Friday Afternoon Reading

Armchair GM has taken on the task of categorizing all the baseball blogs out there so you don’t have to.  It’s pretty comprehensive – have a look

Also, a cool Mets news site I’ve recently come across:

Got a fantasy draft this weekend?  My 2006 Fantasy Guide is just $9.99 and is drawing rave reviews from hundreds of customers.  Check it out.

Start gearing up for this bad boy, which will start rolling on Opening Day.  Download the free spreadsheet to get in on the gambling mayhem.

Bronson Arroyo‘s Cincinnati projection at RotoAuthority.

AllCubs looks at some spring training stats.

Five Questions about the Mariners, asked and answered.

What an awesome, free site.

Cool Zach Greinke story at the bottom of Ken Rosenthal’s article.

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