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Cards Sour On Anthony Reyes?

The fine Cardinals blog Viva El Birdos pieces together the latest info about hotshot pitching prospect Anthony ReyesSidney Ponson has won the fifth starter competition, and Reyes will be optioned to Memphis soon.

Furthermore, Larry gets the impression that the organization is not committed to Reyes and is priming things for a trade.  Even with a less than stellar spring, Reyes's stock is high coming off a 3.64 ERA and 1.08 WHIP in Triple A last year.  He's a 24 year-old Major League-ready starting pitcher with #2 starter potential within a year or two.  How many of those are floating around?  If he can even manage league-average pitching and stay healthy, he'd provide incredible bang for the buck.

Now, it's possible the Cards truly just want Reyes to work on his sinker and start regularly before a permanent May callup.  As was pointed out at Viva, payroll concerns for next year indicate that the club should retain Reyes.

But who doesn't love trade speculation?  A favorite over at Viva El Birdos is a Reyes for Carlos Quentin swap.  The D'Backs need young starters, the Cards need a quality left fielder - that's the idea.  That's probably just wishful thinking, as stud prospects are typically not dealt for each other.

Let's consider a few other possibilities.  Perhaps Jocketty sends Reyes to Washington for Alfonso Soriano?  No doubt Bowden would pull the trigger on that one (or at least I hope he would) but Jocketty can probably do better.  Reyes could be used as some sort of Miguel Cabrera package, as the Cards are known to have expressed interest.

As for a more down-to-Earth Reyes trade, we turn to a post from early March.  A few names the Cardinals might go for include Luis Gonzalez, Kevin Mench, and Craig Wilson.   


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Why would the Marlins EVER trade Miguel Cabrera? Seriously, there must be some reasoning because I keep hearing that.

They need to either pitch him or trade him.What's the point in keeping him if you just send him to AAA.He's needs a little seasoning but really is a stud so decisions need to be made and soon.We need 2b help of a left feilder.

Great post rumor. Quentin for Reyes would be an excellent trade for both teams. The Cards really need a LF'er and Quentin is MLB ready and just needs an opportunity but is stuck behind S Green & L Gonzalez. The D'Backs have multiple OF prospects (C Gonzalez, C Young, perhaps J Upton, even Conor Jack plays a passable LF) but what they really need are starting pitching prospects. It almost makes too much sense.

I would think a trade of Reyes to the Rangers for Mench and a prospect would work well. The Rangers are always looking for pitchers and if he throws a sinker even better

The Cards need a decent pitching back-up option for when they realize how truly awful Sir Sidney is.

Reyes for Quentin? Fat chance. Quentin isn't going anywhere, and if the Dbacks are involved, it would be to ship someone like Luis Gonzalez. I think the Dbacks would be more than happy to eat a significant chunk of Gonzo's contract to get someone like Reyes, and Gonzo would fill the left field void nicely for the Cards. But Quentin isn't in play, no matter what.

How about Reyes and Pena (Wily Mo)? I am a red sox fan so I don't know much about either, who will get the better of this trade? Is it fair?

Soriano would be a huge upgrade over Spivey.

I still want the Cubs to take a shot and see if he can come cheap. I know Dusty is going to be playing Hairston at least 80 times at 2B. Soriano for 160 games is better than Hairston for 80 and anybody else for 80...including Ryne Sandberg and Rogers Hornsby.

Lover - gut reaction is that the Cards could get more. And since people are arguing over who got the better deal (Sox or Reds), and you've got to figure that any team would gladly swap Arroyo for Reyes, that's probably right.

I'd say something like Reyes for Church and Soriano, but Washington probably doesn't want to trade another OF.

i'll be furious if the cards trade reyes in a deal for soriano. hell, i'll be furious if they get soriano at all. no defense + selfish attitude does not fit the cards style.

now quentin would be absolutely great.

Reyes for Quentin would be an amazing deal for the Cards but I dont think Byrnes and the DBacks would do it Quentin is a truly elite prospect and elite prospects dont normally change teams

Im sure that the Cards would love a Quentin for Reyes swap...

I highly doubt that is a realistic option for AZ however.

I said before that it would take a lot to pry Barry Zito from the A's, and that he is unlikely to be dealt at all right now, but...

Look back at my 'trade ideas' for the Cardinals in a possible Barry Zito trade.

Barry Zito

Anthony Reyes
Adam Wainwright
Cody Haerther

Its possible, right?

I could see the Cards doing it if Beane would...

I wonder how this Soriano situation is going to be resolved. Rumor, any news from the Mets or Cubs -- those 2 seem like the most likely landing spots right now. With the injury to Matsui and Minaya's love affair with the Latino's, that's probably the ideal landing place. Milledge and a pitcher would seem a likely bounty... I know Mets fan out there will deny Milledge would be dealt, but with Beltran manning CF and the Mets in need of help at 2B, I could see Omar pulls the trigger.

The Cubs would need to swap Pie and a pitcher like Guzman, Pawelik or Jerome Williams probably.

With the injury to Matsui and Minaya's love affair with the Latino's, that's probably the ideal landing place. Milledge and a pitcher would seem a likely bounty... I know Mets fan out there will deny Milledge would be dealt, but with Beltran manning CF and the Mets in need of help at 2B, I could see Omar pulls the trigger.

For Milledge? No way. If Minaya is going to trade Milledge, it will be for a front-of-rotation pitcher, not for Soriano. Plus you have Matsui still making $7 million this year, and Soriano makes $10 million. The Mets are not going to sink $17 million into second base. Oh, and this is also Soriano's walk year. No way you trade a top-ten MLB prospect for a one-year rental of Alfonso Soriano, whose trade value is at an all-time low.


Why not sign Soriano to a 4 year/$44M extension and unload Matsui on the Nats to even out the salaries?

The Mets are built to win this year, and 2B is a major weakness right now... Omar's more like Kenny Williams than Jim Hendry, I see him being aggressive and making the move.

If the Mets want Soriano and are not willing to deal Milledge. How about Soriano for Anderson Hernandez (Could play short right now for the nationals), Heilman (would get to start for the Nats) and Nady (plays left field and can back up Johnson if he gets hurt).

"Milledge and a pitcher would seem a likely bounty... I know Mets fan out there will deny Milledge would be dealt"

If he won't be traded for Zito (and, mark my words, barring a disaster at AAA, he won't) then Milo isn't going anywhere.

Any trade that involves Milo has to bring back a young stud. The fans have seen this kid play now and trading him at this juncture would prove EXCEEDINGLY difficult for Mets PR.

Keep dreaming Nats and A's fans.

Where would Matsui play for the Nats? They already have a second baseman-- that's the problem in the first place. And don't say shortstop. I don't think the Nats are going to spend a combined $13 million or whatever it would be for the privilege of having Kaz Matsui and Cristian Guzman battle it out for shortstop.

Here is a nightmare senario for Cubs fans everywhere. If the Cardinals woke up and realized the possibilities then traded for and groomed Cory Patterson into left field ala Lou Brock, this could easily haunt them into the next decade.

The Cubs make it so very easy to beat them into submission year after year.

Reyes for Cory Patterson let the haunting begin.

Corey Patterson STINKS. Why is he still in the majors?

Nady, Hernandez, AND Heilman? Soriano probably has _negative_ trade value right now (even more so after his refusal to play the OF yesterday).

How about Matsui, $2M, and Hernandez for Soriano?

Reyes for Corey Patterson.. could quite possibly be the worst trade proposal in the history of baseball

actually reyes for soriano isnt that bad of a trade for st. louis dont forget that the cards have several latino players that could help him with his personality issues and a third base coach in oquendo that could help him on his defense being a former second baseman himself

"actually reyes for soriano isnt that bad of a trade for st. louis"
If i'm Walt Jocketty, I would NEVER do that trade. Quality, cheap, young pitching is worth more than gold these days.

that is assuming that reyes is quality dont you think there is a reason why the cardinals are so so hip on him. need i remind you of a pitcher named bud smith everybody thought he was a quality cheap young pitcher too

that should be not so hip on him sorry

reyes for Milledge.Thats a stud for a stud.The mets need pitching we get OFer.

Bud Smith was a throw in for Rolen.They knew he was gone the Phils tried to get anything they could to save face for having the shi*&(* fans in the world.Reyes is almost better than any pitcher the mets have besides Pedro.

if you want to get an OFer out of reyes then you need to work on cabrerahe is a stud and he is cheap plus he is proven

ok i just dont see reyes as a stud he had one good season out of the pen and so far that is it he hasnt looked all that good in the spring and dont forget ken bottenfield he also had one good season. how much more dangerous is pujols with soriano hitting in the second spot in front of him

Reyes is not a stud but he is a solid prospect who could be a good # 3 this year and a good #2 in the future. Milledge is a toolsy outfielder who is going to be very good. Think something like Beltran with KC. Milledge could start right now for most teams and will probably be playing the outfield in Shea by the all-star break (either Nady and Diaz will not produce or Beltran or Floyd will get hurt). To compare the two Baseball America ranks Milledge as the #9 prospect in baseball while Reyes is #41. Also Reyes would not be the second best pitcher on the Mets your forgetting about Pelfrey who will be the staff's ace of the future and could contribute as soon as the end of this season.

I dont see how anyone feels that Reyes could be a number three starter this year. the Cards are gonna send him to AAA which means he isnt even gonna be a number 5 starter and if they are not gonna use him in the majors they should trade him now before his stock drops.

"reyes for Milledge.Thats a stud for a stud.The mets need pitching we get OFer."
Put the crack down. Milledge's cieling is much higher than Reyes'.

The Mets can't afford to trade Milo and the Cards can't afford to trade Reyes. Neither are going anywhere.

"I dont see how anyone feels that Reyes could be a number three starter this year."
No, but Reyes' delivery reminds me of Mark Prior's. His mechanics are very fundamentally sound. Reyes is a keeper. He'll give you several years of cheap slightly above-average pitching. These days, mediocrities like Kris Benson and Matt Morris are making 7M a year.

"The Mets can't afford to trade Milo and the Cards can't afford to trade Reyes. Neither are going anywhere." I dont know about the Mets but mark my words Reyes will be Traded the Cardinals dont need him as bad as you think. Dont forget they have other young pitchers who have shown more this spring than Reyes has.

leon I dont know where you get that the Cardinals have many guys better than Reyes. He is there best young pitcher by far. He is the #41 best prospect in baseball. No other cardinal is in the top 100. Who cares if his ceiling is a #2 or #3. Having control of a #3 starter is huge. Most #3's are payed 6-10 million a year. Ponson is crap and eventually the Cards will realize that and Reyes will start

Kyle makes a great point, however after Burnett, Millwood, etc. all have crap seasons, the market will probably go down.. especially considering most teams only have so much they can spend.. The 10 mil a year for a #3 is probably just going to be a phase since hardly any teams can throw that money out every year.

Only way Mets trade for Soriano...

Matsui and Diaz with a possible AA pitcher no one's heard of.

Never Milledge, Never Heilman, Never Bannister...

Pull the trigger Bowden, you always make stupid trades, this would be no different.

A) No way the Cards trade with the Nats. There's bad blood between Bowden and Jocketty and they haven't made a deal since Bowden lied about Brantley's healthy in the Dmitri Young swap. Jocketty was public about his anger over that one.

B) The Diamondbacks COULD be a fit...or not...specifically because Bob Gebhard, who worked under Jocketty for the last few years, just took a front office position with Arizona. He knows Reyes, the Cardinal minor league system and Jocketty well...which could work either for or against the team, given Reyes history of minor arm trouble.

Leon, please stop talking! You are ruining the "Cardinals fans are the most knowledgeable in baseball" image! The Cardinals are sending Reyes to AAA because they are worried about his durability! He had arm problems in College and in the Minors. That’s more than likely why he fell as low as he did in the amateur draft. It has even went as far and talk about him changing his delivery. They want to see if he can handle a whole years worth of pitching every 5th day. And WHY in the H*ll would you want to bat Soriano in the 2 hole? He K's WAY too much! I don't think Reyes will be dealt, but if he is it won't be for Soriano!

reyes is going to AAA because he lost the spot for the 5th starter. it find it hard to believe that some of you jump on this guys ban wagon when he has yet to prove anything. as far as ponson goes well dave duncan has an outstanding record for bringing back starters that everybody thinks is done and turning thier career around. { case in point woody williams } so why dont you shut up because you dont have all the knowledge you think

Reyes is destined to be a reliever. I think one day he will become a closer. But, thats my opinion.

This is for you Peon. From this mornings St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"Reyes has not pitched more than 150 innings in either of two pro seasons. The Cardinals want him to prove his DURABILITY at Memphis"

"Reyes needs to pitch innings, He needs to show us he can go out there consistently." Direct quotes from Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan.

So they're going to waste 200 innings from him in Triple A, a level he's already mastered? Just to prove he can do it first?

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