On Michaels For Rhodes…

Obviously there are a lot of conflicting reports and general confusion surrounding this whole Crisp/Marte/Michaels/Rhodes thing.  I’ve read several iterations, sometimes with catchers involved.

I apologize for contributing so little information on this one, but rest assured I’ve been trying.  Here’s what little I know:

A Cleveland source tells me the Indians are really keeping a lid on everything.  He’s a lot closer to the team than I, and he hasn’t been able to dig up details.

I also spoke to a source familiar with the inner workings of the Phillies.  He’s scrambling for information as well.  He told me that the Phils have been dangling Jason Michaels for a while now, and it’s quite possible that all they could get for him is Arthur Rhodes.  Such an acquisition will facilitate Ryan Madson‘s move to the rotation.

He also mentioned that the Phils have had interest in Kelly Shoppach for some time now, though Carlos Ruiz is every bit as good if he can manage to stay healthy.

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