Is Johjima Hurting Ms Pitchers?

I haven”t gotten to watch any Mariners games yet this year, so I can’t speak to this directly.  But a knowledgable friend emailed me this observation recently:

"Kenji Johjima is not framing pitches well at all, and is giving away location by setting up too early…can’t believe he’s getting with that so far–this won’t help Seattle pitching staff."

He speculated that Felix Hernandez won’t be able to post Cy Young type numbers this season because of Johjima. 

Johjima can’t be blamed for Hernandez’s shin splints or lack of command in his first two starts.  But I was wondering – have any Mariners fans noticed this behavior in Johjima?  I haven’t seen anything to this effect mentioned over at U.S.S. Mariner, but I haven’t read through the comments.

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