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Baseball and Romance

How about a little something different?  Check out this amusing article over at Batter's Box courtesy of Leigh Sprague. 

In my personal experience, I've been able to lure my fiance to baseball games with the promise of ballpark hot dogs and proximity to Michael Barrett.  Plus, thanks to me, she can slip right into a baseball conversation at the office and casually flex more knowledge than any of her coworkers.


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Take girls to the day games. Night games is guys night out.

Sad, really ... this post only serves to remind me that almost exactly a year ago, I took my girlfriend to see "Fever Pitch." When we walked out, I asked what she thought ... she looked at me and said, without a trace of humor, "You realize that was you, right?" We were broken up two weeks later.

*Sigh* ...

Sox fans probably loathe that movie but I thought that for a chick flick it was pretty good.

Sox fans definitely do loathe that movie ... Bill Simmons, for one, hates it with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. I thought it was okay (although five minutes in I could tell I'd be having that conversation with my girlfriend afterwards ... I didn't know she'd have no humor about it, though), but the soccer version was just an infinitely superior film. I'd recommend seeing that version, if you can find it.

Later on ...

Michael Barrett, huh? My girlfriend makes fun of him, says he looks like the kid from Problem Child all grown up. Neil Cotts, however, is a completely different story.

Yep, that Michael Barrett is one sexy beast.

Kyle Farnsworth's wife is hot.

Just thought I'd bring some heterosexuality to the board.

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