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Sox Brass Displeased With Jenks, Hermanson

All April Fooling aside, let's get down to some serious trade rumor business.  I just spoke with a respected White Sox source, so here's the latest info.

Seems the club's decision makers are quite vexed with both Bobby Jenks and Dustin Hermanson

Not only did Jenks show up overweight to spring training, but he still hasn't gotten into shape.  His conditioning, and not his velocity, is the point of concern here.

The Sox are incensed at Hermanson for telling them he was OK when he really wasn't.  The severe back problems could force him to retire, and he did not give the team early warning to prepare.

UPDATE:  My source just got back to me with further details on Hermanson.  He told me:

"Kenny and Ozzie called him into Ozzie's office around the first weekend of March and asked if his back condition was bad enough for them to look for a reliever. He said no.  Then a few weeks later the news came out in the papers that Hermanson would consider career-threatening surgery if the epidural shots didn't work.  When Kenny read that, it sent him over the edge."

In 2005, Jenks and Hermanson combined for 96.6 innings of 2.33 ERA ball with 40 saves.  The Sox need to replace this production somehow, and obviously Boone Logan and Matt Thornton aren't the answer.  Jenks and Hermanson have put management in a compromising position - they'll be forced to trade for a reliever in the near future.  The starting six will have to be broken up.

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Are they going to use Cotts in the 9th inning early in the season before they make a move?

Seems that way, though I'm guessing. I think a move will be made fairly soon although I hate to be more specific.

The Sox just signed Contreras to a 3 year/$29M extension. So much for all the false rumors about him being dealt to Houston or the Mets.

I don't see the Sox dealing any of the starting 6. If an injury to Politte or Cotts were to happen, Kenny Williams will do what he always does... pluck from his minor league system.

I do think they will deal from the starting 6.

Contreras trade rumors were not false - those talks happened for certain. And the extension does not mean he's not still available for trade.

Here in Houston, our set up man, Chad Qualls has told our owner and GM that after this season he would like to be a closer in the MLB. e obviously will not be letting him close for us because we have Lidge but how about a Qualls-Freddy Garcia deal?

qualls for garcia

sorry but an above average reliever (and personally I don't think qualls is good enough to close) is not enough for a good starting pitcher

Lidge for Buehrle?

YO: updated the post with more details on Hermanson. Great info.

That would be a great trade for the Astros. Oviously, it still wouldn't be enough to get them to the playoffs, but it would help.

Did somebody say Qualls for Garcia? WHAT?????

I think Politte closes before Cotts due to Cotts being the only proven lefty in the pen and he hasn't been any better than Marte has been in the past he suffered the same treatment.

Suddely the sox bullpen doesn't look very good the starters will have go 8 innings every start.

Hmm... I think I've heard of a team with a huge excess of pitching that might prime to trade for in this case... now who are they again?

I think Williams only has to call the A's to get his pick of any of the A's relievers outside of Street, and maybe Duke and Calero. So he would have the choice of;

Jay Witasick
Kirk Saarloos
Joe Kennedy
Juan Dominguez
Chad Gaudin
Ron Flores
Brad Hasley
Jairo Garcia
Shane Komine

Of those who might have "Closer" potential, Garcia is primed as a Closer Prospect, and I guess Dominguez might be able to do it.

Hey RumorMonger, is there any chance the Sox would use McCarthy in the pen?

Professor Snooty McKnowitall one word: DUH.

I'm not gonna write off Jenks so quickly. If he struggles early on then there is problems. As with Hermanson while it would be nice to have him, I cant help but think back and remember all the great Dustin Hermanson moments from the stretch run and playoffs last year. Let me remind all of you guys of them. Ok that should cover all of them. Hermanson is a luxury, anything he gives you is a bonus. Jenks is the key, as long as he is steady, there isnt any reason to believe this year wont end exactly the same way as last year did. The starting rotation is heads and tails better than last year and if the Thome we have seen the last week or so is going to be close to the Thome we are going to get this year, then the lineup is heads and tails stronger, not to mention the bench is stronger with Mackowiak and Cintron. The bullpen could struggle, but I fully expect Kenny to make a deal if need be to get some help and I'n not gonna say that McCarthy cant straighten out and be in a more prominent role. As for Logan and Thornton, I'm just hoping one of the two can pick up the slack and pitch decent in meaningful innings.

Yeah the Sox would definitely use McCarthy in the pen, maybe even as closer eventually.

Hermansen is a jerk

"Lidge for Buehrle?"

I can see any of the pitchers being traded other than Buehrle (and McCarthy).
Back before the Angels signed Weaver I was hoping for a Contreras for Shields/prospect trade.
I wouldn't be surprised to see KW trade for Gagne at the deadline so long as he's healthy. He's in his contract year if I remember correctly, and LA has Baez if he's gone.

Why not call the Brewers? They have a ton of closer-type guys on their team (Lehr, Kolb, Cappallan, Adams, or Wise)

ive heard a rumbling or two of reds- white sox trade. reds get: contreras and white sox get: jason larue, dave williams, and ryan wagner.

"ive heard a rumbling or two of reds- white sox trade. reds get: contreras and white sox get: jason larue, dave williams, and ryan wagner."

not after the 3 year 29 mill contract extension he signed today.

Yeah... Contreras has a no-trade clause in his extension.

Im sorry, but the Dodgers are not stupid to trade off Gange. Hes an untoucahble closer. I would be surprised if he gets traded off. Gange is the most reliable closer in the NL. The Dogers are not stupid to trade off Gange. Sry sox fans, but this is just a dream.

Gagne so far this spring has looked real bad. Last night v th Angels his fastball topped at 90. GA hit a HR off him, Kotchman had a double, and Gagne BARELY got out of the inning with 2 ER.

Now Gagne might need time to get his arm strength back, or more likely will never be near the dominant closer he once was. Suddenly that Baez deal looks like a very good insurance policy.

If Clemens doesn't resign with the 'Stros I think it forces the 'Stros to trade Lidge for a front line starter. suitors would include White Sox, Red Sox, and Braves.

SHINGO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!


maybe you missed last year with the braves but Kolb = closer is now a joke.

The Contreras signing would seem to me to strongly confirm this rumor. Otherwise, I suspect the plan was to let Contreras eventually walk and replace him with McCarthy; now they have a marketable surplus and five starters locked up for the immediate future.

One idea I like is Brandon McCarthy for Aaron Heilman. The Mets get a plus starter with the ability to lift their rotation (Zambrano, Trachsel and Bannister won't) while Heilman showed the ability to close in a brief stint last season and seems better out of the pen.

There are also a number of lesser candidates Kenny Williams could pick up cheaply but who would provide additional closer insurance. These include David Weathers, Brandon Lyon (once again throwing well this spring), Scott Williamson (although this would necessitate a cross-town trade, which the Cubs may be reluctant to do), Joe Borowski, and Mike McDougal (who might prove healthy right about the time the Sox figure out Jenks has gone into the tank). Keeping in mind the Sox would be seeking an insurance policy and not necessarily an automatic replacement closer, I think the guys listed above are likely candidates to be pursued.

"maybe you missed last year with the braves but Kolb = closer is now a joke."

Well, he was a stud closer 2 years ago. I'm not saying that he should be traded for but I could think of much worse options than Kolb. I actually think Lehr and Cappallan would be very good closers.

"One idea I like is Brandon McCarthy for Aaron Heilman. The Mets get a plus starter with the ability to lift their rotation (Zambrano, Trachsel and Bannister won't) while Heilman showed the ability to close in a brief stint last season and seems better out of the pen."

Not that he'd have much say in the matter, but I believe Heilman is set on becoming a starter. Anyway, I don't really see why either team would bother with this trade right now. The Mets would seem to be too focused on winning this year to worry about a move to get a great young pitcher, and I don't see why Chicago would be willing to throw away said great young pitcher. That's not to say that McCarthy isn't ready yet, just that Heilman has already shown the Mets that he almost certainly is. Plus McCarthy could easily prove to be every bit as competent out of the pen as Heilman, and meanwhile Heilman could easily be a very solid No. 4 or No. 5 starter for the Mets.

Buehrle is not untouchable.

how about baez for brandon mccarthy?

Josh...while I'll concede the Mets are certainly focused on winning, you need to look at their current rotation. McCarthy is already good enough to be an immediate upgrade over Bannister (and probably Zambrano and Trachsel too). Meanwhile, whether Heilman thinks he's a major league caliber starter or not, the Mets don't seem to be convinced and he's done nothing to prove them wrong, whereas he HAS shown he can pitch successfully out of the bullpen at the major league level. As for whether McCarthy COULD be a quality closer, are you basing that on his four career relief appearances? Something tells me the reigning World Champion White Sox aren't going to be auditioning a guy as a closer who hasn't even shown he can pitch out of the bullpen.


not to beat a dead horse but if you look at Kolb's peripherals from two years ago it points to one thing:


his k-rate was abominable. He's comparable to Wickman and Jones in that he got a very good year of control pitching that probably won't happen again.

Fine, I really don't care about Kolb I was just making the point that Mil has a bunch of closer-type pitchers currently in their pen (evidently Kolb was once and is considered this type of player) and the White Sox might wanna get some arms.

williamson for garland

Slow your roll on the Sox bullpen problems. There's no way they'll deal one of their starters or McCarthy for a guy like Heilman or even Lidge. That's just not the way they operate. If Jenks can't close, they'll simply fill it internally. This group will not overpay for a closer.

Lidge being traded sounds like something the 'Stros would do.

I think I'm one of the only people who thinks Jenks will be OK.

I do think they need some bullpen help however just in case. If Cotts is forced to close, they don't have a proven lefty to turn to in the later middle innings. I think Politte is too hard on himself to be successful over an extended period of time closing. Maybe Boone Logan will continue his dominance!

Does Boone Logan's come-up remind anybody else of Buehrle's in 2000? That would be best case scenario...

The White Sox are raising a World Champion banner today. As a Cun fan, I think I'm going to vomit.

"Lidge being traded sounds like something the 'Stros would do."

Just because the Astros have traded Al Osuna, Doug Jones, Todd Jones, Billy Wagner and Octovio Dotel, doesn't mean anything......

(side note only Dave Smith (left as a FA) and Mitch Williams (released) are the only closers in the last 20 years for the Astros that were not traded)

This speculation is ridiculous. There is NO WAY that KW trades one of his 6 starters for a reliever.

Anyone that has been following the Sox, even a little, knows that they don't pay big for relievers.

They got Shingo, Hermanson and Jenks all cheap and had great success with them.

Their bullpen will be fine. The guys that they have will get the job done becuse Don Cooper is a great pitching coach. He has already made great progress with Thornton.

If they need another reliever, they will get one internally or make a minor deal for one.

IF they trade one of their 6 starters, it will be for a major position player and a pitching prospect most likely.

The Sox will not trade for Gagne, Lidge, Wagner or any other expensive reliever. They know that these are the most volatile guys and won't invest huge money into them.

Maybe not for A reliever Randy, but I can see for a reliever and another player or two.

You cannot win without a solid closer. KW and Guillen know this. If they can get by with current parts or some kind of committee they will. But if they start falling in the standings and the closers are blowing saves I bet KW wouldnt hesitate to trade one of his starters to get a great closer. I would also not be suprised if McCarthy closes a little

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