Unfounded Rumors

It’s time for everyone’s favorite segment, Unfounded Rumors.  It’s where I toss out some rumors that have been floating around radio stations, message boards, my inbox, whatever.  You never know; we did get Russell Branyan right the last time we did this.  Feel free to debunk.

Apparently Dodgers GM Colletti is working on two deals, one big, one small.  Many have theorized that Bengie Molina would represent the small deal.  As for the big one, there are plenty of possibilities.  Could Eric Gagne be on the block?  It seems he’d have to prove his health first.

How about Bobby Abreu and Gavin Floyd to the White Sox for Jermaine Dye and Jose Contreras?  According to message boards, Philly radio personality Howard Eskin originated this one.  I’m trying to find more, but on the surface it seems like the Phils would want someone younger with less service time for their star outfielder.  Plus, word is that the White Sox want to wait til spring training before they consider deals for Contreras.

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