Contract Year Catchers

My latest post over at RotoAuthority involves Contract Year Catchers.  It’s worth checking out even if you’re not into fantasy baseball.

But if you do happen to be one of the couple million fantasy baseball nuts out there, how about some more customer feedback to persuade you to check out my 2006 Fantasy Guide?

"I was very pleased to find a flexible, Fantasy Baseball guide that was already setup in a similar format that I have tried to setup with modest results, in the past. The projected stats, the commentary, and the organized tab setups would’ve been enough to satisfy me, but then Tim has sent 10 updates to this point, which is the greatest shortcoming of the magazines. I will use this the entire season! The frosting is being able to speak directly with Tim with specific issues. Try that with the mags. Keep it up, Tim!"

One more thing – interesting series I just discovered over at The Hardball Times.  Ben Jacobs busts out the teams with the worst ten offseasons this time around.  The Reds get the dubious #30 ranking.

-Clay D.

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