-3 years. But the way the Braves have done it is keep a couple solid, leaders, good run producers and keep the core of a good young pitching staff around, while trading away older guys, guys due for big money for pitching prospects to take the place of guys once they get older or price themselves out of your price range. I still also believe a guy like Neal Cotts will be a starter at some point, he's just too valuable as the lefty set up guy in the bullpen at this point and the White Sox have enough depth at starting pitching where they dont need him yet. The bullpen for the White Sox with Jenks leading the way shapes up nicely as well for the next couple years.

Re: Hendry's other options.

I still maintain Hendry has several other options after Tejada; he just has to be willing to sit down and work out the deals, even if the asking price seems a little high.

Names still available include Huff, Zito, Lugo, Vidro, Soriano (unlikely), Abreu (very unlikely). There are still moves that can be made for Cubdom.

It's up to Hendry to decide it's worth making some moves to upgrade the roster, especially the offense. The ball is now entirely in his court.

As far as Bruce Levine goes, why are you knocking the guy? He's given us more quality info on who the Cubs are looking at than just about any other source I've looked to this offseason. For cying out loud, guys, I've said it before: don't confuse a failed coming-to-terms on a deal with an outright bad trade rumor. There is quite a difference.

Until Levine mentioned Pierre, all the reports I read/heard were saying it was going to be Furcal (back before Furcal signed), and they had no real interest in Juan Pierre. 670 reported that Pierre was going to cost too much because there were so many teams bidding; I think they all but GAVE Pierre a Yankees uniform. Levine helped put Pierre back in the headlines in Chicago when most other "rumor" sources were telling us it was Furcal only. I know, doggone it, because I was LOOKING for the info back then, just as I am now.

I'll take any quality inside source. Heck, I'm desperate for an inside source to tell me Hendry's talking to Tampa Bay again.....

Your Welcome, Jon

Too bad the Yanks didn't get Pierre...Oh wait we got Damon instead!!!!

Is Abreu that far-fetched? I don't know where he'd accept a trade--however, if we could get Zito for Murton + Hill + J. Williams, then we could flip Zito or Prior to the Phillies for Abreu. They need pitching......

A-ROD--you think Cubs fans are bad? You smoke that Yankees stuff too much.

Pierre is 29 yrs old, here are his career numbers:

.305/.355/.375 and 52 SB/Yr

Damon will be 33 yrs old:

.290/.353/.439 and 27 SB/Yr

Plus, Pierre will make in the neighborhood of $5MM while Damon makes $10MM. What a waste of money.....oh yeah, the Yankees spent $207MM last year. What a waste!

'That's a pretty good three-year run. Something you'd call a dynasty today."

No Charlie, to even consider that 1906-1908 Cubs team a dynasty one would have to consider the 1976-1978 Yankees to be a Dynasty
-Lost to Reds in 76
-Won back to back W.S. in 77 &78
However those Yanks were not a Dynasty.

No a dynasty is the 1996-2001 New York Yankees.
4 W.S. Championships in 6 years.
Now thats a Dynasty.

The latest I had heard with any trade talk regarding Tampa Bay was that the Red Sox were supposedly going to make a real hard push to get Lugo since the Tejada thing is no longer possible. I think it might've been CBS sportsline that had the story.

Interesting trade ideas. The only problem I see is that supposedly there were talks between the Phillies and Cubs and Abreu for Prior was brought up. The Phillies told the Cubs they were too skeptical of Prior's medical history and that they would only be interested in trading someone like Abreu should the Cubs be willing to give them Zambrano. First it was the Orioles and now the Phillies, it seems like the other GMs know two things. One how desperate the Cubs are to make a big splash deal for a proven run producer and two that Prior while has great upside, the injuries certainly have affected his value as this is now two GMS that have basically said no to Prior and have asked for Zambrano instead. Clearly at this point Zambrano has more value around baseball than Prior and after watching the two the last two years, its hard to disagree.

The other thing is based on what Oakland fans have told me and some other things I've heard. Im pretty sure whoever gets Zito (if anyone) will have to pay with at least a top pitching prospect and then either two more prospects (one of them being top) or a major league ready run producer. My guess is if the Cubs want Zito they are looking at possibly having to include both Hill and Pie and/or Guzman in the deal which Im not sure Hendry would do. I'm not really sure what major league proven run producers the Cubs have that they would be willing to give up. Also any deal in which Hendry trades Prior or Zambrano, he would most certainly want a major league pitcher in return by which all accounts the Phillies have none that they can afford to part with.

Matt--good points. I've heard Murton + pitching and I've heard 3 pitchers, one of whom is Major League ready. Hard to say when you're not having the conversations. Nonetheless, I'd like to see Hendry go after Abreu pretty hard without sacrificing starting pitching and without giving up our farm. I could care less about Hill (and I'm not sure Pie is all he's hyped up to be), but I'd like to see how Guzman comes off of his injury. I'd like to see a 3 way too, so we don't get burned by making two separate trades.

"Clearly at this point Zambrano has more value around baseball than Prior and after watching the two the last two years, its hard to disagree."

That's what short-sighted GMs might see. While Z is the stud of the staff right now, Prior has a much bigger potential upside because of his mental make-up. He's a fierce competitor who's level-headed on the mound, and his mechanics are solid. Prior has the brighter future. Focusing on two freak accidents and a couple of minor, nagging pains is not wise. But Hendry won't let either one of these guys go--especially in a one-for-one deal (for anyone).

Matt: While I do agree with you that Zambrano has more value than Prior at the present time, the Phillies were the ones who asked for Prior when Hendry asked about Abreu. Hendry said something along the lines of "no way," and that was the end of it. While I would not be willing to trade Prior for anyone, I'd rather have Abreu than Tejada on my team. I know that puts me in the minimum, but Abreu is an OBP machine who also has great speed and power. Hard to find a guy like that...

Jon: As much as I'd like to see Zito or Abreu, I do believe that Pie is all he's hyped up to be, which is what makes me glad Hendry appears unwilling to trade him. He needs to make one big adjustment to his game: He needs to cut back on the K's. When he learns that (and I believe he will), he's going to be a phenomenal young outfielder.

Why do the comment sections in every thread at this site get dominated by Cubs-centric trade speculation? Is this a
Chicago blog or something?

How about this totally baseless trade scenario:

-Mariners trade Ichiro Suzuki and relievers Julio Mateo and JJ Putz

-Red Sox trade Manny Ramirez and Matt Clement

-Mets trade Lastings Millege amd Aaron Heilman

Seattle gets Millege, Heilman, and Clement, with Boston paying 4 million of Clement's salary

Mets get Manny and Mateo

Boston gets Ichiro and Putz

There, I just made up a trade that does not include the Chicago Cubs.

Even worst a blog about the Red Sawx. Yuck!!!

Yankees=washed up overpaid old guys

Giambi, Bernie, Shef, Posada, Small Unit, Mussina, Brown, Pavanno, Leiter, and DAMON.

$100 Million of CRAP

"Why do the comment sections in every thread at this site get dominated by Cubs-centric trade speculation? Is this a
Chicago blog or something?"

Charlie- did you even read the title of this thread? Uh, Corey "Patterson" plays for the Cubs. Go find another thread.

I 2nd Uncle Charlie's remarks to Jerry. Quit complaining dude--this IS a Cubs topic. If you don't like it--don't read it!

ESPN 1000 just reported the trade. 'K'orey Patterson to the O's for 2 minor leaguers (class A).

How far they fall....

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