Choices Narrowing For Weaver

Back on January 12th, we were able to reason our way towards determining six possible suitors for Jeff Weaver.  Here was the list:

"In order of likelihood, Orioles, Cardinals, Mets, Cubs, Astros, Angels."

Since then, the Orioles traded for Kris Benson and the Cubs signed a much cheaper option in Wade Miller.  The remaining four can be re-ranked as Angels, Cardinals, Mets, Astros.  You can almost cross Houston off the list; there hasn’t been talk of them pursuing Weaver as Jose Contreras remains high on their wish list.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Angels may offer Weaver a one year contract with an option for 2007.  It’d be wise for the Angels to lock in the innings eater after losing Jarrod Washburn and Paul Byrd, who combined for 381 innings in 2005.

I’d put the Angels chances of signing Weaver at 75%.  The Mets really aren’t looking to take on Weaver; he may not perform under the spotlight again and isn’t significantly better than Benson (he’s maybe about one win better).  The Cards would be mad to add Weaver to a rotation of Chris Carpenter, Jason Marquis, Mark Mulder, Jeff Suppan, and Sidney Ponson/Anthony Reyes.  The club is wavering on starting Reyes, and he’s already better than Weaver.  Weaver is barely an improvement over Marquis, so dealing him and signing Weaver would be a curious decision.  I suppose it could happen if the right outfield bat came along in return for Marquis though.       

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